Fashion Friday and Take Time to Celebrate!

We made it! Its Friday! And its shaping up to be a fantastic weekend!

Here in the USA, its our beautiful country’s birthday next Tuesday, July 4! How will you be celebrating?

Well one thing I can tell you for sure! There are a whole bunch of sales!

But I wanted to take a moment and tell you about a big sale coming just around the corner. Its the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and if you like Nordstrom, this is their biggest and best sale of the year, hands down. They begin the launch of their fall clothing and they put some of the most popular and trendy items on sale! These are brand new fashion for fall and they offer them on sale! Ok, can you tell I’m just a little excited?  So here are the deets.

The dates are July 21- Aug 6 for everyone…. but…. (and this is a big but!) if you are a Nordstrom Reward card holder, you get early access to the sale July 13- July 20! You get to shop the sale before it goes public! Also, Nordstrom has a Rewards system, where you earn points with each dollar you’ve spent which go towards earning a note which can be used as cash in a purchase. You are given a few times a year you can use a special “triple points” day, and if you plan to make a major purchase, this is a great time to opt for the triple points!

I’ve shopped it the last couple of years, and its an amazing time to pick up some of those “investment pieces” at a great price and great quality! Last year, I picked up a moto jacket that I absolutely love at a great price! (To be honest, mine was “faux leather”, well under $100 but they will put some of the big $$$ on sale as well as modest priced things – Yay! Something for everyone!) They already have a catalog out of some of the items that will be on sale, and I have my sights set on a cute little pair of UGG boots (I’ve never owned UGG, but I’ve tried my mom’s on and they felt like boots made by angels!) For more information on the sale, check it out here: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access.  I know it seems a long way away, but in the world of shopping, its really kind of an event people get jazzed about!

OK, so lets move on to this week’s fashion I want to share!

I love to have something to “represent” for the land that I love on her birthday weekend! This year I found this tee “Red White and BBQ” at Evereve, and honestly I knew immediately it was perfect for me! We barbecue year round at our house, and this navy tee with bold white letters is just fun! I threw in a red bag (older), just to show my red, white and blue love!

Guess who has a bloggy doggy that loves watermelon?

Its Kasey, the Wonder Dog! I adore her!  I paired up my tee with some summer jeans and crisp white tennies!

Next, I have this Vince Camuto red striped top with all these bright and vibrant colors of summer! Its on sale at Macy’s right now!

I forgot to snap a pic, but the back of this top is solid black. There are slits at the sides, and it hits below the waist a bit.

Notice my Stella Dot Double Horn Pendant Necklace lands right in the center of that vertical column in the fabric! Its fun to have a nice longer necklace in both gold and silver to simply make a point of interest on a top.

I chose to go with gold jewelry, in part because I love my watch which is gold, but I think I could have gone silver as well.

Kasey’s word of the year is “Simplify”, all you need is a comfy couch and maybe a burger and some watermelon!

Here is another Vince Camuto top with kind of a festive feel for summer!

I love the angled take on color blocking!

I chose to put my little black bag from Kate Spade with it, but I got a little stumped on what to do with the jewelry. The pattern is kind of busy (reminds me of confetti streamers), I chose the same necklace I wore above. I think it works, but I’m sure you could go a few other directions.

Finally, I have another tee, but this one adds a cute tie at the waist.

Trouve Tie Front Tank

I saw this tee awhile ago, and thought, “I dunno”, but I finally ordered it just to give it a try, and I really like it! It’s kind of fun!

This seems to be the year where they offer all kinds of ways to deck out tee shirts with a little extra something.

Taking something familiar but giving it a fresh look! I paired mine up with some strappy wedge sandals, (Jessica Simpson, on sale 50% off!) and a statement necklace (the Sutton) from Stella and Dot. I like this one because you can add and remove layers.

Its a fun look for going out! And I almost wrote it off! I have to try more things and not toss them out of the box just because they are different! Fortunately, I have recently added a crowbar to my life to open my mind a bit! Its actually somewhat refreshing! As long as I don’t let my brains spill out all over the floor!

So as we head into this Independence Day Weekend, I want to encourage you, don’t forget to celebrate! Whether you live in the USA or not, weekends are a time to rejuvenate and rediscover all the wonderful things that make you tick! Its a time to have fun and connect with people outside of the 9-5 routine. Its a time for laughter and good food and getting back to the things that bring you joy! Those things are the gold in life, so place them high on your priority list for this weekend!

And in the USA, what a precious gift we have to gather as one nation, to celebrate our brotherhood and sisterhood from sea to shining sea. Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could grab hands as one big collective country and with the biggest smile ever, sing happy birthday to this land we live in! And put aside anything but joyful thoughts and love for our fellow man and woman… and share a piece of birthday cake and ice cream! And look at the beautiful faces in all ages and stages and of every race and creed… I challenge you this weekend… really look at people as you are out and about and let yourself fall in love with them… this is our family, this is our country, this is our window of life on the big blue marble and if you’ve landed here with me in the good ole USA,  its a time to celebrate! I love you all! Good vibes for everyone this weekend all over the planet!

I’ll be back next Tuesday for a Tasty Tuesday right on the 4th of July! My dear friend Maribeth Schmidt and I worked this past Wednesday night on recipes and photos to last I think well into August, and we have a special one for Tuesday and I hope you will come back and check it out!

Love Always,


“This land is your land. This land is my land. From California to the New York Island. From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf stream water, this land was made for you and me!”   from the song, “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie








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