Fashion Friday Merry Christmas To You!

Hello and Merry Christmas, my friend! I’m so excited for Christmas! I love the last few days when the adrenaline really kicks up! Today I have an agenda of cooking, wrapping, and entertaining! So its going to be a full day! What about you, do you have your weekend chock full or are you taking it easy? Honestly my heart is so full of joy right now, I am just about to burst!

So it is Fashion Friday! One thing I wanted to be sure and share with you this week is that Pantone recently came out with the color of the year for 2018… this year it is “Ultra Violet” which means a deep purple! They arrive at their decision on a host of things including seeing what direction new designers in fashion and decor are doing. Last year it was a spring green. This year it is “Ultra Violet” purple, and they say it conveys “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” That sounds pretty deep! We may be seeing it in fashion this year! Bring on the purple! I’m ready!

So there will be so many sales this coming week, but I am sharing a few pieces that I really liked. They are comfortable, flexible, and fun!

First is this Chill Pill Cardigan from Blank NYC. Its an open cardigan with contrasting lapels, and a cozy hood. Its a slouchy knit sweater, and it gives a comfortable, laid back yet cool vibe.

My bag is by Chelsea28 and sold out pretty fast, but they also made a very similar red bag with embellishments in a convertible clutch with chain strap, and its on sale 50% off!

This turtleneck has a beautiful fit for layering, though a bit spendy. But here is another one on sale (I might be ordering this today!)

My necklace is a lariat, the Zoe by Stella & Dot, in the hematite color. Its a super easy, flexible, and compatible piece to add to your collection.

Can you see the wildlife behind me? That is Kasey our dog… standing sentry, one of her life callings. The other is speed eating.

Next is a perfect winter day cardigan, the Snow Daze Cardigan by Billabong.  Its a chunky knit cardigan, perfect for layering. It is super comfy cozy and warm, and is so cute for jeans and leggings!

Next is a black choker blouse.

My necklace is the Hanne Station Necklace by Stella & Dot, a 31″shiny silver chain that glistens with geometric hand set Pave… and can be worn doubled as well.

My clutch is the Faux Leather Clutch by Chelsea28. It has shiny silver chain trim accents, and a sophisticated sleek look. Its really nice to have a little clutch that has a subtle but on trend feel in your closet. Tucked inside is a silver chain strap that can be used for a cross body bag.

You probably remember this coat from last week. I wanted to try it with the choker blouse. The coat is the Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket by Chelsea28. Its a plush and fluffy longline coat. Animal print is so in this year, and its a way to kick up the Glam Factor. Mine is sold out but never fear! There is another one here and here (cropped version, super cute!)  My blouse is also gone, but check out this gorgeous deep purple one here,  a beautiful choice to brighten the winter skies.

And finally, I tried a really fun red coat! Its lined,  and it hits at mid thigh. It has front zip closure, and front pockets. It has a slenderizing fit (always love help in that department). And its one of those coats like Goldilocks porridge… not too hot, not too cold but just right! Warm enough to keep the elements at bay but light enough to wear indoors and out when out and about. Here is the link for the coat.

Macy’s INC brand Stand Collar Knit Coat  It comes in so many fun colors! With all the discounts, today it is  $69.99, and probably more sales to come!

My bag, Kate Spade Watson Lane Maya Tote is on sale!!! 33% off! Woohoo!


I also wanted to share our cozy Christmas trimmings with you, this is our tree. Its chock full of lights! I love lights! When the room is dark, there stands that gorgeous tree lit up with so many lights, you can’t take your eyes off of it! Its as though it radiates love and warmth and memories of days gone by. And a brilliant hope for tomorrow! I know… I’m a little bit mushy!

These are my favorite ornaments on my tree… hands down. My sons made them when they were in preschool.I wonder if their teachers had any idea how many years of joy and love those popsicle stick and construction paper ornaments would bring? My sons are now 21 and 26 and I love them more and more with every rising and falling of the sun. There isn’t an ornament at any fancy department store anywhere that I would treasure like the ones made by the precious hands of my children! Goodness I am so grateful!

Here is another of my favorites, Kasey… our precious doggy! She was a rescue dog but in our house, we know that she is the one who rescued us! She brings us such joy! And Santa may have a few nice things for her under our tree!

Here is our mantle. We decorate with a menagerie of Nutcrackers. They are not expensive, I have gotten them at places like Target and Michaels over the years. My favorites are the ones wearing red!

And they are standing guard over Peace…

One of my favorite stories in history is of Christmas Eve in 1914, WW1 at a battlefront. Yes I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a Christmas story. It was dark and getting colder to the point that the slush had all frozen. The soldiers were all freezing, and tired and longed to go home and be with their families for Christmas, both on the German side and on the English side. And then something happened. German soldiers began to light candles into that cold dark night and raise them up over their heads into the sky. From a military perspective, this was not a wise move. But the English side did not take advantage. They waited.

And then from the German side a song rose… “Stille Nacht” first just one voice… then more… and more singing “Silent Night” in German. Can you imagine the hope and joy that filled the English soldiers when they heard that melody? Without waiting for direction from commanders, the soldiers on the English side began to sing along in English. The longing of their hearts on both sides for peace on this holy night eclipsed all fear of repercussion. The men put their weapons down. And they came and stood side by side with men who had just been shooting at them, and sang “Sleep in Heavenly Peace.” They sat around a warm fire and exchanged what small meager gifts they had… a chocolate bar… some little trinkets they had. And they shared stories of families back home and how they would be celebrating Christmas. All day the 25th, they sacredly kept their guns down and they simply basked in utter respect for the love for humanity that Christmas originated from.

Its a Christmas miracle!

And its not found in stuff… its found in relationship and in kindness and love.

I mentioned this the other day I think, but I challenge you to reach out to someone this Christmas. Just give them a call and wish them a Merry Christmas. It is like the soldier who lit the first candle or who first raised his voice in song. I guarantee just something as simple as a call can make all the difference in someone’s Christmas this year, and I know it will enhance your Christmas as well! I got this idea from my son Jake who often on Christmas Eve or Christmas day just starts going down his contacts and makes a 5 minute call to friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and see how they are doing. It makes the heart smile when they hear from an old friend!

The premise for my blog is that no matter what you have been through no matter where you are at in the story of your life, there is always hope and not just that you will get through it, but that you will find joy and love and adventure and fun like you’ve never had it before! This can be your favorite chapter! As you look up at the star on your tree, or the bright stars that shine in the December sky, may your heart be filled with hope and love and the miracle of Christmas! I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas! I look forward to a wonderful New Year coming up in 2018 for all of us!

Love Always,


“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men.”  ~Luke 2:14









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  1. What a wonderful post and I love that you included your sweet rescued dog!! It’s amazing how they are such a joy for us and yet we think we are rescuing them!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    PS….I’ll be doing a post with the 3 of us wearing our leopard coats in January. Would you like to join us?? If so email me, and I’ll give you some more details (

    1. Thank you Jodie for your kind words… our pets are such a blessing! Yes I would totally love to do the leopard coats with you and your Posse! I will send you an email 🙂 Much love, Amy

  2. Loved your WWI story and your excitement for the season, Amy…thank you for sharing!!! Merry Christmas!