Fashion Friday and A Little Further Down The Road

Happy Friday! Its so great to be heading into another weekend! So what do you have going on?

So many pleasant things going on this week. I started writing this blog as a place to go to give you hope and fun and encouragement to dream and love your life again. A little escape where we can laugh, share ideas and rebuild a confidence to get out there and live. If you have had a difficult week, its ok to take some time off from those worries, and to have some pleasant diversion. And I have some fun things to share this week, so grab your coffee and kick back for a bit and lets have some fun!

I want to thank my son Jake for going with me to take some of the shots for this week’s post. We try and squeeze that in to his very busy schedule, and he is honestly so nice and encouraging about me and this blog. And I am towards his dreams as well. Sometimes like yesterday we dream about where we want our lives to go, and one thing that is so lovely is that he wants to share that dream with me, and at least for awhile, work at our dreams together, helping each other. That is such an unexpected blessing for me! Even if its only for a New York Minute! He is learning and honing his photography and video skills, and he wants me to do the same! I love that! Isn’t it so nice when someone believes in you and takes your dreams seriously?

And Troy also helped me with some pictures this week, though he had to travel for work, he got back last night and helped with a few last shots. And I so appreciate that! And now, let’s begin!

First up is my new graphic tee,  Iconic Tee from Sub_urban Riot.

I love that it has such a bold font, in all capitals, and that it is black and white.

We actually did these shots yesterday, out near Jake’s campus, and it looked so pretty and peaceful. If you can escape for a few moments like this somewhere lovely, these are priceless moments.

You just can’t lose with a black and white statement tee.  

Jake had to go to baseball practice and class and I went on to do some errands, the dry cleaners, window shopping at Menchie’s, you know, the usual stuff.

And the lady at Menchie’s could not see the whole shirt because I had my jacket on. She asked if my shirt said “Bionic”,  I said, “No, but that would make a great shirt!”

And I paired up my black moto jacket and my favorite “Iconic” Red Campus Adidas (swoon). I had both black slip ons and these red shoes, and I asked Jake which he liked better, and he said, “Definitely the red.” That made me so happy because those are the ones I love!

Next I have a red jacket by Mural at Nordstrom, the Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer. At $74 its a great addition to your wardrobe. It comes in red (they call it “Red Lipstick”), a very light blush color, and a blue gray as well, but of course, I would choose the red! The lapels are long, a nod to the current trend for menswear influences on women’s fashion.

I paired it up with black pumps (which I do not recommend for walking in the woods in March in Michigan, those heels sink right into the ground!) And jeans, and it would be lovely with dressier slacks as well! I also am wearing a Vince Camuto sleeveless v-neck (similar) These kinds of blouses are perfect for pairing with a jacket. My necklace is one of my all time favorites from Stella & Dot, The Natia layered necklace, which each strand can be worn separately.

Someone pull me out! My heels are stuck and I’m sinking!

I also paired it with my Kate Spade leopard tote bag I got on sale! I just love a fun tote bag! I checked on this bag and it sold out at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Saks, Lord and Taylor and Nordstrom, but there is one left on Amazon 🙂 I think Animal Print is now welcome to the fashion party for life.

Kasey is glad to make a special guest appearance. She’s been busy.  If I don’t get it on her planner, I’m out of luck!

Next I just received my FabFitFun subscription box for Spring!

FabFitFun is a seasonal box that comes out 4 times a year for $49.99. But the box contents will retail for at least $200. This is my second box, and its full of goodies! It contains products with everything from fashion, beauty, fitness, health and fun! And they always come with a fantastic newsletter, and in an adorable box.

This time the artist for the box is Bijou Karman, who says her work is inspired by unique women, nostalgia, flora, and the California landscape. A very interesting box!

So lets see what’s inside!

Here is the list of what’s inside the box I received for spring:

  • Rachel Pally Reversible Foldover Clutch (in one of 3 patterns) (retails at $60)
  • Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (1.7 oz) (retails at $40)
  • Anderson Lilley Candle (in one of 3 fragrances) (retails at $45)
  • ISH Lip Statement Palette (retails at $42)
  • Free People Leather Travel Eye Mask (retails at $40)
  • Physique 57 Massage Roller (retails at $20)
  • Korres Guava Body Butter (4.23 oz) (retails at $24)
  • Maya Brenner Designs LOVE bracelet (retails at $65)
  • Dermelect Concealing Ridge Filler (0.4 oz) (a product for your nails) (retails at $18)
  • Dove Exfoliating Body Polish (1 oz) crushed macadamia & rice milk (sponsored item)

Below is the clutch folded over. On the one side is a floral, and the other is plain, ivory for mine. It really holds quite a bit.

FabFitFun is a nice surprise that arrives in the mail. The box is so pretty, and I honestly get so happy when I see it on my doorstep! FabFitFun knows you will love their box, so you can order your first one and use the Promo Code WELCOME10 and get $10 off your first box! Also, they are frequently offering additional specials you can add to your box, it is never a dull moment at FabFitFun!

If you would like to subscribe, or to learn more, you can click here: FabFitFun

And finally my last outfit to share today includes The Downtown Field Jacket by J.Crew at Nordstrom.

It has these shiny gold snaps and an interior zip.

The color is a mossy brown, 100% Cotton,  perfect year round in our unpredictable Michigan weather!

My bag is this adorable butterscotch gold bag from TopShop, the Taylor Circle Stud Bag.

Can you see the studs around the perimeter of the bag? I think its so cute!

And you have your choice of the handles or the shoulder strap as well.

Jake told me this was his favorite of all of my outfits. He said it looked “All American” and he likes that look on me best of all. Then he suggested we take a picture by a beautiful flag.

He had to get down on the ground to be able to shoot the pic with both me and the flag, because the flag is so high off the ground.

He has a creative soul, and he sees things and remembers them as great spots for a photo or video.

He is just starting on his journey, and I’m a little further down the road.

There are hills and valleys for all of us, aren’t there? I’m sure you have seen it just as I have, in the very same day, someone you love may be suffering untold grief, or fear, and someone else you love just got the best news of their life. Maybe that is your own story right now. That is the journey of life we are called to. And at any time we may experience any part of that.

And sometimes we need to wear so many hats, to the person young or old who needs encouragement, we need to just keep pouring “courage” into them, building them up. You know how Miracle Gro works in your garden? Well sometimes we need to sprinkle someone we love with some “Miracle Gro Encouragement”, so they begin to believe in themselves and stand a little taller, and to keep their chin up and to know they are going to be ok.

Sometimes we need to just sit next to a friend and rest a hand on their shoulder and let them know our hearts are broken with them, and that we will do this part of the journey with them, and they can lean on us for awhile till they get their strength back.

Sometimes someone we love has just messed up so big they think they have finally crossed the line to make them now unlovable and irredeemable. This makes me think of the anthill in the summer when it gets kicked over. The ants rally and begin to rebuild. We can do that too in our own lives even when we’ve messed up. All of us mess up, all of us have regrets, if this is your story today, please take hope for every day is a chance for a new beginning. And you will experience joy again. The best thing I’ve found when I’ve messed up big time is to start with apologies if necessary. And then start by fixing something small in your life… no matter how trivial… even clearing the clutter off a table. Because the feeling of accomplishment is one seed in rebuilding your confidence. Take it one step at a time. You will get there. You are precious and you are worth it, believe me you are not defined by your mistakes or any other negative things that have happened to you.

And we need to be there to celebrate the good things for ourselves and others. Take note of them. Make a big deal of it, how much better our hearts will feel when we begin to really celebrate the joys and blessings! A grateful heart is a happy heart!

And finally we need to dream new dreams for the future. Beautiful dreams. Take the fork in the road and veer off course! Its Ok! Sometimes that is where you find the best views!

I know one thing, my friend, there is no one I would rather be doing this stretch of the road with than you. I’m so glad we are here together on this journey of life!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Still round the corner there may wait, a New road or a secret gate.   ~J. R. Tolkien

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! My son’s camera is a Lumix G7 and he used 14-140 Stock lens. My camera (for the pictures with the FabFitFun box and the pics with the Red jacket) were taken with a Canon Rebel 3Ti Have a great weekend!

  1. Great pictures! I love the leather jacket and the yellow purse…adorable! A grateful heart is a happy heart…love it!

  2. What a wonderful replay of the week, Amy!! And you always have such great words of wisdom for us all…thanks for being you!
    That subscription box is quite the great deal!! I’ve been surprised at how many different ones there are out there now, so they must be so popular!! I bet it’s like Christmas when it comes in the mail!!

    1. Jodie, I love subscription boxes! I may have a little problem there! Yes they are really fun! I am probably going to try Ipsy next, another one I haven’t tried. Thanks for your kind words! Have a great weekend!

  3. This is just the best post! Such encouraging words, and you write so beautifully. I love all of your outfits. I was just thinking that I need a blazer so I’m going to check yours out. It’s so cool that your son takes photos for you! And I just got my second FabFitFun box too. I thought this one was so much better than last time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

  4. Absolutely loved this! Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had the best time. I really enjoyed the dog, was it wearing a bow tie?

    1. Thank you so much! My doggy is a female, “Kasey”, and she is all dog. She loves food and playing and chasing squirrels and long naps in the sun! And she has quite a personality! I think what you are seeing is actually part of her black collar. But she often is seen carrying anywhere from 2-8 toys in her mouth at a time. She often takes them room to room with her… scoops them up in her jaws one after the other. She even takes them to bed with her every night… mostly stuffed animals and a few squeaky toys. She is a delight to our family! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

      1. I can tell by your words how much you adore her. I’m VERY jealous, desperate for a dog! (Not cool when you live in a tiny 1 bed, top floor flat and work and go out a lot!).
        Thank you for your lovely response. Have a great week yourself, I’m limping on until Thursday and then 2 weeks off and a 250 mile hike! I’m very excited 🙂

  5. Hi Amy!!

    I absolutely love that your son helps you with your pictures!! That is so beautiful that he wants to be part of your world! It is super encouraging that you both support one another!

    1. Thank you, Felicia! I feel super blessed that he is so kind and enthusiastic about working together on things! We’ve been pretty tight all along. Have a super week!

  6. Hi Amy! I thought this article was all about fashion but the last part gave me the inspiration to keep on moving in life whatever happens. There is always sunshine after the rain… and also, I loved your last outfit, the mossy brown field jacket. It is very versatile.. 🙂

  7. Wow, looks like you had a great week! I also use my sons to take most of my pictures…gotta love when the kids start to earn their keep! 🙂

  8. I love the pop of yellow in the first outfit with the handbag — yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear in spring (and also year-round), and I love the leather jacket as well. Great put together look!

    Great post! x


  9. The outfits are so well put together and they look great on you ! Your son did an amazing photo shoot. I love graphic ts but that red jacket with the printed hand bag is smoking ! Keep up the good work!

  10. The pop of red is eye catching in your second outfit. And it’s so nice of your son to help you with photos. My sister does the same for me. ?

    Momo C. |

  11. I love your website and your beautiful style. The pictures are really so beautiful and you get to live there, too?! Perspective. The colors are amazing. Your son is doing a wonderful job, it will be the defining moment for a lifelong passion of photography.

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for your very kind words! You made my day! My son is such a fun person and very creative, so its a blast to work with him! I will share your kind words with him, it will really honor him! Have a great day!