Fashion Friday and Sweet Summertime

Happy Friday! We are already over half way through the month of June, moving full steam ahead into sweet summertime! I love that Kenny Chesney song Summertime because it captures and celebrates that feeling you get in your heart of easy living and good times, “Just like a long lost friend you ain’t seen in awhile, And can’t help but smile.” “Cheap shades and a tattoo and a Yoo Hoo bottle on the floorboard” (Ok, no tattoo for me, at least not yet… but I’m enjoying the spirit of summertime!)

Ok Fashion Friday Divas, lets check out the sales this weekend.

Anthropologie – 20% off dresses and jumpsuits

Loft – 40% off everything! (Code NEWNOW) Yeah baby!

Talbots – 30% off swimwear

Chicos – 40% off entire purchase (Code 57673) (Shazam! You start the car, I’ll get my purse!)

JCrew – 25% off your purchase  (Code YAYCLOTHES), plus an extra 40% off sale styles

JCrew Factory – extra 25% off when you spend $100 (Code MOREPLZ)

JC Penney  – up to 50% off select styles, Rewards members get $10 bonus for every $50 you spend, In store and online $10 off when you spend $25 (Code BIGSAVE8), OR online only can choose extra 30% off no minimum purchase (Code SALEDAY7)

Lord And Taylor – an extra 30% off almost everything, 15% off cosmetics and fragrance (Promocode FRIENDS)

JJill – 30% off All Linen

Nine West – 30% EVERY.SINGLE.SANDAL! No sandal left behind! Be Still My Heart!

Old Navy – Entire store on sale up to 50%

Gap – 40% off (Promo code HAPPY)

Banana Republic 40% off plus an extra 10% off blouses and shirts! (Code BRMORE) This sale is bananas!

White House Black Market  – 30% off “dress and shoes” – Dahling, their shoes are simply divine!

Macy’s 20% off (15% off select departments) plus Free Shipping (Code ONEDAY) some exclusions apply

Kohls – 20% off any way you pay (Code SAVENOW) + everyone gets $10 Kohls cash for every $50 you spend. OR Kohls Charge Customers take an additional 30%, 20%, or 15% off. Also running many item specific sales. Plus $10 off for every Father’s Day purchase you make of $50 (Code DADSDAY10) Good news, no test on this… its summertime!

Nordstrom has an ever growing sale on summer items, my tip is to check the sale tab at top of the online store screen, and then choose the type of item you are looking for (ie handbags) and then on the far right is a tab for “sort by” and I always click “newest” and you can see the most recently added to that category… and snap it up fast! #earlybirdgetstheworm!

Whew! I’m invigorated with those sales! It was all I could do to not start shopping immediately with some of those sales! Breathe Amy… restraint…

So today I’m sharing more summer tops with white pants (kind of a theme here for awhile!) And can I tell you its been hot hot hot! Temps in the 90’s and humid (as my Grandma would say “Its getting close in here!”) So, my hair has a mind of its own, and of course its perfect mosquito weather! So lets get this party started!

First up, A “Two By Vince Camuto” black high low top with a decidedly casual feel, and oh so comfy!

It sold out already, but they have another one that is new and very similar here.

I chose to spruce it up with this statement necklace with white (I kind of have a thing for white jewelry this summer! But this is the only piece I own so far!) The little girl in me loves these sparkly necklaces because they make me feel like a princess!

And my black and white floral summer clutch (I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it, and I got it on sale!)

I also added a black wrist watch (0ld) and bracelets from Stella And Dot   1. A gold bangle you can personalize… I had mine engraved with the words “DREAM BIG” Love love love it! 2. The Addison Cuff  & 3. The Illuminate Cuff (each Illuminate Cuff sold supports a program for moms around the world called “Every Mother Counts”) I see I should have used my black sandals- blame it on the heat!

Next (below) is this great floral peplum top I got from Vici Collection. Mine is sold out, but here is one that is very similar. I’ve told you about them before, they are a little boutique out of California, and they have the cutest things at great prices! Get on their email list and they have new things every single day, I kid you not! I actually wore this to work yesterday and took along a comfy coral cardigan I recently purchased.

I actually purchased this top one size too large… I should have gotten a medium. Its a little big in the arm holes, and maybe a little too much flowy fabric… but I am keeping it. Its super comfy for those days where the temps and humidity are breaking records! I’m using my black high heel sandals from Clarks.

I know this isn’t the best photo (above), but do you see the large bag over my arm? Well its a cork inspired shopping bag they had for your purchases at the Anthropologie store! It says “I’m Just Along for the Ride” on it, and we just talked last week about how cork is kind of a thing in fashion! So I wanted to show you it even made it to the boutique shopping bag! Pretty cool!

My lovely Luna Necklace from Stella and Dot so so faithful like my bloggy doggy Kasey!

And Pink! Yes I love Pink! Its a Year Round Happy Color but extra special in summer! I have on my neutral Clarks high heels here from last summer… I bought 2 colors… black and tan (on sale two for one)… and I use them all the time!

Vince Camuto Back Pleat Blouse (on sale 40% off!) I’m wearing a medium (I tell you that incase it helps for your own sizing reference. I’m generally a medium or an 8-10 in tops)

I put a long necklace with a blue turquoise pendant on it… I may have broken a rule there, but I like it!

Not afraid to break a rule or two! They’re usually just guidelines!

And this weekend is Father’s Day!

So today I want to honor all of you dads out there… you bless us! You make this world such a fun place! I just love what dads do for the family dynamic! I know all families are different, some live in one house, some in two. Some have said goodbye to a dear father, or maybe have had struggles in the father child relationship. But in their hearts, all dads love their kids, and in them often rediscover their own youth… they make us laugh, they are down to earth, and at the grocery store, they will throw all the extra goodies in the cart like BBQ chips and a giant bag of peanuts!

So I will start by honoring my own father, who taught me fried bologna is one of the greatest delicacies you can always find in your own kitchen!

That’s my daddy! Oh how I love him! He’s a spry 88, and he still works in his own business, still has big dreams, new ideas that flow like Niagara Falls! He is funny and fun and loving and generous and kind! He loves all people and creatures, and I absolutely adore him!

Below is my mom and dad with their 6 precious babies! All grown up with babies and in some cases grandbabies of our own.

They have 3 girls and 3 boys… Doug Jr, Susan, Kevin, Amy, Stacey and David. They have loved each and every one of us completely and unconditionally. Yes like all families each of us in this picture has had our share of bumps in the road. But there is a love stronger than any force on earth, and it ties us together! Imagine 6 times my mom saying, “Doug, I have some good news for you!” And my dad simply marveling at the miracle that one more incredible blessing was on the way! I also honor each of my brothers on this weekend, all are fathers and love their children dearly- Dad, Doug, Kevin and David, Happy Fathers Day to you from my whole heart!

I think I’ve shared this before, but my dad planned such a great outing one time for any of the sons and grandkids who wanted to go… my parents have 12 grandsons and 4 grandaughters. And now a host of greats…

So my dad decided a few years back to line up a group outing to a Globetrotters basketball game in Toledo, Ohio (my roots). And he got a pretty good response!

What a memory for each one! I stayed behind with my mom that night. There is one girl in that bunch, my dear niece Lauren. They rented a large van for the night! This just delights me that Dad would go to such lengths for a mile marking moment in all of their lives!

Next I would like to honor my husband, Troy who has blessed me with two incredible sons, and a wonderful life.

In this picture you see him with our sons Shane (our first) and Jake (our second) and my father on the end and my awesome nephew Seth in front of Jake (I adore Seth, too!)

And I wanted to honor Troy’s family as well. (See the picture below) Troy’s parents live in Florida, and they have 4 incredible kids, from left to right: Tom, Michelle, Troy, Mike and then Troy’s Mom, Joyce and his dad Pat Kennedy. This is a beautiful family that loves each other and they too have loads of grandkids and great grandkids! There are four wonderful fathers in this picture, Tom, Troy, Mike and Pat… I wish you all the happiest of Father’s Days!

My husband Troy really is a fun dad. When the kids were little, he would no sooner walk in the door at night and start rough housing with the kids. We often had my nephews Andrew, Chase and Seth along so Troy would have a hey day playing chase games and throwing kids up in the air, and he was notorious for the ultimate pillow fights! He did  a test on them called the “Tough! Tougher! Toughest!” test, which consisted of whacking them with a pillow and they would giggle so loud and holler “Again Daddy! Again Uncle Troy! My Turn My Turn!”

He is officially the world’s best maker of hot wings! It is the common thread that binds us all!

He has been an incredible support to both our sons both as a provider, and as a mentor, role model, and constant tower of strength for both our sons. My husband planned many great things for our family too, including a very special game they went to. When Nebraska played U of Michigan for the first time in Ann Arbor. I’m a U of Michigan Alumni, as is my oldest son Shane, and my husband while he does support U of M, is first and foremost a Nebraska Cornhusker (born in Nebraska and will always be one of her proudest sons!).

It was so cold that day, but their spirits were high! Look at those smiles!

My husband also took us all to Hawaii a couple years ago. We saved frequent flier points, hotel points and money pretty much our entire married lives for this occasion, and we wanted our boys to be there to discover this paradise with us. Memories of that adventure as a family are priceless.

Dads do that for us. Even when dads mess up, (for instance like trying to iron a shirt on the sofa- do not try this) in any failure there is also great purpose, for the rest of the family watches and learns that when its our turn, when we might make a misstep, that there is love, acceptance, support and most importantly that failure is never final! You can pull yourself up again, and start moving forward! Dads complete the circle whether we share the same roof or different ones! I know none of us are perfect, and we often are our own worst critics. But give yourself some kudos this weekend, dads! All negativity is off limits, we are honoring you and you just need to smile and say “Awe shucks!” Dads, give yourself a chance to dream some new dreams this weekend! You were selected by the Father to the Fatherless and Author of life to be the father of your children. You have His imprint on your heart and His love in your eyes. Let that wash over you… He believes in you no matter- no exceptions-, this can still be your favorite chapter just like it can for all of us!

Well that is all I’ve got for you for this week! Think I need to start planning a  good ole summertime barbecue for Sunday! I’ll be back next Tuesday with another recipe for you on Tasty Tuesday!  And I hope you have some sweet summertime moments this weekend!

Love Always,


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me.” ~Jim Valvano










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  1. Thank you for honoring our father and the incredible role that the men in our lives have. You look great today and I absolutely love you in pink!

    1. Thank you, Stacey! And for always being so supportive for me, my family and our entire family! By the way, I ordered a fantastic pink purse today! I will show you when it comes in!