Fashion Friday and One Foot in Front of the Other


We made it! Its Fashion Friday! I’m so glad you’re here!  Fun, fashion and a pinch of attitude, its shaping up to be a great weekend! What do you have planned this weekend? I was thinking this morning about weekends as a precious commodity, sort of in a pie chart, and how I spend them now versus say 10 years ago, and what direction I would like to take them. Percentage on travel, eating out, time with family, household projects, reading, movies, shopping, hobbies and exercise… Just kind of pondering it. Weekends are like gold, and you want to hold on tight and max out on all of it! How could a little bit of intentional planning shake that up? Hmmm… Ok, I will think on that more… for now, lets see what bargains are out there for the fashionista in us all! Summer sales are everywhere!

Anthropologie – Summer Tag Sale up to 50% off

Loft – 50% off Tees and Tanks (stock up time!) and many shorts are 60% off!

Talbots – “Red Hanger Sale” extra 30% off markdowns, extra 10% off for Talbots Credit Card Holders

Chicos – 40% off entire purchase (Code 57673) (There’s a tall drink of  water!)

JCrew –  an extra 40% off sale styles use code SALESTYLE

JCrew Factory – extra 50% off clearance (Code CLEAROUT)

JC Penney  – Online Only extra 25% off (Code GOSHOP65) or INSTORE extra 15% off  (Code GOSHOP65) also running a special coupon giveaway while supplies last in stores early Saturday

Lord And Taylor – many special sales going on, plus an extra 20% off use code JUNE (some restrictions apply)

JJill – 30% off ENTIRE PURCHASE use code STYLE30

Nine West -Lots of New Items added to Sale! Up to 60% off!

Old Navy – All  dresses, tanks, tees, shorts and swim on sale up to 50%

Gap – up to 40% off  almost everything + an extra 25% Off (Promo code BONUS)

Banana Republic  extra 50% off SALE items Cha Ching!

White House Black Market  – Semi Annual Sale! Up to 70% off original prices!

Macy’s  extra 20% off most sale, some restrictions… use code WKND plus watch your mail for sale coupons for next week

Kohls – Get $10 off when you spend $30 or more. Use code SCORE

Target – Buy one get one 50% off swim suits and shorts

Nordstrom has an ever growing sale on summer items, lots of summer items now 40% off… check sale tab

Alright, lets check out today’s styles. When I share these, I hope to inspire you, and its also my own journey in fashion as I am getting back into it, and learning along the way. Some of these selections may work, and some may be a bit of a flop… but its all good. I’m learning. And it really is fun to try! First is an extra long and flowy high low tunic by Vince Camuto.

When I first saw this long blue top online, I thought, “Now there’s a risk…” but I thought, “give it a shot… that is what this blog is all about… trying new things.” When Troy saw it, he said, “Wow! These looks you are trying are really elegant and sophisticated.” I cautiously asked if he liked them, and he said, “Yes I do!” Guys, I can tell you, Troy never candy coats anything… so I thought, “Ok… this is going in a good direction!” So funny because I almost didn’t try it! And yet it could have just as easily been a dud. But you never know till you try!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! Sorry I couldn’t resist!

Online, they showed it with black leggings… it looked fantastic! (Also, the model was half my size, but I’m a work in progress! Caterpillar to butterfly sort of in that fluffy large cocoon stage!)

This top (from Nordstrom) sold out rather quickly, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try a longer look in the future. If you are interested in one, I would search under the terms “long tunic”. The longer flow of the top with the A – line cut and short collar just make it interesting and feminine.

I chose a longer layered necklace to help break up the sea of blue with just a little sparkle! Remember, guys, I am learning. But I think I like it! My cork clutch bag had a gold piece of trim, and my bracelets are an interesting assortment of shiny and textured gold from Stella and Dot.

This necklace is the Riad layering necklace from Stella and Dot. It combines both gold and silver in one necklace making it super compatible, and each layer can be worn separately.

Blue is such a lovely shade for summer. Something you may not realize, but the buttons on the front of this tunic stop rather high up, just below the longest layer of my necklace. This of course means I don’t want to wear it during tornado weather, (just doing an act of public service!)

Below is a black sleeveless top with a really fun print on it. And friends… its on sale 40% off!

Graphic Ribbons Mixed Media Top

It has this flowy hem around the base. I put it with white pants, but I am wondering if it might look better with black pants? I will give it a try…

I have a simple but always appropriate small shoulder bag (one of my first ever Kate Spade purchases. Get on their email list… they have amazing sales a few times a year and they will notify you! Like even 60% off and more!)

I went with silver jewelry with this top. My bag also has silver hardware. The necklace is a simple horn pendant. I like how the curve in the horn compliments the curves in the ribbon pattern on the fabric. It is a busy top, so I wasn’t sure quite what to do, but I think this works. I’m learning 🙂

This next top below is a super comfy bright poppy red tunic with white embroidered trim.

This is perfect for celebrating All Things Bright and Beautiful! (an old favorite book of mine!)

Red is such a happy color! (Unless you’re a bull!)

I chose gold jewelry, but I am wondering if white or a colorful necklace would work?

This little bucket bag with the hoop handles has just been so much fun to have in my summer collection! Target hit it out of the park with their handbag department this summer! (Maybe I should go wander through there again this weekend! Wanna go?)

Higher heels always help me with giving a little more slenderizing look (I will take all the help I can get in that department!) I know high heels are hard to walk on, but fortunately the really thick heels are in style right now, and they are significantly easier to walk on. Kind of the best of both worlds! Then throw in the fact that these are Clarks… who live by a code of making shoes that are comfortable, and stylish… well you got a winner winner chicken dinner!

Next is a lovely orchid top from Vici Collection. Honestly I love their clothes! And their prices too!

Notice the tassels around the base of this top, just enough to make a fun statement yet keeping the top elegant.

For reference, I am wearing a medium here.

Every time I put a new or different outfit on, I get the second challenge of what jewelry to wear. I start with the question “gold or silver?” and go from there. I really like how this necklace gives just a delicate point of interest, but does not detract too much from the fringe look below. This necklace is actually one layer of a multilayer necklace, I just chose to wear this layer on its own… don’t you love flexibility like that? And the bracelet is this shimmery wrap around in which each layer has its own unique design but it all sparkles like sunshine on the water! (the Helai Wrap Bracelet in Silver and the Tiburon layering necklace are both from Stella and Dot)

This shade of orchid is so delicate, I wanted to keep the bag soft in color as well, so I went with the white smaller cross body.

Generally, I don’t think pastels work very well on me because I am so fair, but I think there is just enough color in this orchid to be able to pull it off. Notice I used a little brighter lipstick, which I think helps pull some of the color out in the top.

Kasey, my Bloggy Doggy says this is her best side. It is pretty spectacular. I don’t know what it is, but she has got it!

So a few reflective thoughts to share with you this week, I joined a walking group that I L-O-V-E! Its called “The Dirt Road Dudes and Divas” though so far, I’ve only walked with the Divas! An incredible lady rallied the group for daily walks. We walk out in the country on dirt roads! You can walk slow, you can walk fast… there always seems to be 2 or more in any category. And we walk a significant distance! Generally 3 + miles. Friends, I am typically a 1 mile walker kind of gal, but these are such great ladies, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and in less than an hour I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished! You can turn back whenever you’ve had enough. We try and keep it going at a good pace. And we do the journey together! Such great stories! Each step that might make you tired is sandwiched in so much positivity and encouragement! If you went there thinking “How am I going to get past the problem I am facing in life?” you leave thinking, “It won’t be easy, but I am going to get through this!”

Last night, I was with my dear friends Alex and Kaleigh Prokic, tackling some of our goals from the technical end of creating this blog. We are truly doing this the old fashioned way, one step at a time, and sometimes we scratch our heads and walk away for a bit. One such issue has stumped us for a few months. Last night, Alex said, “I have a really positive feeling! I think this is the night we are going to fix this problem!”  He believed it… and a few hours later… yes!  It happened! Problem resolved!

I don’t know if you have ever heard the analogy of how bumblebees are not exactly built for flying. Their bodies seem so oversized for the tiny wings they are equipped with. And yet, they fly. They don’t know that it looks impossible… they simply go ahead and fly anyway.

What if we took every doubt and fear, every self recriminating thought, every obstacle that seems impossible, and captured all those thoughts and cut and paste in over them positive thoughts, thoughts of faith, strength, overcoming… belief! Not only might we leap over hurdles that have blocked us for years, but we might unleash a whole entire world of new possibilities, making dreams realities, having the courage to belief in yourself and move forward!

If you are captive to pain or sorrow or regret or fear or insecurity or discouragement or any other negative feelings, what if you allowed yourself the grace of faith that life can be good again! And better than that, it can be magnificent! This is true if you are 22 or 102! (which is the age when my father says he will take a 2 week vacation)!

Choosing joy, choosing faith, belief, perseverance, and positivity – I just think if we make that song a whole lot louder than the din of negativity, we might be pretty amazed at how things turn out! Just like that bumblebee, if we believe it can happen, before we know it, the impossible becomes possible, and we might find we are flying! I am so glad to be doing this part of the journey with you, my friend!

I’ll be back next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!

Love Always,


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31



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  1. Love your cheerful enthuseism and the flag picture in your red top. ?