Fashion Friday: Pop of Color!

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

What does everyone have going on this weekend? Something really fun or relaxing, I hope!

So today I am trying something totally new… my first attempt at a “Fashion Blog Post”! Ok, so I’m a late bloomer… I openly admit I feel like a fashion troglodyte in her first day at charm school. But here I am! The cool thing is that I’ve decided I love this crazy time in fashion! There have never been more options or styles or total acceptance of anything goes that I remember (but then again, I can’t remember where my car keys are most days).

Just like your life is a blank slate that you can fill any way you want, our bodies are this beautiful canvas- a walking, talking, personal and unique declaration of life! And you can dress in ways to totally express yourself! Each little extra step you take, any additional thing you think to add becomes a little celebration of who you are and your taste and personal style. Admittedly, there are days where my style says “Grab those jeans… those totally comfy jeans that should probably be framed on a wall for their dedication and service, and that sweatshirt I’ve washed so many times its like silk now.” Those are blissful moments with a good cup of coffee and my little space heater.

But it is a really fun exercise in expression to try new things and when you add in trying to put it together with what you already own, and blending it in a budget that works for you, well lately I find it absolutely fascinating and a total blast! I honestly ignored fashion for some 25 + years, and now I am loving getting back into it! I am a total greenhorn at this, so I welcome all the help I can get, and invite anyone along no matter where you are on the journey!

Its February and here in Michigan we know we have probably a good two months of winter left, but we know spring is coming and a few days will be speckled in with warmer temps as we go. Our skies are often poetically a gray blue, and a pop of color against the stark landscape of white and gray can be a cheery “howdy do!” on a bleak day! Red happens to be my favorite color, so I am wearing a bright red infinity scarf that keeps me toasty warm and has a snappy pop to go with my black coat. I think it helps brighten up my fair skin to put color near my face. I would also love one in a super bright pink or any other bright contrasting color, but I love this red one (and its paid for! Yay!)

I’ve always admired the longer puffer jackets, and this year I decided to add one to my wardrobe. Trust me, they are available in all price ranges, and they are pretty much a great idea for cold, windy climates. Mine has a hood with fur, and I use it a ton. This is my go to coat now for any day below 40 degrees (F).  We took these pics on a wonderfully sunny day, and it was a blessing to just be outside in a pretty location with the sun on my face! Hence, I am squinting! Troy said, “Where are your sunglasses?” And of course, I forgot them! No biggy, the sun is a gift!

My boots are meant for the snow, but they have a fairly significant wedge to them, yet are totally comfortable and easy to walk in. I wear them a ton. I wore them last week when I went to visit my folks, and my mom thought they were pretty cool (she might have thought I was a little nuts, too, for buying a higher boot- that’s ok- we got a good laugh out of it!)

To mix it up, I thought I would also show you my black puffer vest with the same outfit. These also come in a host of price ranges, and colors and styles. I got mine 2 years ago, and its held up beautifully. They sell them everywhere- I think I even saw them at Costco. They are just a really nice piece for those transition temps we have so much of in the midwest. My shirt… red flannel! Don’t you just love a flannel shirt? So comfy and nostalgic and timeless! Easy like Sunday morning!

Admittedly I was getting a little cold here! So, I figured the best thing to do is to…

Let you see the outfit without any coat! Teeth gritting pretty hard here, and the cold temperatures once again becoming my personal coach reminding me “I am alive! Wide awake! Every nerve sending me an impulse- I’m freezing!” But life is wonderful! Still, better get that coat and scarf back on!

Seriously though, a long flannel shirt is kind of its own statement piece and worth the investment (once again, they come in all price ranges). So comfy, and you can pick a color that suits the mood you want!

What are your comfy, cozy go to’s for this time of year? I’d love to hear from you, and your great ideas!

Have a great Friday!

Love always,


~Lavish everyone with love, your most beautiful accessory, and the world will become a stunningly beautiful place.

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  1. I am fortunate to have my daughter Jamie in my life. We have always called her the “Fashion Consultant.” I run everything past her. When I buy something for myself, or the house I sometimes say to myself, “I hope Jamie likes this so I can keep it.” If she shows the slighted reaction of not loving it, it’s history! My son Frankie is the same way with me. He will come in and look at what I’m wearing and say, “Mom, that shirt looks great on you. It’s tailored and the right length, but your pants need to be tighter. You should consider getting them altered. I love their help and I especially love them!

    Loved your Friday Fashion blog. Red looks great on you!

    1. Oh wow! How awesome! All your kids have such a sense of style! And of course, you have always been pretty “cool” right down to your soul, Margaret! The apples don’t fall far from the tree!

  2. Red is also my Fav! You wear it well, and it’s never to late to embrace Your inner fashionista!

  3. I’m a male and even I enjoyed your comments and insights. Your honest and humble approach to the many issues you touch on is quite refreshing. Please keep up the good work, I look forward to reading up every so often…!

  4. I love this fashion blog!! Keep it coming please. It’s so nice to see different ideas of what to wear and you look great in red! A refreshing read that made me smile. You are beautiful inside and out. Look forward to more posts with fashion trends and ideas for every day life.