Fashion Friday and Trail to the Victors

Hi Friends! Its A Sweet Sweet Friday! And I’m thrilled to be here with you again!

Now I don’t know if you remember last week I told you I was starting a challenge for myself, to try and get more intentional activity or exercise in my life, so I created a Facebook Group, the Thirty For Thirty Challenge, in which we are trying to commit to 30 minutes of activity for 30 days. It begins tomorrow! I am so excited! I know I need this! My jeans just about walked out on me this week. Its all about motivating each other, all positive and fun. So if you would like to join along at your own pace, what works for you and your body and health level, we sure would love to have you along! As I said, its a Facebook Group. Just click the link and ask to join The Thirty For Thirty Challenge.

We have so many things to share today, I want to get right to it, but before we do, I want to thank both my husband Troy, and my son Jake for their help in this week’s post in so many ways. They always have my back, and I so appreciate their efforts on my behalf.

So Jake and I went and took some pictures in Ann Arbor today. And I had a few pieces to share so lets do it! First up is this really fun wide stripe shirt from Top Shop at Nordstrom.

The shirt is beautiful and lightweight, but its a little on the sheer side, so I put a cami underneath.

And I have this really fun red bag, the Sade Chain Shopper Bag, at a great price point of $49!

It comes in red or black, and its a beautiful bag! I gasped when I pulled it out of the box!

Next up I have a longer red cardigan in a lighter fabric for spring and summer, and its on sale!

And I’m carrying my new Tilda Cross Body Circle Bag. This is such a cute bag, and right on trend this year, it’s straw which is extremely popular this year, and its circular and festooned with black pom poms around the perimeter. Its an adorable statement bag at a great price point.

And I’m wearing my all time favorite necklace, the Luna from Stella & Dot.

And then I wanted to share about something else I did this past weekend. My son Jake and I did The Big House 5k!

It was a little chilly, but we had a blast! Below is the picture right after we finished. Jake and I are down on the field next to a blue trash can. I have the pink shirt with black jacket. As you come running through the tunnel and onto the football field, they are handing out your medal and drinks of water, and you see yourself on the big screen!

The great news this year is that I didn’t need paramedics like last year! Its really such a fun environment, its kind of addictive! Music is playing and everyone is in such a great mood!

Jake finished about 30 minutes ahead of me, and that was fine by me, and as I ran into the stadium to finish the race, there was Jake on the field cheering for me, yelling “Way to go, Mom!” I will never forget that moment!

This is the smile of a tired, hungry and happy Victor because everyone was a victor that day!

Ok, so I didn’t break any records that day, but I had so much fun just being able to be out there on a bright sunny day! And the fact that my son was running it with me, well it was perfection! And add in the fact that this is where I graduated from college, and for 4 years before I was married I lived in this town and sort of grew up there because it was the first time I was on my own!

Jake and I want to do more 5k’s. We are already looking at a few others, there is something about facing a big challenge together with a huge group of people that are all in high spirits, I don’t know how to describe it except to say it just truly fills every corner of your heart with happiness! Just getting out there and trying something that is maybe a little out of my comfort zone, it is so exhilarating! Now to be honest, I walked most of the 5k (I really didn’t want to need the paramedics again) but I did it! I think I had gotten into such a rut of not doing any activity that I figured it was pretty much gone forever for me. But then I did what I have had to do so many times (when will I learn?) I grabbed my crowbar and opened my mind up again, and rethought it … “maybe I can do this.” Believe me, I got passed by people pushing strollers, little kids, people in all shapes and sizes, I think even someone on crutches, but it made my heart feel so good that we were all out here having fun and celebrating that we have bodies that can live and move and breathe! It was a judgement free zone, a very special feeling we all shared in that moment. And then we went out for a big breakfast and then I rested the remainder of the day. But what a memory!

Friends, I have no skills in this department, and I am carrying what feels like a couple of sacks of potatoes in extra weight I should lose. But I have hope, and I am inviting any of you that want to join along to come try making a space in your life consistently for a little bit of time for exercise every day!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! The future looks bright for all of us, my friend! We can all be on the Trail to the Victors!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.   ~Babe Ruth


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  1. Hail!! I love this post because it brings back memories for me. Meg and I along with our sister Stacey and Matt, Chase and (then in a stroller), Seth did the very first Big House/Big Heart 5k. I know how you feel, that town and the energy whirling around is Electric! You guys look ecstatic! So this is now my goal: beginning tomorrow, to embark on a fitness journey that will lead me to Big House next year. (sans any EMS assistance). Thank you Coach Amy. Let the training commence! ??

  2. You are such an inspiration Amy!! Good for you for finishing the run….I need to get my bum in gear!!!
    And what wonderful photos in Ann Arbor!! I loved the striped jacket one down the hall with you leaned up against the wall!! Perfection!!

    1. Hi Jodie! Thank you for always having an affirming word! By the way, that pic you mentioned was Jake’s favorite too. Ann Arbor is a one of a kind place 🙂 very special!

  3. What an inspiring post! Reading this made me feel like I could do ANYTHING! Good job for finishing the 5K, that’s amazing! And I absolutely love that Sade chain shopper bag. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am loving the pop of color in your red cardigan and the stripes in your first look. Those are both trends that I love doing myself and it looks great on you!

    Lovely post! x


  5. Fantastic work on finishing the race, must have been so wonderful seeing your son cheering you on at the finish line!!! I also really like the red shoppers bag, such a beautiful pop of color!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I am glad I finished the race too 🙂 I need a little more exercise in my life and that was a special way to mark a moment! Have a great week!

  6. Congrats on finishing! That is something I couldn’t do! Seeing yourself on the big screen had to be exciting! I love the red purse an the red cardigan. I didn’t really notice until I was reading your post that you were wearing The Luna. I love that necklace!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Kirsten! It really was fun to do the 5k! I am hoping to do more, not for competition sake, but because the events themselves are so exhilarating! I love that Luna too, my all time fave from Stella & Dot! Have a great week!

  7. You have beautiful taste in clothing. I am glad you finished the race. I am sure this presented an opportunity for further bonding with your son. I will try doing thirty things in thirty days. maybe I will run everyday for thirty days