Bridging the Gap Part 2, Its All About Connection!

Happy Friday! I have been on Cloud 9 all week, with Tuesday’s “Bridging the Gap” post and then anticipation of this one today!

This is Bridging the Gap, Part 2, Its All About Connection!

Don’t you just love the sound of that word? Connection! You are not alone! We are all connected! And that connection is priceless! What a beautiful thought! We treasure people for who they are, and we reach out and connect! We let the scales fall from our eyes and our hearts that jade any possibility of clarity, and we look with eyes that simply marvel at the miracle of each human being! We know that if we reach out and connect, We Are Stronger Together!


As a recap, Bridging the Gap is a campaign I volunteered to participate in whose sole intention was to break down the barriers between generations. The campaign’s strategy was to pair people up from different generations to form friendships and build trust. Spreading the word through this campaign of how truly delightful friendship regardless of age can be would begin to cast the light of truth on those barriers that have caused us to harbor notions and biases against people born in a different generation than ourselves. Notice that word “Bias”; to be biased for or against someone means: “prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another usually in a way considered to be unfair.” I was paired up with Jacynth Bassett, an incredible young woman from London, England whose company and blog are called “the-Bias-CuT.Com”, a fashion company named to reflect its purpose in cutting on the bias against people due to their age in the fashion industry.

On Tuesday, my entire post was dedicated to the Bridging the Gap campaign and sharing Jacynth’s story and vision. If you missed it, you can read it here, Bridging the Gap With a Heart of Gold. Jacynth wrote a very kind and gracious story about me, which you can read here, Bridging the Gap: Blurring Boundaries and Ending Stereotypes

For this Friday post, we both agreed there was so much more we wanted to share about each other, so we are continuing our stories but sharing a little more about the unique passions and interests and simply fun stories about each other. So I continue below with additional interview questions I gave her and her provided answers.

Jacynth shared this photo with me to help reflect and convey her style – Isn’t it fantastic?
Jacynth, can you share about how fashion has been a part of your life?
Fashion has always been escapism for me. Since I was very little, I used to love putting outfits together, and poured over fashion magazines and books.
Everything was so beautiful, and I also have a very creative side, so I really appreciated the design and craftsmanship that designers put into their work. I used to draw a lot, and I would always design outfits in my sketch pad.
There’s something about fashion that makes me feel calm. Which is slightly odd as it’s a quite a crazy industry!

I love this photo which shows Jacynth’s whimsy and love of unique hats!

Jacynth: This photo was taken in May when I had my pop-up shop in Greenwich. The lady is Alex B, who’s a Vogue featured model, and been very supportive of me. We did a mini shoot with her a week or so before, and whilst there she saw my purple bowler hat just lying around. Which inspired her to put it on and wear it actually in the shoot which is on the website. And then when she turned up to my pop-up shop, she was wearing her own black one she had gone and bought straight after! So we’re starting the bowler had revolution!
Tell a little about your history and love for dance
Dance has been the other form of escapism in my life. I started ballet at 3, and soon went into doing tap and modern dance, and at 13 I discovered hip hop. I did all of these until I was 18, dancing about 7-8 hours a week.
I also used to teach dance to children of all ages, and started a dance club at my school. And I helped produce a new annual school dance show from the age of 14. When I started there were only 12 of us in the show, but I was invited back for its 10 year anniversary last year and there were over 100!
I danced in a hip hop crew at Cambridge but unfortunately near the end I got a long term back injury in my left shoulder. I couldn’t dance for a while, but now I’m back to going to hip hop class once a week, as well as doing Pilates and yoga which really helps my injury.
What I love about dance is how you can communicate so many emotions through it. I love performing it, but when I do I just go into a little world of my own.

Look at the focus and intensity of this photo! Its captivating!

Jacynth: Photo of me doing weird puppet move! – this is from a few years ago, when I was part of a hip hop crew at Cambridge uni. I’ve danced from the age of 3, and did ballet, modern, hip hop, tap, and contemporary until I was 18. This photo is a little bitter sweet as the show was what partly contributed to my long term back injury, but I’m now back to doing hip hop every week, as well as yoga and pilates, which i’m so happy about.

If you had the perfect day off of work and responsibilities, what would you include in your day?
Good question! In the day I would spend it alone getting pampered in a spa, and then in the evening meet up with friends and my boyfriend for cocktails and delicious food. With a bit of dancing at the end too!



What a beautiful couple!

Jacynth: Photo of me with my boyfriend – my boyfriend and I have been together 3 years and live together in Greenwich, London near the Cutty Sark. He’s 12 years older than me which originally raised a few eyebrows, but the age gap is never noticeable and he gave me the confidence to really go ahead with my business.
What is one place you would like to travel to? 
Well I’ve been wanting to visit more of the States as I havn’t been in years. Two of my closest friends studied and live in the US, and now I have another amazing reason to visit with you! The other place I want to go to is Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo but I feel I was too young to really appreciate it, and I also want to explore more of the country side which just looks so beautiful.
(The next few photos share some of the many people, places and cultures she has visited in the world.)

Jacynth: Photo of me eating – this was taken on my 25th Birthday this year on 10th June in Barcelona. I’d never been away for my birthday before so it was really lovely. I went with my boyfriend and because we share a huge love of food, he took me to an amazing restaurant run by the brother of the chef from El Buli. I’ve been extremely lucky to have been taken to some of the best restaurants in the world by my parents since I was little, but this definitely was one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

Fascinating photo! She’s got skills!

Jacynth: Black and white photo of me making roti – this was taken a couple of years ago when I went to India with my family. We travelled around Rajasthan for 4 weeks, and what really made it for me was meeting such incredible people. I’m still friends with our tour guide! In the photo, we went to a local lady’s home for a cookery course (her position in society means she isn’t allowed to go out and work, but she’s a widow so she decided to teach cooking to earn a living).
Generally, I’m very lucky to have travelled a lot in my life. My granddad was a pilot for British Airways so my mum grew up travelling around the world, and that has continued with me and my brother. Although i’m terrified of flying which isn’t helpful!
Oh my stars! What a great shot! I googled “Caffe del Borgo” and it gets 5 stars!
Jacynth: This one was taken whilst I was in Italy with a good girl friend from university. She’s from Hong Kong and I hadn’t seen her since we had graduated, so a year later we met up in Italy and went traveling for a week. This is in Florence and as you can see, my love of weird and wonderful hats has been going on for some time! 
Is she gorgeous or what! And extremely well travelled!
Jacynth: This one is when I was 19 and went on the Varsity ski trip, which is this huge ski trip with students from Oxford and Cambridge, about 3000 people go on it! 
Jacynth, can you share  3 or 4 qualities or personal attributes you hold as important to you.  
Integrity, trust, kindness and a sense of humour. I would also say honesty and openness, but only if it is not at the unnecessary expense of hurting someone else’s feelings. 
What are 3 things you know you want to include in your life story.
I want to feel I’ve left both a tangible and emotional difference in peoples’ lives. I also definitely want a dog at some point (I’ve never had a pet) and to design my own fashion collection.
Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive! That girl is gorgeous!
Jacynth: This one was taken a couple of years ago on New Year’s Eve. About 5 years ago I suggested to my family we did something on New Years Eve together, so it’s become a tradition for us to all go to this country hotel for a few nights which is a lot of fun. 

Drop the mic!

Jacynth: Photo of me in long blush pink dress – this was also from a couple of years ago, and taken at Glyndebourne – a prestigious summer opera festival in the UK. I’ve gone with family for years, although if I’m honest I’m not the biggest opera fan. I much prefer ballet. But any excuse for me to dress up and I’m there!

If you would like to connect and keep up with Jacynth, here are some links to help you out!

You can learn about her fashion company and her blog and forum here:

You can follow her Facebook page here:

You can learn more about her fight to end ageism here.

And you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @the_bias_cutcom 

Can you see why I feel like I’ve found a pot of gold in my new friendship with Jacynth? She is such a fascinating and brilliant young woman with such a timeless beauty that she wears with no pretentiousness, but as naturally as the lily of the valley! And the real jewel is her beautiful heart that beats every second to reach out and invite everyone to the party, no one left behind. She sees in everyone, regardless of any exterior characteristics, the beauty she herself carries so effortlessly! All people matter and are in themselves inherently precious. I am so grateful we are now forever connected!

Jacynth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warmth and kindness and truly open hearted way you have extended the hand of friendship to me and to everyone you meet! Kasey is hoping you realize that dream of having a doggy one day, she says you would be great at it!

This big blue marble is so blessed to have Jacynth Bassett, she is like an angel on earth, bringing people together with true kindness and changing the fashion world to help us be as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside!

Friends, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I will be back next week with another Tasty Tuesday!

I love you guys!

Love Always,


“We are all connected… you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate the breeze from the wind.”  ~Mitch Albom




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    1. Well that would be simply lovely! Thank you for the kind words, it really was fun to write this story! And Jacynth is simply amazing! And you are just such a positive encouraging force for people! I appreciate you so much! (Not to mention you are an excellent writer!)

  1. Great post Amy! I love the last line-all people matter and are in themselves inherently precious. Thanks for sharing

  2. Really looking forward to watching this project unfold, Amy. I will also be peeking in to see what your Bridging partner is up to. Love love love this!!

    1. Thank you, dear Sister Susan! I love you to pieces, and boy do I need and appreciate your kindness, love and support, in all we’ve gone through previously and right on into forever!