Fashion Friday and Living in the Moment

Happy Friday! Its a Great day for a Great day!At the moment, we have blue skies here in the Mitten State, and mild temperatures, a pot of coffee, doggy by my side, and it has all the makings of a fabulous Friday rolling right into a blissful weekend! What do you have on the agenda? I hope something you absolutely love!

So fashion divas, I’ve been watching the incoming trends for fall this year, and its like the biggest menu I’ve ever seen! There are so many styles out there, there is something for everyone! A couple of the ones that are standing out to me thus far is the continuation of the cold shoulder and off the shoulder styles. Currently at Nordstrom there are 542 cold shoulder options and 727 off the shoulder options.


Bell sleeves are still strong, over 700 options right now at Nordstrom, and they range from a huge bell, to pleated bells, to just a slight bell (which if you have ever tried to eat with bell sleeves, I think they should sell them with a set of rubberbands for mealtime.)

Blush pink is still very popular, and burgundy seems to be the color selling out on lots of things. I’m also seeing the big floral prints continue, and embroidery work on denim is strong, and I’m seeing quite a few shoe options with embroidery as well.

Speaking of shoes, the mule or slide seems to be pretty popular especially in flats, they have a very cool look, but I am hearing they are not always an easy fit. I personally can attest I’ve tried a few and have not had much luck, but I just got a pair of TOMS in that just might work!

I searched the Nordstrom Online shoe department for booties and they had over 1500 kinds… so that tells us something. Notice in the ones below the “split shaft”.

Also, plaid seems to be making a showing this year, and I used to love wearing plaid as a teenager, so we will need to check that out. I have my eye on a couple plaid bomber jackets so we shall see! Stripes are remaining strong, and I’m glad, they are such a happy addition to our wardrobes!

So for this week, I am still wearing summer attire. Its been in the upper 80’s all week and pretty humid or raining, so I just couldn’t bring myself to pull out the fall items yet. Many thanks to both my husband Troy and my son Jake for taking these lovely photos! Without further ado, lets begin!

This first top is a Vince Camuto in a longer length (thank you!) with a keyhole back closure.

Its very comfortable and flexible for work attire or going out, and I think it would be adorable with white jeans as well.

The neutral colors make it easy to wear for everyone, and you most likely have shoes and a bag in your closet to match! This one is on sale too!

Next is this asymmetrical top by Bobeau in olive green.

Its a fun top to wear with the angled cut!

It makes a great canvas for showcasing jewelry. This necklace is a single necklace that can be worn 7 different ways! Its called the Riad Layering Necklace from Stella and Dot. Its such a flexible piece. I also am wearing several bracelets from Stella and Dot as well.

These pictures were all taken atop a parking garage where my son goes to school. I must confess, he asked me to sit on the ledge with my legs dangling over the other side and he would go below and take the shot. He said it would be really cool. But I didn’t have the guts to do it. I feel a little bad about that. I’m pretty sure I could have pulled it off, but I just wasn’t sure. I might have had to do fashion shots in a body cast for the next several months, so I just said no… maybe next time.

Next is another choker top by Vince Camuto. A few weeks back I tried one in red. I really liked it, so I thought I would try the black! I think I like that too!

The necklace I am wearing is the Terney Layered Necklace by Stella and Dot. In this photo, I only wore the longer chains, thought it has two additional shorter layers, a lariat and a beaded choker. But I had enough going on with the choker on the top. That is one thing I love about Stella and Dot is that their jewelry is so flexible!

You can also see below I have an arm full of bracelets and cuffs- an “arm party”, also from Stella and Dot.

Next I have a blush pink top and a white sweater. I haven’t worn a lot of blush because I am so fair, but I wanted to give it a try and I kind of like it! Its very feminine and sweet. Speaking of feminine and sweet, here is my bloggy doggy, Kasey… she keeps me in check!

This top is a Vince Camuto with lace trim.

Of all of the outfits I wore for this week’s blog, this is the one Troy liked the most!

Once again I am wearing the Riad Layering Necklace from Stella and Dot.


Finally I just wanted to take a moment and encourage you to Live in the Moment. Troy and I were talking the other day about how time just zips on by. And I’ve caught myself wasting moments today in worry or obsession with things in the future… things that may never occur! And at the end of the day, you realize you missed the very best part of today worrying about tomorrow! If we can appreciate what we have today and find the good in it, the beauty in it, how much more joy can we tally up for our lives! 

If you find your heart being troubled just stop yourself in your tracks and take a quick blessing inventory. What are the very best things I can be thankful for right this minute? And focus on them. Take a little time to soak in what is pleasant today!


I love you guys!

Love Always,


“What day is it?” Its today, squeaked piglet.”

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.”  ~A.A. Milne        



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  1. Love this! From the rooftop garage to Pooh & Piglet’s wisdom! I am particularly drawn to the split shaft boots (I can’t bring myself to call them booties…). Especially those olive green ones. Gotta get online! Thanks, Amy!

    1. Thanks Susan, I love the split shaft booties too! I understand your angst calling them “booties” and I worded the sentence very carefully as I was writing it… funny you would say that because I reworded a few times. Its like we’re related or something.

  2. I just finished putting together a post about fall fashion that will go live next Friday—and those bell sleeves just are the best thing ever, I think!! Although I’m also drawn to that choker neck top!! My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) just bought one, and I feel the need for Nancy (the 60+ model) & I to get one too, so we can all style them for a blog series!!
    But in saying all that, can I just tell you how fabulous that asymmetrical top is?? Just lovely, Amy!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Some more fabulous looks, Amy! I love them all! Your son and my daughter must’ve been channeling each other. At least she wasn’t trying to get me to dangle off a parking garage though, lol! My heart was pounding just picturing it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you kindly! When I go to the Nordstrom sight I search for the specific type of item and it tells you how many options there are, like “bell sleeves”. I only post fashion once a week, so I try to include 3-4 items on that day, and its sometimes fun to try things a little out of my comfort zone. I love your style as well! Especially loving that very cool basket style clutch! Thank you again for your kind words!

  4. Great post Amy. I also took a peek at the upcoming fall season. Love all the glitter shoes and I just picked up a pair of glitter ballet flats. The split shaft BOOTIES are cool! I can definitely see myself in a pair of those. I’m sure you will a “ledge” shot some day. Cheers!

  5. I like all your tops especially the stripe and the seafoam asymmetrical top. Thanks for sharing all those great tops and booties for inspiration!