Fashion Friday and Friday Vibes

Hello there, my friend! Happy Friday! 

I hope you have had a fantastic week! Our weather here has been all over the place!

So its March, Yay! That means we are just that much closer to Spring! In fact, the first day of spring is March 20! Doesn’t that just fill your heart with joy? And MLB baseball season starts March 29! And April 1 is Easter! So that means its all just around the corner! That sure puts a “spring in my step”!

Well, Jake went with me to take photos again today – Jake is my 21 year old son, thank you so much Jake! Jake actually is studying video production, and also acting in college, and he definitely has a creative side so its always fun when we go for photos together! Thank you, Jake!

I put the picture above with Kasey in it because she was not along on our adventure today. But she loves to be a part of the blog, I call her my bloggy doggy!

So for my first outfit today, I have something old and something new!  And its the “something new” that is giving me “Moose Bumps”!

I have New Red Adidas Campus Sneakers!  And they are price matched right now at $60! Yay!

Did I ever tell you that red is my favorite color? These are a red suede, and so so comfortable!

My tee (says “New York”)  is from Old Navy, but out of stock, but they have this one in that is really cute.

I put it with an older black moto jacket, but I linked the moto selection at Nordstrom here, and you can find them in all kinds of colors and styles and prices.

And I have a new lipstick! I’ve been wanting to try this Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color (I am wearing the color “Punch”). Its a super moisturizing lip color with a Mat like finish. Its rich in vitamins E and C plus beeswax, and this time of year, that is just what the doctor ordered! Honestly, I think this lipstick even has a fragrance like punch! It could be my imagination… it is really nice lipstick! Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is owned by Estee Lauder, which I had forgotten how many different brands are under the Estee Lauder name! Clinique and Smashbox and MAC to name a few! Check out the entire Estee Lauder Brand Family here.

So next, I have the same jacket, but this very cute and comfy statement tee, the Good Mood Tie Dye tee by Sub_Urban Riot.

Its a bold black and white tie dye with a bright orange font that says “GOOD MOOD” in all caps so there is no mistaking that this day is special and dedicated to a great vibe! Its a keeper!  

Speaking of a great vibe, check out this bag, the Harper Faux Leather Hobo!

The hardware is beautiful on it, its spacious, and there is a separate inner compartment that is perfect for your keys and such!

And finally, the “Right as Rain” waterproof rain jacket by Joules in antique gold.

The bright mustard color is so cheery, and then there is this adorable navy and white striped lining!

The pockets are deep, and the jacket is waterproof but not too heavy.

The cuffs on the sleeves are functional and adorable. My son Jake kept telling me I looked like the fisherman who brings in the catch at Crabby Joe’s! I’ll take that!

It has a hood (yes!) and it has the adorable buttons but also zips!

I pulled this fun bag I got about a month ago to go with it. Its the “Oversize Millie” Stripe Print Tote.


And I have a really fun long sleeve tee that pretty much sizes it up for me!

The JCrew Friday Long Sleeve Tee

Its super soft, and comfy.

And who wouldn’t love a shirt to commemorate your favorite day of the week?

Do you remember the song by The Cure, “Friday, I’m in Love”.

Friday is such a gift to us, isn’t it? It’s like a green light to kick your heels up and just have fun! You walk out of the door of work and you know you are “on leave” till Monday! Many Fridays people walk out just a little bit earlier because, well because it’s Friday! All week long we anticipate it. It’s like a mini Christmas 52 times a year! Its “Friday Vibes”!

It stems back to when we are kids and all week long people are telling you what to do and where to go, and homework and study and prepare for adulthood… but Friday – sweet sweet Friday – its a really big deal! My husband says its a Double Blessing… two good things at the same time, because its the conclusion of your school or work week, and its the start of your weekend! Its the only day of the week that is like that! And you can plan to go to the movies or out to dinner or whatever you want Friday night because Saturday morning you can sleep in!  It boils down to freedom… ahhh! I can fill my day with whatever I want!

We plan things like lunch out of the office, or a head start on a getaway weekend… and usually we eat fun foods and blast the radio on high! Do you have a favorite song that gives you that Friday feeling? I love that song “Hooked on a Feeling”, I know I’m dating myself here, but that is just fine with me! It’s Friday!

So let’s make a pinky promise that we are going to have an awesome weekend! Let’s make Saturday better than Friday, and Sunday even better still!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday! Have a Blast this weekend! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Love Always,


“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.”    ~Irish Saying

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  1. I love this post Amy! Your red kicks are the best and the Friday tee is something I’m going to look into! I’ve been wanting some graphic tees and I love Friday’s. I love your outlook on everything…always so positive! I hope you have the best weekend!

    1. Awe thank you so much! You bring tears to my eyes! The Friday tee ran maybe a little large… but I don’t know if its going to shrink when I wash it, so I think I am keeping it in that size. We have sunshine today so its looking like a great day!

  2. Love that red bag (and that it’s faux leather)! So cute! It’s so sweet that your son takes pictures for you!

    1. Your post makes me smile! Yes my son and I have a lot of fun when we do these pictures. He is interested in the field of video, so its always an interesting time when we go out. For one shot he climbed up on top of a post and then on top of a giant vent on the side of a building… the mother in me kept coming out, “Be careful!” “Its not worth it honey, get down!” All ended well, no injuries.

  3. I love a good leather jacket! I have a vegan leather one from Lulus that I love throwing on top of a casual outfit to bring a bit of edge to it — just like you did.

    Great post! x


    1. Thank you! I had fun when I bought that black leather jacket… it was only $40 (TJ Maxx) and I’ve worn it so often. Thank you for your kind words and stopping by! Have a great week!