Fashion Friday and More Precious Than Diamonds

Oh Friday, we’ve missed you so!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Its a super busy one for me, I have a rather large event tonight, and another one tomorrow morning, so I better eat my Wheaties!

So lets get to the fashion this week, but before I do, I want to thank my husband Troy for his help taking the photos, he is always so patient with me! And of course, Kasey’s help as well!

So to start things off, I have a blush statement tee that is brand new!

I love the message on this graphic tee, I Am Strong  a New Tee by Stella & Dot. They fit true to size, I am wearing a large, and its quite comfortable. The shirt is a light blush color, making it a great addition to your tee wardrobe! Its a fun and powerful reminder that we are strong! And you know what I love? They made this tee available in little girl sizes as well! How cool to share that message with your daughter or granddaughter or any young girl in your life! (I think Kasey wants one!)

I paired it up with the Bora Fringe Necklace, it plays beautifully off the blush color of this tee! I’ve gotten so much use out of this necklace! There are lots of statement necklaces out there, but I only have so much coin in my wallet and so much space in my jewelry box, so I try to be selective on statement pieces to get maximum mileage out of them.

I paired my “I am Strong” Tee with a Moto Jacket! Ahhhh! How fun! Please understand I’ve only had the guts to try a moto jacket for about a year, so this is so empowering! I love wearing moto jackets and they come in lots of sizes and prices. I found mine with my dear friend Kaleigh Prokic when she took me shopping at TJ Maxx, Oh my word! I trembled as I took that jacket off the rack, “Was I the type to wear a moto jacket?” I looked around, no one was looking and I slipped it on, (gasp) like Cinderella’s slipper! I sauntered over to the nearest mirror and timidly looked and I felt like Sandy in the movie Grease! (Ok you probably don’t see that at all), but it was a really fun moment I will never forget! $30 and it was mine! Jackpot! That jacket is no longer available (except in my closet if you would like to borrow it). Here are some moto jacket options   Moto with Textured Sleeve   and another the “Lifechanger” (what a great name!).

And my Kate Spade Leopard Tote Bag (so much fun!) Troy picked this bag for this outfit! He said I look like I am going out for some good times with my friends and I needed a bag with a little attitude! I really have had fun with this bag!

And next one of my favorite color combos, red and black!

Another great piece to have in your wardrobe is a black vest to add just that little extra layer of warmth for chilly days. They also make a great contrasting piece that is fun to work with all during the fall and winter. This is the one I am wearing from Thread & Supply, a decent price point and some gorgeous color options, and I like the shiny snaps and zip. Many are on sale now, here is an incredible deal from Carsons, they have a huge selection of colors and sizes in their “Relativity” brand of quilted vests for just $9.99! I am tempted to pick up a few colors because at that price, you can really spice up your wardrobe! I think the Olive Green is calling my name! For the record, I have purchased this vest in this brand in years past and it holds up beautifully.

I’m wearing a Treasure & Bond red turtleneck (on sale!) which is perfect for layering, and though it might be hard to see as I have cuffed up the sleeves a bit, the turtleneck has a trendy “step cuff”, giving it a little edgy up to date look. Nordstrom donates 2.5% of their net sales when you purchase Treasure & Bond to organizations that help empower youth.

I’m also carrying one of my all time favorite purchases from Stella & Dot, the Mercer Leopard Wallet, from the top of the line “Covet” brand. As soon as you touch it, you know its a very special wallet! It exudes quality! And I also have on my new favorite cuff bracelet, the Rhett Cuff, which gives the illusion of wearing lots of shimmery bangles, but with the convenience of a simple cuff, “simple” is my friend!

Next is a super soft pullover sweater by Vince Camuto. You can order it on sale here, and if you use the code “FINAL” you can get an additional 15% off!

Kasey is modeling her stuffed doggy in a santa cap she got for Christmas. Its one of her faves.

My sweater has a slight ballooning in the sleeves, and the fabric is not itchy the least tiny bit, its super soft, and very warm.

I also wanted to show you the pendant necklace I am wearing up close.

This is the  Isabella pendant. I love the smoky gray blue hues to it, and the shape of the piece. Its a classic. And something else I discovered is that the back side of the necklace has a lacy shiny silver side which also is lovely!

Finally I have a Treasure & Bond Tartan Boyfriend Shirt. I love shirts like this! Red plaid is so cheerful!

My bag is by Chelsea28 and it sold out rather quickly, but Chelsea28 makes a very similar model in a tote that is adorable here.

I’m wearing on my left arm one of my favorite wrap bracelets, the “Gilded Path“. It has black and gunmetal accents with gold, and it feels so nice on your arm, and it gives a luxe double wrap style, which I am a huge fan! They make the same bracelet in white as well, and I just recently ordered it for spring and summer, Yay!

So I was pondering this week, what makes a diamond so valuable? I did a little research, and it has a lot to do with the color (the less the better!) It also has a lot to do with the way it was cut. And it is the hardest mineral on earth. They are a symbol of love, and they can be simply beautiful! I understand there is a particular diamond that is part of the British Crown Jewels that is considered the most valuable diamond in the world, the “Koh-i-Noor”, weighing 105.6 carats (shazam!)  It is on display at the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

I started this whole thought process because I was thinking of how precious people are, how precious you  and each one of us are! There is not a value you could ever place on any person that would even come close to how precious you are… all of us are! You were created as a one of a kind, no one else in the world like you, and you are irreplaceable! Sometimes we can get caught up in our differences, but oh how we are robbed of the beauty of each human life when we do that! What matters is this gift of life we have to share with each other, this window of time we’ve been given! I hope you know how truly precious you are and that all of Heaven looks down on you and smiles for you are loved! And in the same way, we can love each other, even if we look a little different, dress a little different, think a little different, every one of us are more precious than the finest jewels! And you have incredible strength even if you might not realize it! This life can be beautiful but it also can be tough, yet you get up each day and move forward! No one can know what the other is experiencing. But we can stop and recognize the beauty of every single human on this planet, and to love them unconditionally. I am so glad we were created with the ability to love! I think that is the most beautiful part of living!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I will be back next Tuesday with another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. Unknown

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  1. I love how Kasey is helping by modeling his toy!! You are such a wonderful person inside and out, Amy!!
    Have a great weekend.