Fashion Friday and Dreams like Autumn Splendor

Happy Friday! Don’t you love the exhilarating feeling that Friday stirs in your heart? I sure do! It’s like a new canvas begging for a splash of color! And in Autumn, its like Nature itself is giving you a pep talk! November is here, and as we hunker down to brace for winter, we also unleash new plans and dreams for holidays and looking into a new year! Its downright invigorating!

Right now, I’m packing a whole lot into my days and weeks, and I keep thinking “If I just get up an hour earlier, and stay up an hour later…” But you know what? I love love love having a dream so juicy you simply won’t put it down!

First of all, I want to thank my dear husband Troy who took the pictures for this week’s blog. He is so patient with me, and I am so grateful for him ever cheering me on as I pursue this dream of blogging. Thank you, Troy!

Ok, so lets get down to some Fashion Friday Talk!

This has been such an amazing time in fashion! Its like the blinders have come off and the rule book thrown out and fashion is a glorious autumn hillside shimmering with a million colors and shapes of leaves! Each one beautiful and gorgeous in their own right! I want to try them all! They may not all work on everyone, but half the fun is trying!

So to begin with, I am trying a Vince Camuto Choker Top in a rich burgundy color. 

This top is constructed with a somewhat modest neckline, and I really like that it still has the flavor of an edgy style but does not feel like it crosses a line, in other words, I think I could wear this in almost every setting and still feel it is completely appropriate. I think its because the neckline itself is pretty conservative.

I paired it with dark denim and my favorite Nine West Argyle Boots (pointy toe and blocky higher heel). I am getting better at wearing high heels (I do it in smaller doses and short time frames). They aren’t skyscraper high, but about 3-4 inches which is enough to help make my legs look a little longer, I’m around 5’4, with a little extra weight in my legs (sometimes I think they look like stuffed sausages!) so that little bit of added height can definitely help! I wouldn’t wear the high heels for a full day of walking, but for a few hours, I am good!

I’m carrying this really cute clutch by Stella & Dot, with this little gold chevron detail on the front. I know it sounds silly but those little details just make my day! Its cute and modern and I love it!

Choker necklines keep me guessing about what to do with jewelry. In this instance I used a lariat necklace that I love, the Eliza Fringe Necklace, by Stella & Dot. Its a great price point, $59 and it is a necklace you will use over and over, with gold chain fringe on the ends, and gorgeous jewels in the center in crystal colors of amber and smoky gray strung in an ombre pattern, on a soft black suede lacing, and with gold backing on the jewels so you can wear it reversed as well. Its definitely a go to piece for me right now, and will be throughout the season I am sure!

This next sweater is by Barefoot Dreams, and if you have never tried one of their products, they are so soft, you will think it was spun by angels! It is deliciously and decadently crazy cozy soft! This particular sweater is  part of their CozyChic line, The Calypso Wrap Cardigan.

It comes in some beautiful solid colors, but I was captured by the pewter/black ombre color.

It is softer than your favorite pajamas! And it has this luxurious drape to it! Barefoot Dreams makes blankets and bathrobes and cardigans, all sorts of things! And they pride themselves on how soft they are! They are a little spendy, but its like medicine for the soul! Any product by Barefoot Dreams would make a fantastic gift for someone special in your life that you want to treat to something really cozy this Christmas!

I used a white long sleeve layering tee from White House Black Market underneath (their tee’s are so comfortable and soft). I seem to need some new fresh layering tee’s each year, and these were on sale at 50% off, so I bought a black one, a white one and a gray one. White House Black Market has beautiful style, and they do run sales. My suggestion is to go in and get a clerk to help you try on a few things (their customer service is amazing!) You will find so much you love! But I always hold back for a sale! Get on their email list because you will get coupons and information of sales! They also have a frequent buyer plan. These make great sense! I just got a coupon to use for $50 towards an item of my choice. No strings. So its worth investigating.

My bag here is a Chelsea28 faux leather black clutch with silver chain trim and an optional crossbody chain. I’ve been rather impressed with the styles offered by Chelsea28. They are always extremely stylish and different, prices range a bit but none are ridiculously high, they are definitely worth looking at. You can go to the site and search “Chelsea28” then filter by handbags- Here is a link I think I did it for you if you want to see their handbags – super cute… super duper tempting… hang on, Amy! Chelsea28 bags at Nordstrom.

For my jewelry, I went with some beautiful pieces with gray and hematite hints. The lariat necklace is from Stella & Dot, and called the Zoe. Its really easy to wear, and looks fantastic with grays, blacks and whites.

My bracelets are both wrap arounds. On my right arm is the Florian Wrap Bracelet  from Stella & Dot, and on my left arm is the Yves Wrap Bracelet.

Next is a very interesting patterned cardigan, the Leopard Cardigan from Topshop at Nordstrom

One thing that is so interesting is that the spots are a deep blue trimmed in black on an olive green background. It is a bit on the bulky side, which I am still deciding how I feel about it. I keep wondering if I look like Fred Flintstone! It does have a collegiate feel though…

Topshop began as a series of clothing shops in England in the mid 1960’s. They have become wildly popular and are known for their non-conformist styles and edgy fashion. They began being offered in Nordstrom about 5 years ago.

I paired it up with my Kate Spade I purchased on one of their year end sales through the website. I also used my tortoise necklace from Stella & Dot, the Jaya. I actually looped it around twice to make it hang a little shorter.


Kasey with her Chanel look… I don’t know what it is, but she has got it!

And finally I have a long faux shearling vest by French Connection at Nordstrom, currently on sale 20% off!

Its a cognac and blush color blocked vest with trim and lapels in faux shearling. It is so soft it feels like a kitten’s fur! I put it with a burgundy colored long sleeve tee, and my Nine West Argyle boots in the cognac color.

Its really a fun piece to wear, and is very warm! 

As dusters go, its outstanding in its field! (sorry I couldn’t resist!)

My necklace is the Riad by Stella & Dot, and its a layering necklace. This is probably my favorite of the layering necklaces, its so versatile, and a really interesting piece of jewelry to look at.

My bag is a slouchy hobo I purchased directly from Rebecca Minkoff at over half off!

Check out this ride! This was taken at my parents’ house, in their backyard. This is a Ford Tractor from 1953, and it runs like a dream! My dad kind of chuckled when I said I wanted my picture by the tractor, but it just looks perfect with the autumn leaves!

These are my parents… words can’t even express how much I love, admire and look up to them! They are into the dream making business… they continually find new dreams of their own, and they reach out and help others achieve their dreams as well! Right here, in between the two of them I feel so rooted, loved, and blessed! I am their 4th child of 6, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my family dearly!

Their yard is simply lovely!

Where I usually do my blogging is on a sofa next to a big bay window looking out at woods. The trees are simply glowing with golds and oranges and reds right now! And the squirrels seem positively energized as they leap from one branch to the next! I gasp and think “Oh no, that’s too far, don’t try it!” And boom they leap through the air defying gravity and stretch for the next tree branch in a flurry of gorgeous autumn splendor, and then the next and the next, almost as though they are laughing out loud at the thrill of it all! Never daunted, never faltering!

What if we put that same kind of energy in pursuing our dreams? Keeping that adrenaline pumped grin on our face as we encounter obstacles and simply leaping for the next branch! I know we run into adversity (both big and small) in life, but if we can focus on that next step… and not on the problem, the momentum just may carry us forward!

Here’s the thing… I think every single one of us has the potential for incredible dreams and really achieving them, and this has no retirement date on it! Sometimes we may feel like our time for dreams has ended, but I believe that every season of life is the perfect season for new dreams and new adventures! We simply have to let go of the branch we are stuck on, and  stretch for that next branch and fly!

I can’t wait to hear about your dreams and I am always here cheering you on!

Have a fantastic and glorious weekend!

I’ll be back next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”   ~T.S. Eliot


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  1. Dear Amy,

    Oh my goodness how I love this post and all the photos, which were clearly taken by a man in love of a woman in love. And Kasey is all mushy too with that eye contact. ?????

    The styles are beautiful. I do like Vince Camuto. I’ll check out the other designers.

    ? Tricia

  2. Loved seeing the picture of your sweet mom and dad. Your dad’s tractor looks like an excellent photo opportunity waiting to happen. I LOVE your Barefoot Dreams ombré cardi. I want one!

    1. Thank you! They actually use that tractor which I think is really cool! I may have them teach me to drive it! I love that ombre too… Thank you for the kind words! You should totally get the ombre!

  3. Bravo to your husband for these fabulous fall photos. I adore that shearling vest. Wish I could find something similar on my Target budget. It is so pretty paired with the burgundy top.

    1. Clicked POST too soon. And I appreciate your wise words about wriggling our way the branch where we may be stuck and working to realize our dreams. Going to get busy on one of those dreams this coming week.

      1. That is a great idea! Also, I have been dazzled by the new things Target has been putting out lately. I particularly get star struck with their handbags! And their winter coats are always fabulous with a really great price… which reminds me I saw a burgundy puffer vest I liked there… I may have to check it out this weekend! Thanks for all the kind words and I would love to hear of your dreams and hope you keep going and its a huge success!

  4. Amy,
    I love the ombre sweater on you! The faux sherling vest is amazing! Troy has a great eye behind the camera and featuring your parents and their property is so wonderful! Keep it up you are very inspiring!

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