The River Is Calling and I Must Go!

Hello my friend! 

Today I thought I would share about the day my son Jake took me kayaking. I had expressed an interest in it because I knew he loved it so much. And he readily agreed!

We planned a date and location, which is the first step in all great adventures. That puts it in motion! Then I asked him if we were sharing a kayak.“No, Mom! That’s what your blog is all about! Getting out there and doing it! You can do this!”

Gosh, it felt so great to get a pep talk! A little high surged in my heart and no way was I going to miss this! 

So, he set this duckling lose in the water in a kayak.

I wish you could have seen me clumsily paddling around, trying to figure out the basics of navigation! My thought process was like, “Ok, I probably need to put my paddle over here to turn right. No, No that is definitely not working! Ok, try it this way!” That is literally what the first 5-10 minutes were like! Trying to get myself moving down the center of the stream which is where the mild rapids were. And you know what? I figured it out! How fun is that?

It took effort, and I began to sweat, or as my dear friend Tracy says, “I was getting a little sparkly!” 

Jake told me to wear his Koa beads he got in Hawaii. He wore them on multiple adventures kayaking and hiking in Hawaii. Koa means “warrior” in Hawaiian. Perfect!


I can only imagine what this beautiful Canada Goose was thinking when he saw me coming! 

My heart was so full of joy that day, just trying something new and on a beautiful day with my son cheering me on!

Afterwards, Jake invited me to Big Ten Burrito in Ann Arbor to celebrate and refuel. No one had ever invited me to Big Ten Burrito! And to have it be my son on Kayak Day? It was a perfect idea!

Jake had lost his shirt somewhere on the trip that day, so the kind people at Big Ten Burrito told us we had to eat outside. This too was perfect! 

A perfect memory and a perfect day! I’m already working on planning a few more perfect days! To New Adventures! They really are such a thrill!

My encouragement to you is to get out there and make some new dreams come true! Plan something fun! It can be simple and short or a really extensive adventure! And let me know about your awesome adventures! We could all learn great ideas from each other!

Photo Credit: Jake Kennedy

Power Quote:  Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.  ~Gail Devers

Love Always,



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  1. What a fun day! I love kayaking and taking people on their first trip. You often get the hesitant “Let’s get a double kayak!” lol! I’m glad you took the plunge 🙂
    I would say an adventure I can’t wait for is my trip to Vancouver next month with my husband. Lots of planning and beautiful places to explore!

  2. Hi Amy,

    You post is is inspiring with beautiful photos to boot. Taking your encouragement, I am looking into drum lessons. I really should have/could have been a professional drummer. ?Now is the time to learn for fun, and exercise, as I’m sure it tones more than the arms. I have been negative lately, and I look forward to some mood elevation as a benefit, as well.

    Your outlook and warm, positive attitude is a mood elevator. And I love the bonds that you have with your boys. Here is to more blog posts from you. Hear-hear.

    Your kayaking trip reminded of the first time I went cross-country skiing with its derivative exhilaration and seemingly, effortless exercise, as it was so fun. And I recalled going kayaking with Colleen Couturier Parkes on the Maumee River, near her home. She’s fearless. I am not and was afraid of the current and of ending up in the middle of Lake Erie, which would have defied gravity, but still. Anything is possible, right? ?

    1. Oh what an awesome post! Yes! Yes! go for your dreams of drumming again! How cool! And even though it was a little scary, how cool that you conquered your day on the Maumee River! And a secret, I’ve never gone cross country skiing! That may have to go on my list!