Fashion Friday – Shoot for the Stars

Hey Friends! Its a Frozen Friday here in Michigan, a forecast of  snow, snow and more snow! So as we burrow in for the weekend, I have Fashion and Fun on my mind! So lets get started!

First of all, I have some awesome news to share! Coming soon! Forever Fierce Day, February 19, 2018! Women sharing what it means to be Fierce as a Midlifer! (to set the record straight, this “midlife” is for anything 35 and older… I actually kind of love this definition!) I can’t wait to hear these women’s stories! They will inspire, encourage and enlighten us on how women just like you and me are meeting all that life brings and how they stay “fierce” through it in the best of times, the worst of times and everything in between!  I sure hope you’ll check it out! I’ll be sharing a post with some very special voices, as are many other bloggers. It is so nice to have such sweet community among people as we journey through life together!

And without further ado, lets get on with this week’s Fashion Friday! Many thanks to Troy for taking the photos and for his patience, and also of course to Kasey the Wonderdog, for her help with these photos as well!

First is a pretty blue cardigan, the Halogen Long Linen Cardigan. It is so elegant. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but Halogen just has this perfect balance of timeless looks with on point fashion. I never met a Halogen piece I didn’t like! So many colors to choose from, but I had a longing for the blue! I tried pairing it up with a white shirt and a red scarf, and I asked my son Jake what he thought. He said, “Mom, you’re wearing red, white and blue! It doesn’t get any better than that!” He always has a way to warm my heart!

I am trying out a new bag I saw online that I was curious about. I love the neutral color, and the edgy angles! And the size is pretty perfect for my needs. Those smaller bags are really cute but I am forever trying to shoehorn things in them, this is a nice size and color as we head into spring. There are a lot of super cute bags out there. And I think I’ve come down with a weakness for them all. Don’t call the doctor.  I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is “more handbags”!

This next piece is a floral pink blouse, the Posey Floral Blouse by Sanctuary. I generally love Sanctuary pieces because they seem so feminine yet they are super comfortable! I don’t have many printed blouses, so I really took to this one! The sleeves are dripping with flounciness! (I may have just made a new word!) Very romantic and flowy!  It does feel a bit big on me, so you might want to size down if you try it.

My necklace here is the Double Horn Pendant from Stella & Dot, and I can tell I am going to use this little baby a lot! It has just a little bit of sparkle, and an edgy boho look (I love boho!)

This next one I love because the fabric feels like the softest jammies you ever wore in your entire life! Its the Free People Uptown Turtleneck Top. I love that it has all these flowy lines and angles, and it really is so so soft!

Now of course the big elephant in the room (no wisecracks please!) is that the turtleneck seems a bit more “ventilated” than the turtlenecks I am use to!

Yes, I will be returning this one (either that or I’m gonna have to get out the stapler). It really is comfy but just a little more (or less) than I bargained for! But I sure love the color! Kasey likes it too!

Next is a pink circle cardigan by Leith. The pink looks like it has sold out, but here are a couple of other pink/blush options, a high low jersey cardigan by Bobeau, (choose the color “Pink Blossom) which looks so comfy, and this one by TopShop (on sale for $33.99!) . This is a great time to stock up on your sweaters!

Also, check out this little tiny bag… its actually a bit bigger than that, that is how its folded when you purchase it! It is the Small Le Pliage shoulder tote by Longchamp.

When you unsnap it and open it up, it becomes this lovely and super practical tote! Its currently available in 11 colors! I chose the “new khaki” but oh I was tempted with many other colors! When I was in New York back in November with Hannah, she picked one of these out in navy blue, and it is just a beautiful bag!

It also comes in a larger size, and I am actually considering it and- stop the presses- oh my stars- they have it in red!  I cannot be held responsible for this… I love red! Breathe, Amy, cleansing breath! Its all good!

So I pulled out my red cardigan (on sale for 40%off!) from the closet (kind of like Mr. Rogers, but different shoes! Hah!) I wanted to try creating a few new looks using some older pieces and newer ones.

So to brighten up my winter wardrobe, I picked up this Print Modal and Silk Scarf, from Nordstrom, $39. It is so lightweight and whisper soft! And the colors are simply gorgeous!

Confession time, I have very little history with scarves, but I am really starting to love them! They just seem so cheerful! Its almost like wearing a Hawaiian lei around your neck, it just feels pretty, and feminine and well, a certain “je ne sais quoi”… kind of like the cherry on top of a sundae! I’m still working on my scarf skills, but I’ll get there! This scarf is 42″x80”. It comes in a few other colors too including a gorgeous blue.

I also wanted to share this blue structured bag, the Shay Ring Shoulder Bag, its from Topshop through Nordstrom, and I love it!

It has both a shoulder strap and this cute handle strap! And the shape, well, going back to my geometry days, I would say its shaped like a trapezoid. Zoinks! How cool is that! Its actually quite roomy, and I love the color! My gut tells me this one will sell out fast. When it came in the mail I literally gasped! If you want to borrow it, give me a call! Oh, and by the way, they also offer this in a black/white combination, So Cool! It is going to take every ounce of self control I can muster to resist it! No guarantees!

A scarf can be such a fun addition this time of year, when you are making that winter wardrobe stretch a lot longer on the calendar year even though your heart is ready to switch to spring! A bright bag and a bright scarf will certainly transition to spring but give the sweaters you’ve been wearing all winter a nice fresh pop of color!

My bracelet is the Rhett Cuff from Stella & Dot, and it comes in both silver and gold (I’m wearing the silver).

And finally, I was captured by the story this week of the unprecedented SpaceX Heavy Falcon Launch into space, and the release of the Tesla sports car and mannequin driver “Starman” into the galaxies!  It captured the hearts and minds of those who love the idea of space exploration! Such a thrill! And it moved the space program forward! Talk about shooting for the stars! What a time to be alive!

When you ponder all the stars in the sky, countless stars, massive in size and each one unique; and then the tiny grains of sand that if they could speak could tell a story of ancient days. Or snowflakes that fall so softly each with their own individual and unique structure I simply am amazed! And humanity… the miracle of our very existence and then that each one of us is created uniquely as part of this time in the universe! We are here at this point in time with all of our unique qualities, and all of our dreams! I am reminded of the incredible potential every human has to make an impact in this world! So I read that the earth now has 7.6 billion people on it. When we begin to believe in pursuing our dreams, oh now that is where 7.6 billion brand new miracles can happen! Like little stars being born all over the place! And it can start with you and me! There is no expiration date on your dreams! 

For a little inspiration on the limitless lifespan of a dream, I found these snippets.

  • at 76, Grandma Moses began painting because her arthritis prohibited her from doing embroidery. She became a renowned painter and at age 79 her work was displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • at 95, Nola Ochs became the oldest person to receive a college diploma. She lived to 105.
  • at 96, Harry Bernstein published his first book, “The Invisible Wall”. He lived to be 101.
  • at 97, Martin Miller was still working full time as a lobbyist for benefits for seniors
  • at 99, Teiichii Igarashi climbed Mt Fuji
  • at 100, Frank Schearer was still water skiing, and at 104 was still horseback riding… He lived to 107.

They didn’t let anything stop them from pursuing their dream. And you and I can do the same, and we can start even today! Doesn’t that feel good to know! Imagine if we act on it! What is your dream?

By the way, that Tesla that got launched into space? It was cherry red! Boom!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.”   ~unknown


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  1. ? I love your perspectives, and your loving embrace of life, and all the creatures that inhabit it.

  2. Such great inspiration that we are never too old to do whatever we want, Amy!!
    As for that “ventilated” turtleneck—you could always wear a cami under it?? That’s my trick when I don’t want to “flash” as much!!!