Fashion Friday and All the Difference in the World

Ahhh Friday is finally here! How has your week been going? Its still amazingly warm here in Michigan, and its kind of surreal to be wearing your summer clothes in October. Walking in and out of places you look up and share a smile with folks all enjoying the mystery of this very warm fall. Don’t you love it when life hands you those little surprises? Its out of our control and we simply are along for the ride!

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, something like bronchitis, but I don’t want to miss anything  so I’m slugging it out, trying to do a mind over matter thing.

Well, its a Fashion Friday, and this was a really educational week for me. I’m such a work in progress- much of my sharing is my trials and errors as well as a few wins. Thank you to my husband Troy who is always so patient and kind and encouraging with the camera. I really appreciate it. Let’s see what we have this week!

First is a turquoise sweater with bell sleeves, The Park City Pullover by Free People, via Nordstrom.

It is a slouchy pullover knit with a waffle texture. It is a heavier sweater, but not itchy (that’s a big deal with me… if its itchy, I won’t even try). I’m also wearing my cognac boots by Nine West. Love these!

I originally saw this sweater on someone in the terra cotta color which is beautiful, but when I looked online and saw this turquoise, I wanted to give it a try. I don’t see much turquoise after summer. I think they have already sold out of this color, but there are some other colors that are lovely too, including one that has color blocking.

My bag is one I’ve been loving lately, such a great shape, and a super price. Its by Sole Society, and its the Lexington Whipstitch Satchel on sale for 50% off at only $29.98.

So I tried it on with both a lighter wash jean and the dark jean. It kind of clashed with the lighter one, I think it works with the darker one, but I am wondering if I should try black with it, not sure, what do you think?

My necklace is one you’ve seen me wear so many times. Its just fun and funky and lends itself to the bell sleeve 70’s vibe in so many pieces right now. The necklace is called “Dalilah” and its by Stella & Dot.

Kasey strikes a pose!

Its a lot of fabric, but I know this slouchy look is in, though it might be a little too much fabric for me. It is extremely comfortable.

Next is a really lovely sweater by Lush at a great price point of only $49.

It has ties on the sleeves, and these somewhat deep slits on the side.

The fabric is so soft, you feel more like its a comfy sweatshirt than a sweater!

And the ties give it a little feminine vintage elegance!

My boots are from last year, a taupe suede bootie, and my bag is from the Nordstrom sale this summer and its 50% off, one side is plain, the other side embellished. Which brings up another question… (I know I am bugging the stuffings out of you, I’m a little off this week) My question is about the bag. It has this adorable embellishing on one side, but its a silver color… can I wear gold jewelry if my bag has silver bling on it? Maybe I just need to get a silver necklace I really like. Silver might look better with this sweater. Hmmm I am always up for a good challenge.

So I love this sweater, I love how it feels, and fits, but I don’t think the color is great on me, at least not today (could be this cold I have) but I am thinking maybe a scarf with some color would help near my face, what do you think?

Next is a sweater I got from Evereve (one of my most favorite stores in the world!) The Quinn Ruffle Sleeve from Allison Joy. The color is a lovely deep wine. And the bag I am carrying is by Street Level which I purchased at Nordstrom. I have to say, for $45, its a really cute, roomy and modern looking bag!

My black boots are the same as the cognac ones above, I loved them so much I tried them in black. Guess what? I love them too! The heel is so modern and blocky, and the toe with the point is stylish but not uncomfortable, and, well they just feel cool and fancy! Everyone likes to feel cool and fancy once in awhile!

I put the Analena necklace from Stella & Dot with it, though I am also thinking a simpler sparkly chain would be nice too.

Finally I have a bright red satin top by Treasure & Bond. It has a short little stand up collar, and the cuffs have a dramatic split. When I pulled this out of the box, I gasped because the color and fabric are so stunningly beautiful!

I love the cut on the shoulders, it seems so feminine!

The necklace I chose is a layered necklace, The Terney by Stella & Dot.

Truth, when I first tried it on, I put it on backwards. The back has an opening and a tie. I thought that was suppose to be in the front… but then I saw the tag, and I knew I had it perfectly wrong! I got a good laugh out of that one!

This picture below makes me feel like a news reporter on Christmas Day! In other news, Santa and Rudolph and the amazing team have been spotted soaring over London, ready to make a stop to drop off gifts to all the children!

So this past week has been wonderful and challenging, many good things and some tough things.

One thing that happened was a very sweet story. My brother Kevin told me about a stray cat who had a litter of kittens not far from where he lives.

He and some of the other people from the nearby apartments would leave food for her, but my brother was worried that if it got cold, they could be in some real trouble. So I asked a friend of mine (Annette) who is a champion of finding homes for kitties or puppies in our area. She agreed to help. I borrowed a crate of hers and went to try and collect this little family.

Well, the first night only the mama could be found. I surely didn’t want to take her and leave kittens without a mama. So I came back the next day, and there was Mama with 1 kitten, the little black one. So I decided I would bring the black one home, but leave Mama because the other kittens might come looking for her.

I brought the black kitty home and had a little time with her before my friend came to take her to her new family. Kasey the bloggy doggy got her first up close and personal with the kitty. She didn’t quite know what to make of it. The kitten was meowing in that tiny kitten way. Kasey seemed to want to stand right near her almost protecting her. It was the sweetest thing. After a few hours, my friend Annette came to pick up the little black kitty, and she now is in a new home doing great!

The next day, Annette went to see if she could collect the rest of the kitties, and there was the mama with the 2 gray kitties. Annette collected them up, and a young man told her that the other two had been taken in to homes that would love them. Now all the kitties have homes, including the mama!

So many people worked together to help this little Mama cat and her beautiful family. From the people that left food for her, to the people who ultimately opened their home up to take in a tiny vulnerable life!

Humanity can be such a beautiful thing when we find a purpose and can work together! Sometimes the nature of the news reports can be so defeating, but in reality there are truly good news stories happening all the time right in our own communities and round the world! I think there is a lot more good happening than the bad… and each little act of love shines like a candle in this world! We all are a part of it! Your good deeds and kind actions may not make the evening news, but it meant the world to the one you showed kindness to. And if we can trust and focus on the good that is happening, we become stronger, and in word and deed we can encourage this world to have hope, and that our future is truly bright indeed! It just takes one person to light the candle, and that can make all the difference in the world!

I’ll be back Tuesday with another Tasty Tuesday!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I love you guys!

Love Always,


Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families and nations.”  ~Paramahansa Yogananda





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  1. Hi Amy. I hope you are feeling better. ? These outfits are so perfect on you. Love the shoes that you’re wearing with the red top, and the two middle outfits are so sharp.
    I wish I had a bundle of kittens to play with right now!

    ? Tricia

    1. Thank you so much, Tricia! I’m trying to beat this bug! Is it a warm fall where you are at? All of our leaves are turning and some falling, but its been so warm here, its 83 here right now.

  2. Hi, Amy! What a sweet, sweet story with the kitties! So good to hear stories of life and affirmation in this day!
    Your outfits are very cute! The wine colored sweater is especially lovely on you! That’s definitely your color!
    To answer your question about mixing metallics…absolutely! Mixing gold and silver gives a very modern look, and that’s an excellent way to do it!

    1. So sorry that you are under the weather. And such warm weather, to boot. I’m not far from you, in the Twin Cities. But I guess I am north enough, as we have had a mild summer, and a welcome, early fall that has had many rainy days, and some wonderful thunderfull days ?. The trees, which are turning early, promise the ever longed-for days of my season: winter.