Fashion Friday and Your Beautiful Heart!

Hello February! Hello Friday! Its Groundhog Day! And if that isn’t enough,it is National Wear Red Day! How much celebrating can one girl take? Have I told you that red is my favorite color? So why a “National Wear Red Day”? (Well, personally I can think of an endless stream of reasons starting from my head down to my toes, but I might be a bit biased!) Honestly, though, it is to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke, especially in women. That is pretty important, so I will wear some red!

Its also Fashion Friday, so lets share some fashion! These photos were actually taken this last weekend, when we hit a warm spell in Michigan. Troy and I enjoyed getting out and walking a bit, and taking a few photos.

So today I have some great pieces that are casual and fun! I am a sucker for things like this… its like they know I am going to click, I can almost hear them snickering as they post these items online!

This first piece is an Adidas hoodie sweatshirt in bright red (be still my heart!) I love that pretty iconic logo! Its super comfy and super soft! And true to size! It would look great with your workout clothes, jeans, I think it would be cute with some distressed jeans too!

You’ve seen me at this fallen tree spot before, these images are places I’ve walked with my ladies walking group, the “Dirt Road Divas” before. Really good for the soul to take time out and just enjoy nature as you move in a steady cadence.  My shoes are Adidas as well, I love these! I’ve actually bought this same pair a few years in a row! The three stripes is another iconic Adidas logo! So I did a little research on it, a German man named “Adi” Dassler made his first pair of shoes in 1924. The company name “Adidas” was registered in 1949, and the three stripe shoe became popular in 1967 (I remember these!) The Trefoil became the logo in 1971, and more lately they began using the 3 bars. I like Adidas because they seem crisp and clean, bright and fun!

You can see below, I’m outstanding in my field! Hah!

Next I have the Torrentshell Jacket by Patagonia… I love Patagonia! Its a little spendy, but it always looks and fits so casually cool and wears like iron!

The sleeves have an adjustable velcro cuff. I like mine a little looser.

Its waterproof, yet breathable, and it has a hood so it can keep you nice and dry if you get caught in the rain!

The jacket comes in several colors, and they also carry a men’s version as well.

My bag is a super fun navy and white wide strip bag by Sole Society. It just seems so light hearted… I love that! Its called “Oversize Millie“, and its $64.95.

Finally, I’m wearing a super fun graphic sweatshirt, the “soulmate” sweatshirt by Topshop.

Its 50% cotton, 50% polyester, so It shouldn’t shrink. I’m wearing the large, and its super generous. I have a red flannel blouse underneath and the fit is plenty spacious.

I paired it with jeans and a red bag, but I was thinking how cute it would be with black jeans and white tennies! Or white jeans and red tennies! I am going to have to play with this color combination!

It really was such a lovely day! We actually got to see that big bright beautiful sunshine! What a treat!

Speaking of soulmates, we tried to take some photos with this little lady, Kasey the Wonderdog! But she kept taking off like a rocket! All of our outdoor pictures with her were just a blur! Its like she was making up for lost time, covering as much ground as fast as she could. So we had to catch her indoors for a picture! She’s got heart!

So lets talk about taking care of that beautiful heart we’ve all been blessed with! We all know from the physical end it takes eating right and exercising that muscle! But what about that part of your heart where you hold those things most dear? How can we take care of that? Well, lets start with showing love, and that means as much to others as it does to the one with that beautiful smile you see in the mirror! You! How can you recharge others if you haven’t recharged yourself?

First of all, please know what a truly magnificent person you are, created with a plan and a purpose. You have such a capacity to love, to show compassion, to mentor, to make others smile! You have gifts, talents, attributes as individual as your very fingerprints! No one else has them! You are a masterpiece! Let that sink in! You are a living breathing miracle walking on this planet and this is your time on earth to shine! All of this world would never be the same without you, so don’t hold back! We are more blessed with each and every thing you bring to this life! If you start to really believe in yourself, and start really pursuing those things you love, can you imagine if we all do that and collectively how that can impact the world? Weekends are made to think on these things and to get out there and explore and dream of where we want to take things in this window of time we’ve been given! I don’t care if you’re 22 or 92, every day has the potential to be part of a life that is simply magnificent! And if you have never allowed yourself the freedom to believe in that, then today is a perfect day to start! Breathe in deeply and make a plan to Live!!!

I hope you have the best weekend ever! I am smiling just thinking about the collective of all of us around the world taking some time for a chance to have some fun, to laugh, to just take time to make “the best of times” the priority for the weekend!

I’ll see you next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggety!” ~unknown… That’s all you, my friend!

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  1. What an uplifting post to read this morning, Amy!!
    And who doesn’t need a fun sweatshirt?? But it’s that bag that is super fun!! Stripes just make everything better…LOL!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

    1. Oh my stars, Nina, thank you! Hoping its beautiful and warm for you in Florida! I love your blog! Your styles are always so sophisticated and beautiful, and your writing is just phenomenal!