Fashion Friday, You’ve Got This!

Who loves Friday? I do! I do!

How was your week? Better yet, how is your weekend looking?

I love that feeling of being able to pick and choose whatever you want to fill your weekend. I’m so excited to share some really different fashion with you this week!

This first piece is a dress that came from Stitch Fix. I love that its lightweight and has autumn colors!

I get a Stitch Fix box once a month to try different styles. I am picky and only keep what I really love! This one made the cut! If you would like to know more about Stitch Fix, you can click here.

Notice I am carrying my Mary Poppins Bag! Actually I love this bag. The shape is just so defined and bold! Its a satchel by Sole Society and I got it at Nordstrom.

You could wear this dress with black tights, or skinny jeans.

Check out those sleeves! Kind of wild with those stripes!

I chose to wear this great statement necklace from Stella & Dot, the Essential Fringe. I’m also wearing a great cuff bracelet, the Quinn. I was showing my son Jake this dress, its different than anything I’ve ever owned, and he said he really likes it! So it was a keeper!

Next I have a light weight cardigan by Halogen. The purple color caught my eye the other day, and the adorable little tie sleeves made me swoon! Wasn’t it Olive Oyl that would say, “Its so romantical!”

I was trying to walk through Nordstroms and be good. Really I did! But there was this lady trying it on right there in the aisle, she was trying it on in blush pink. And I told her “That looks so pretty on you!” and she smiled. And then I saw the purple one! And I said, “Look! Its in Purple too!” We both gasped… two of us standing there in the ladies department at Nordstrom on a rainy night, and a purple cardigan with foofy flufflyduffy sleeves simply glowing on a rack! Well, can you blame us? Yes, we both walked out with the purple sweater!

Yes, and when I got home, I pulled out my purple pink suede shoes. Once again, Kasey has her doubts…

Sparkles! I need Sparkles to go with this! So I went to one of my favorites this season from Stella & Dot, the Eliza Fringe.

It is like a long cord with beautiful smoky jewels in the middle, and delicate tassels made of chain on the ends, and you simply loop it and tighten to the length you want!

The shirt underneath is a black long sleeve tee from Halogen. It has a bit of a shine to the fabric, and very soft.

I’ve heard of this idea from many stylish women bloggers that you can do something called “column of color” dressing, where you take your core and wear the same color (pants/top) and add additional color in a piece like a cardigan or wrap or other accessories. In this I would be wearing a column of black. You can do this also where your jacket and pants would be the same color but your shirt would be different. I’ve heard each of these techniques can help with areas of your body you want to either play down or play up. Its kind of fun to try those things! I get into trouble though when my check list of things I need to “play down” are in more than one category! They did say this column look using the blouse and pants the same color helps diminish your tummy! (so does holding a clutch bag in front of it!)

My clutch is from Stella  & Dot, a really cute clutch!

It has a beautiful liner inside, and little pocket spaces for cards. (Notice in this picture I lengthened my necklace a bit) I’m also wearing a gorgeous new ring from Stella & Dot at a great price point of $39!

Next I have this amazing animal print sweater from Evereve.

This sweater is beautifully constructed and feels so nice on, like you could easily dress it up or simply wear with jeans! The colors are really so rich! I have been a little late to the animal print party but this sweater I fell in love with. Once again, I was carrying my fashion crowbar and pried open my mind a bit to try something new, and once again, I love it!

My necklace is the Reese Necklace from Stella & Dot. The stones on it have gold on the back and it can literally be worn either way, its reversible!

I wore black skinny jeans, and my black Argyle Booties by Nine West (I purchased mine from Nordstrom).

My bag is my little black purse from Kate Spade, this was on a super sale, and I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it!

While mine is no longer available, I encourage you to go to the Kate Spade website and get on their email list. They have fantastic sales several times a year, and you can get a great piece for not too much money! Mine was I think 60 or 70% off! Win!

My last piece today is an adorable statement jacket from Chicos.

It has a gorgeous floral pattern, and ruffled skirting!

It brings out my inner Boho girl!

The necklace I am wearing is from Stella & Dot, its one of their most popular pieces, Zoe , and it comes in two colors. Mine is in Hematite (or a darker gray combination). A really fun to wear and easy to style piece!

Well, its time for me to move on to the next thing this day. Boy I sure love spending time with you all! You really bless me!

I don’t know what life is presenting you with right now. I hope you are on the mountaintop, but we all spend some time in the valley too. I just want to encourage you if you are going through a tough time not to give up. Sometimes it seems we just get through one storm and the next one is right behind it… like hurricane season, you know? But don’t you give up! You will prevail, I promise! So believe it, and give yourself a pep talk. I do this all the time! I say things to myself like, “Alright soldier, get on your feet, put your best attitude on and move forward!” For if we let discouragement take the wheel, we will surely lose! But if we choose to believe and have faith that we will prevail, we end up so much farther ahead and stronger because of it. This is true for those trying to realize a dream, for those struggling in your current job, even battling things personally.

Falling down is just part of life, part of trying new things. If we never fell, it would mean we never tried something new! And this is true as much at the age of 95 as 25! Your challenges are the time to lift your chin up and throw your shoulders back, and know that you are facing life head on! And I believe in you! No matter the outcome you are still a winner! Believe it and don’t let the clouds stop you or rain on your parade! Your circumstances do not define you. You will prevail, my friend! You’ve Got This!

I will be back Tuesday with something truly special, the Bridging the Gap Campaign I’ve been participating in will go live, and I am so excited to introduce you to the person I was paired with for this campaign! She is simply amazing!

Have a great weekend!

Love Always,


Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.   ~Joyce Meyer






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  1. You find the best items, Amy!!
    And how fun to “find” a shopping buddy while you’re out!! You are obviously so friendly and nice which I’ve already known from your kind words and comments!!

  2. So many pretty, unique pieces. Your smile is practically ear-to-ear in the photo of your Stitch Fix dress. You look fabulous in it! Where it with confidence and in good health.

    And that Chico’s jacket…love the print and the ruffles. So girly and feminine.

    1. Thank you, I know it sounds corny but I actually am so happy when we take the photos just to be connecting with friends through the blog, even if we haven’t officially met!I love those pieces too. That Stitch Fix Dress is like wearing a comfy tee shirt. The jacket is truly special with that pretty floral and the chiffon ruffle 🙂 thank you thank you for the kind words! Have a great weekend!

  3. The animal print and your inner boho outfit were my favorites this week. This weekend I am helping my daughter Jamie get settled in their new house. They sold 2 homes and moved in with me almost 6 months ago. They wanted to buy a property to renovate. It took a while, but they have been fixing up a property in Plymouth. It turned out great. I have been painting, sanding, and puttying for weeks. There is still more to do, but the place is beautiful, but not quite completely done.

  4. Your outfits are great!! But–but…but..your SMILE is infectious!!! And your dog–he’s so good!! I’m so glad that I discovered your blog and IG account through Forever Fierce. You are so inspirational. And I learned something–I never heard of that Column thingy!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

    1. Well your enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you for the kind words! And I love that you use the word “thingy” because I use that all the time too! Have a great night!