Fashion Friday and Happy Mother’s Day

Oh Friday! You’re Frinally here! Ahhh… feel the good vibes! How has your week been? I hope its been fantastic!

We’ve had a busy one and I’m so excited with what the future holds!

So first I want to share a little about our Facebook Group for ladies, Thirty For Thirty. The goal of the group is to encourage myself and anyone else interested in trying to be a little more intentional in their activity/exercise levels. We targeted 30 minutes a day for 30 days. And This Sunday, Mother’s Day, makes our 30 days!

It’s been so effective and inspiring!  We currently have over 100 women in the group  in all stages of wanting to get healthier and stronger. And all of us enjoy the fun and camaraderie and the day by day realization that it is making a difference!  You sleep better and you feel yourself having more energy and getting stronger!

The ladies wanted to keep our Facebook Group going after our Thirty Day Goal on this Sunday! And that is exactly what we are going to do! So our next challenge is going to be the Summer Sizzler 100 Day Challenge, and it will begin on May 26 and end on Labor Day Weekend. I will have the new artwork for it this next week. But you are cordially invited if you would like to join! You can simply sign up for the Thirty for Thirty here, and the name will be changing next week to Summer Sizzler 100 Day Challenge! We would love to have you! No pressure ever, just community and support – we are all working on trying to just get a little bit healthier or maybe a whole lot healthier! Come join us! More on that next week.

On to the Fashion end of Fashion Friday, I have some pretty jackets and tops to share this week. I had to wear my only shoes (besides sneakers) that fit over a broken toe again this week, but I am feeling so much better! I’ll be back in my old shoes in no time!

So to start. I am sharing a pink jacket from Topshop at Nordstrom.

The jacket has a slightly slouchy feel, and at $75, its a great addition to your summer wardrobe! It comes in several colors, but I loved this fuschia color.

I have really fallen for this handbag by Sondra Roberts! It’s a sleek white crossbody with a bit of edge! And I am sharing my Stella & Dot “Natia” necklace. It’s so functional for summer!

Next is another really fun blazer, a double breasted navy blue blazer with white buttons from Topshop!

It has a classic design, and I paired it up with a red studded shoulder bag from Topshop.

I love this red bag, its a little edgy with the studs and I like that. And at only $60, it’s an affordable way to bring a bright color into your handbag repertoire!

Finally, I am sharing a fun graphic tee, “Not Without My Coffee” tee by at Nordstrom.

The tee shirt is 100% cotton and very soft. The jacket I have shared before but I thought it was cute with the tee.

So this weekend is Mother’s Day! I adore my mom! We went shopping and to lunch this week, and while we were shopping, my mom said she was looking for a new jacket. She didn’t quite know what she wanted, but something a little more up to date. We were right next to the denim jackets, so I pulled one off of the rack for her to try. My mom has never worn a denim jacket before, but she was game to try! She tried it on and looked so sharp in it! I kept saying, “Mom! You look so cute! Mom! You look so cute!” (we couldn’t find a mirror) She said, “Well . you are saying all the right words!” Well we finally found a mirror and she liked it! So I insisted on getting it for her for Mother’s Day, and she let me! My mom is so cool! I love her with all my heart!

We got home, and she showed my Dad, and as she pulled it out of the bag, my Dad said, “Oh boy what did you girls do?” And then she put it on and he said, “Wow! Wow! You look really cute in that!” (he is smitten with her… they were married in 1949!)

It is also my Dad’s birthday on Monday so this weekend is a really special one all the way around! I love my dad so much. He calls me “Dream Dust”. That kind of says it all.

Mom, Dad and their dear sweet doggy “Gracie”.

And last weekend, Troy and Jake and I headed out to Holland, MI for the “Tulip Time 5K”

Jake and I for a brief minute before the start of the 5K.

If you recall, I injured my foot recently so I walked the entire 5K but I kept a good pace going. The weather was absolutely perfect! And afterward, they had tables with water bottles, fresh fruit and energy bars!

Holland is a special place!

It was the kickoff of the Tulip Festival which is something I’ve never been to, and its such a lovely place and beautiful people!

Jake took some gorgeous pictures of the tulips! If you would like to follow him on Instagram he would love to share it with you @734rocious.

It really has been such a special week. I am grateful.

As we go into this Mother’s Day weekend, we can feel a whole mix of emotions! I think of my mom and my mom – in – law (both their names are Joyce! No kidding!). I can tell you my mom gave us a really fun and loving household. My mom had 6 children. And she loved and still loves us fiercely! I think of my dad as we approach his birthday- such a fun dad! He loves to lavish his kids.

Some of us have said goodbye to dear ones, and we can take this weekend to honor them with remembering special moments! They know that you love them! And those memories you have are yours for keeps!  I miss my grandma dearly. But I have a treasure trove of memories with her. I’ll be making her pink jello recipe on Sunday. I always think of her when I make her jello recipe!

I just want to say, that I am so grateful for all of our moms, for the love and can do spirit with which they raised us. It was a different time in this world. In many ways simpler and in other ways more challenging. Yet love is love and it never changes, aren’t you glad about that?

Some of our stories have ups and downs and precious memories and difficult ones. Whatever your story is, I am just so grateful to have you here and now! So I hope you are extra good to yourself this Sunday, whether you are a mom or a dad or son or daughter or sister or brother or aunt or uncle, you are a part of the miracle of life! And I am so glad you are here!

I hope your weekend is simply wonderful! I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday.

Love Always,


My mother was right about everything.

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  1. Great mother’s day post, Amy! She looks absolutely darling in that jacket. It was made for her. I hope you have a lovely mother’s day!

  2. I wish my town had a tulip festival! Also your parents are absolutely precious and I’m so glad your mom got that denim jacket! She really does look great in it! Also, always in need of a good blazer, so thank you for the recommendations!

  3. Such a lovely post Amy. I really enjoyed reading it! And yes, my mother was right about everything too!! 😉 We are in different countries now and I’m really missing her, especially around Mothers’ day.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I can tell you and your mom have a really special bond. Hoping you can maybe facetime her and maybe sometime soon see each other again. I hope you have a truly lovely weekend!

  4. Cute outfit. Red looks good on you. So cute your parents have been married that long and the our dad is still in love with your mom. Sweet family,

  5. My family was going to go to tulip time today actually but with poor weather we are staying home. Michigan never knows if it wants to be warm or cold. Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay!

    1. Truth! Its pouring here today thunder and lightning! Fortunately the 5K was on a perfect day 🙂 I was glad for my debut Tulip Time! I hope you have a lovely weekend!