Fashion Friday and Springtime in Your Heart

Happy Friday! April is such an amazing month in Michigan! The temperature swoops up and down like a roller coaster, and out of nowhere it seems, you go from gray skies and a blanket of snow to a glorious burgeoning of life!

Last Sunday, after church, Troy and I went to some lovely parks in the Ann Arbor area to take a few pictures and soak in a moment of Spring! I love springtime fashion, it seems we wear our winter things for so long, and even just the change of wardrobe can give you a fresh new perspective.

Many thanks to Troy for his patience and talent with the photography.

A couple weeks ago, I shared a video with you of a Nordstrom Trunk Club Unboxing.  In this picture, I am wearing one of the pieces I chose to keep from that trunk, this red Adidas jacket! Its bright red like a poppy in the spring!

I did not end up keeping the workout pants and shirt included in the box, but I already had a great pair of Zella pants from Nordstrom that are just perfect for “athleisure” (such a great word!). Athleisure sounds like wearing cute clothes for anything from walking your doggy to meeting a friend for coffee in the morning at Panera (that sounds good, want to go?)

I’m also sporting my retro Adidas shoes (I’m old enough I actually had a pair of these the first time they came around, so they are a bit nostalgic!)  About 6 months ago, I was wearing them when I went in to an upholstery place to have some dining chairs recovered. The man doing the sewing who was maybe in his 70’s noticed my shoes, and told me he liked them very much! He said they reminded him of back in the 1970’s and he wanted to get some for himself, and he asked me where I got them. “Dick’s Sporting Goods,” I said. He and I chatted awhile, and he smiled at me. I believe he told me he had moved here from Poland. Anyway, my chairs were suppose to take a couple weeks to get covered, but he called the very next day and they were done! And at an amazing price, too! Blame it on the shoes! But the best part was having a lovely conversation with a fascinating and talented gentleman.

I wanted just the right tee shirt to go under this beautiful bold red jacket. Something a little sassy and fun yet casual.

I bet you weren’t expecting that! Now I need to find one that says “Lipstick & Diet Coke”. This little number came from Old Navy, and its on sale right now for $9!

This next combination is a really fun one as well. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but gingham plaid seems to be just about everywhere this year, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, even shoes and purses. And I really like it. It reminds me of Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. So I ordered a crisp navy and white gingham plaid blouse from J Crew Factory and paired it up with a pink v neck from Old Navy (on sale for $11.99, Woo hoo!). My shoes are so comfy, no regrets, thank you Sam Edelman, Nordstrom.

Its just a fun combination! I think I have the same sweater in my closet from last year in a nice cheery orange. I may try that combination in the future. By the way, I was curious about the word “gingham” so I looked it up, and it seems its been around since the 17th Century, but originally was a stripe! No way! Yes Way! In the mid 1800’s, the mills in Manchester, England began weaving it in a plaid, predominantly blue and white, and the rest is history. I’m sure glad they finally got it right!

With my distressed white jeans, my husband offered to take me out and get a pair with no rips in them…

Here I tried the same outfit on with the pretty floral flats I got in my Stitch Fix box a couple weeks ago.

Fashion is just fun, isn’t it?

Now another fashion that is back is embroidery on denim. Yes I lived through that the first time too, and loved it then, and love it now! My sister Susan would embroider her jeans with bright colors and images and designs. I thought she was about the coolest girl on the planet (still do), and when I saw this pretty little jacket my heart leaped and I said “oh oh oh I love it!”

It’s like a tribute to springtime!

This jacket came from Evereve. It’s a splurge, but oh what a cheerful, happy little jacket!

I’ve seen similar looks in all price ranges at places like H & M, Forever 21, Luckybrand, Nordstrom, and more. Sometimes its just fun to add one really special piece once or twice a year. See my Luna Necklace from Stella & Dot? Its celebrating springtime too!  This jacket won my heart!

Speaking of the heart, I was thinking of what a beautiful gift springtime is for the heart! It seems positively drenched with life-giving hope, infused with encouragement in the very essence of nature. The warm sun invites people out of their homes, out of hibernation. Children can be heard laughing and playing as long as the sun is out. People begin to tend to their lawns and their artistic souls burst forth as they put their own creative touch in the flowers and landscaping they choose, for even in the simplest flower pot is beauty greater than all of Solomon’s robes! The birds cannot contain their song, and they encourage us to do the same! Any troubles or heartache or cares of the day can be eclipsed by the fragrance and sights and sounds right outside our front doors, if even only for a moment, we begin to feel hope that anything is possible! What a gift! And its free to all of us!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Father’s Day is not far behind… its a great time of year to plan some kind of excursion to just get away for an afternoon, a weekend or longer, and let the miracle of springtime and summer wash over you! I’m thinking this year of trying to get to see the Tulip Festival in Holland, Mi. I’ve never been.

Its also a great time to think of things you want to include in your life, and start making plans to make it happen. Maybe you send out a group text to all the siblings and parents and say, “Hey let’s plan a getaway up north, all of us!” Or “Let’s plan a fishing trip!” or “go to a car show”, or a barbecue or an art fair or maybe its just good ole pizza and root beer floats. But plan some good things to do with the ones you love… it is positively energizing!

And I want to encourage you to think of those dreams you have, maybe its a dream of going back to school. Maybe its contemplating a new business venture or getting those paints out and painting a new canvas. Maybe its writing a book, or finally planning that trip abroad. Maybe its as simple as reuniting with an old friend. The dreams in your heart are there for a reason, and I can’t think of a better season, or even a better moment to make this the day you start making your dreams a reality. There is no expiration date on the dreams in your heart, it is never too late, and you are so precious, you are worth realizing your dreams. Otherwise they are like a gift unopened. Lets rip the paper off and enjoy those gifts!

I have some really special things planned coming up, I can’t wait to share with you in the weeks to come. Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!

Love Always,


The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created Spring. ~Bernard Williams






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