Fashion Friday and Making Beautiful Memories

Hello friends!

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am!

I know this is coming out a little later, I apologize, technical difficulties, but its all good. I always figure when I meet an obstacle, that there is a reason I’m delayed, that I can’t see, so I take it in stride. All things work for the good!

Lots of ground to cover, so lets dig in!

In the world of fashion, I’ve been trying all sorts of new things! I am friends with a super chic, super stylish lady, Christine Lammers, and I complimented her on a top she was wearing, and she told me she ordered it online from a place named Vici out of California. So, that took me all of about 2 seconds to investigate. And . I . Love . It!

Ok, so the models look to be 21 and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, so not everything is in my comfort zone. But alot is! So I’m on their email list now, and I probably have another email waiting at this moment to tempt me!

The first thing I tried from them was a Kimono! Yup! That’s a first for me!

I loved the bright fabric, and that it could double as a sweater for cold air conditioning!

The colors and pattern are really interesting. I would link it for you, but I think it sold out.

I had gotten this mustard yellow bag from Charming Charlies, and I think its a perfect match for my kimono!

Then I decided to try a peplum top. Peplum simply means there is a skirting around the base of the top.

What’s Bloomin’ Peplum Tee

I was telling my friend Carrie at work that its the perfect top for eating a giant cinnamon roll for breakfast, because you can hide it under that skirting! I haven’t tested it yet, but its a long weekend!

I do like the floral colors, they are perfect with denim!

I also tried a peplum top from Nordstrom, this one in a solid color. Its a little more fitted, and it feels like you could dress it up or down. I added a 2nd necklace to this one.

The necklaces are the Luna (shorter one) and the Tiburon (longer) from Stella & Dot.

I was glad the peplum covered “everything” so nicely, thank you very much!

I think this is a great transitional piece that will work into the fall, Yay!

Finally I tried another Kimono from Vici. Red! My favorite color!

The fabric is just so pretty! And the fringe! How can you not smile when you wear something like this?

Troy asked me, “So where exactly would you wear something like that?” Kasey was thinking the same thing, but she didn’t say a word.

I said, “Any place you want to feel casual but stylish!”

Shoes  (L & T, on sale, use promo code MEMORIAL) Kimono (Vici sells out fast so if you see something you like, grab it! Use Promo Code VICI20)

Ok, now lets discuss the elephant in the room (no cracks about my weight!) The shoes! So these babies are espadrilles, wrapped in jute with super thick suede straps. I know it sounds crazy but they actually are comfortable! Ok, maybe just maybe I had a pair of platform shoes in junior high, so I got some practice, its like riding a bike! It all comes back to you! That wedge really does stabilize you, and they are just fun! If I am blogging with a cast on next week, you’ll know what happened!

Speaking of next week, Something New!!!

Your Favorite Chapter is beginning adding another weekly addition, “Tasty Tuesdays”! I’m so excited! Every Tuesday a new edition with ideas for fun things to include in your cooking repertoire! I promise they won’t be too tricky! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I welcome your great ideas as well if you have a recipe you would like us to try! Or one you want us to find!

My friend Maribeth Schmidt and I met yesterday and cooked and clicked until we dropped! It was so much fun, and she is such a gifted artist! So for Memorial Day Weekend, we thought we would share a really easy fun thing to prepare. Yogurt Parfaits!

Healthy and delicious! And red, white and blue! Now we chose a Light Vanilla Yogurt, but you could choose whatever you like, including other flavors, and/or flavored pudding!

We used granola as a crunchy layer, but you could use nuts or whatever you like!

There is no trick. You just line up what you like. You could make a breakfast bar out of it and let people create their own! To make it really special, provide interesting and pretty cups to serve it in. Check out Maribeth’s skills!

She’s a strawberry ninja!

Just like in fashion, its all about layers! This beautiful dish belonged to her grandmother, pre WW2. Maribeth loved her grandma dearly, and loves her country with all her heart!

Reporting for duty! I can almost hear Reveille!

Wouldn’t these be fun for the 4th of July?

Thank you again, Maribeth Schmidt. She will be working with me on our Tasty Tuesdays starting next week!

You can see her work at her webpage, Maribeth Schmidt Photography

Finally, this weekend marks a really special one for two dear people in my life.

My mom and dad will celebrate 68 years of marriage tomorrow!

I found a news clipping from their wedding that my grandmother gave to me. I wanted to share it with you. Notice the attention to giving honor to this young couple, their family and the wedding itself. They were married May 27, 1949.

Doesn’t that just make you smile? What a positive and lovely thing to report on!

I love the looks on their faces. I can only guess what my dad just said!

For their 65th Anniversary (3 years ago) my siblings and I decided to throw them a surprise anniversary party.

We began planning months in advance. Everyone helped, and it was such an honor to do this for our parents!

So the night of the party, my husband and I took Mom and Dad to Eddie Lee’s Restaurant in Sylvania, OH. My parents did not know that upstairs the party room was filled with family and friends, some from very far away, all waiting to celebrate with them!

The manager of the restaurant was in on the gig, so when we got there, he told us that we would have to dine upstairs as there was no room left downstairs. “Ok” my folks said. We began a climb up a rather dark stairway with warm lights at the top. My heart was pounding because I knew what was about to happen. It was surreal. And for a moment I wondered if this is what it will be like to go to Heaven. As they got to the top of the stairs, about 75 smiling faces full of love and joy yelled “Surprise!” Guys, it was priceless! They were so surprised, so moved! So many faces from their past coming up to greet them! We lavished them with love and honor that night!

My sister in law Karin greeted them with a corsage and boutonniere!

Tables set with lovely centerpieces compliments of my sister Stacey!

Decorations lead out by my sister Susan!

Beautiful music from days gone by arranged by my brother Kevin!

Beautiful words spoken by my brother Doug as well as my Aunt Linda and Uncle Al.

An incredible video presentation of their history by my brother David!

And so many people came to wish them well!

So, now I need to get to work planning the 70th! Ok, its 2 years away… but its going to be awesome!

So dear friend, I hope you can take some moments to walk down Memory Lane, but also plan for making new memories! Life with all of its challenges, is still so beautiful, and there are things even more amazing ahead for us all! We can make it happen! Never stop dreaming, and never stop taking steps to make your dreams come true! You are worth it! Lets make new memories together, starting today, shall we?

And to all of our friends and countrymen and women who serve our country so selflessly, I thank you. I thank your families. To all who have lost someone I am so sorry for your loss, and for your heartache. My heartfelt love and prayers to all of you who either serve or love someone who serve for their safety and my words can never express the debt I owe for your selfless service and sacrifice. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Love Always,


“A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.” Unknown











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  1. What a lovely couple your parents make, Amy! Thank you for sharing your family’s history and legacy of steadfast love. What an encouragement!

  2. Thank you, Amy, for another beautiful post. I was 8-1/2 when I was in the wedding. My mother made my dress and the bridal dress and veil. It was so interesting to see this dress and veil in the making. All of the attendants in the wedding party had a different color dress. Beautiful memories. By the way, I like the red top from Nordstrom!

    1. Thank you, Aunt Linda! I like that one too! Their wedding sounds like it was simply lovely! I got to see tiny swatches from each of the girls dresses because Mom had them pinned inside her wedding album, and they looked absolutely dreamy! I can only imagine the hustle and bustle around your house at that time! What fun it must have been! Thank you for sharing, Aunt Linda!

  3. Loved the kimonos. I have a few they are so easy to wear and comfortable. It was interesting seeing the granola fruit and yoghurt this is my usual breakfast normally with a blueberry yoghurt. Love it.
    The old newspaper clipping was great drscribing what was being worn and wow so many wedding gifts.

    1. Awesome! Sounds like we have the same taste! I love that they opened the gifts right then and there, too! My mom was 18, my dad was 19… so young, but they made it work!

  4. What wonderful memories you all have. There is a great amount of love throughout. Elaine, God bless, it has been a life time since I have seen you but I am so happy to see and read about your life. I am so happy that I received this. Your family is very loving and grateful for your love throughout the years. God is good.

    1. Barbara, I just called my mom to tell her about your note. She was so excited! She remembered you right away, and was so thrilled to hear that you connected with this. She said you and Aunt Linda were the best of friends and you lived just down the street from my Grandma’s house. She said she wishes the best to you and your family. You really made her day! Thank you so much for writing that very nice note!

  5. Hi Amy,

    Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary. What a journey they have taken together and what a beautiful, living family they have created. I love the photographs. In the one of them before their wedding gifts, I see you in each of their faces; in your mom’s smile, and in your dad’s eyes. Isn’t it a blessing to have these old photographs? My grandpa Dresch was a photographer, by hobby, and he left us with an invaluable catalog of photos and films, including a film of my mom blowing out a candle on her 1st birthday in 1938!
    How special to have that newspaper clipping announcement of your parent’s wedding showing your beaming, beautiful mom! And look at your mom’s striped skirt and shoes in the one where she’s playing with your dad. So retro and authentic. It’s possible that your mom grew up near mine (Jeanne Dresch) and may even have known her elder sister, Maryann Dresch, as they also lived on Maplewood Ave in Toledo.

    The kimonos are beautiful on you, and now I know the name of one of my favorite, forgiving styles: Peplin.

    I look forward to more recipes from you on Tasty Tuesdays.

    Hope you are having a beautiful holiday weekend.

    1. Good morning, Tricia! I so agree with everything you said, and I love those little photos too! I actually had taken the official wedding picture of the two of them and had it blown up huge which just took your breath away, and bought a beautiful and ornate frame and free standing easel from Hobby Lobby and had it up at the party as well. We draped it in floral ivy and ribbons. They have it in their home now. Honestly though, the people is what made the event, all coming up and greeting them. The wonder and delight in their faces was priceless! One of their nieces who battles a very serious health issue even face timed (we had a screen up for it at the event) it was a life marking moment, the whole evening. And maybe one of the nicest delights was the joy my siblings and I had planning this all in secret in advance, knowing what a special night lay ahead for them :). Does my heart good to remember! I will see my folks tomorrow, so I will ask if they remember the names Jeanne or Maryann Dresch and Maplewood Ave. Maybe you could ask your mom too! I’m glad you liked those tops, I do too! I hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend! Thank you again for your very kind words.