Fashion Friday and Fanfare for the Common Man

It’s Friday! Hallelujah! And a 3 day weekend to boot! Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited? It is so lovely here, and I’m going to get to see both my sons and husband for 3 whole days! Woohoo!

What do you have going on the agenda for the weekend? I hope its something really fun!

As I shared with you last Friday, I have a Facebook group, the Sizzlers, that I started for women who want to get more exercise in their life. To be honest, my jeans were begging me! It’s a place where we can check in and cheer each other on to keep exercise as an intentional part of our lives. Our current challenge ends this weekend (the Summer Sizzler 100 Day Challenge).

There is no pressure ever. You choose what exercise you prefer each day (walking, running, gardening, kayaking, shopping, whatever) and share with the group what you did and how long or far you did it. And if you don’t feel like posting or you missed a couple days, no big deal. We have some women that just post every few weeks. Some post every day. It’s up to you. You are welcome right where you are at! And it’s completely free. No one is selling anything… just a collective group of women who want to get a little bit healthier and fit.

Our next one also starts this weekend, September 1. We are calling it the Sizzler Fall Sweeps. It runs month to month, and as tomorrow is September 1, we will kick it off again tomorrow. And if you are a woman, you want to start being intentional about including exercise in your life, and you are on Facebook, you are cordially invited to join the group! Click here: (I hope you join us! Yay!)

Sizzler Fall Sweeps September

Well it is of course a Fashion Friday, and I want to thank my photographer Jacob Kennedy for help with this week’s photos. He has started back to school for the fall, so it will be tough to get our photo shoots in. This one today took place between classes for him (he had a 3 hour gap). So I know I am very blessed and am truly so thankful for his help. This is Jake’s career path: photography and video. I know he would love it if you followed his account on Instagram.  You can find his business IG @734rocious and his personal IG at @jacob.kennedy21.

For all of the shots this week, I used the same jeans, boots and necklace.

My jeans are a black stretch denim legging by Vince Camuto. I must say they are extremely comfortable, and on sale for $35.40! They come in a blue denim and black.

My booties are by Blondo, the Lila waterproof booties. I know I will be using these all winter long. They have a nice 1 1/2″ heel, and while I was following Jake around in these boots, I had no problem keeping up, and my feet felt great.

My necklace is from Stella & Dot, The Janson Horn Pendant, a Rebecca Minkoff collaboration with Stella & Dot. It’s a 32″ chain in a shiny gold finish with splashes of black sparkling beads, and a horn charm that is glistening handset pave.

My top is from Target, the Ruffle Sleeve Tank top, only $14.99! This is so comfortable, I love this top!

I added a black jacket from Chico’s Traveler Collection. I don’t know if you have tried this line, but it is so lovely, and it packs really well (hence the name “Travelers Collection”). Mine is a little bit older, but here is one that is similar.

Next, I tried the Vince Camuto lace trim blouse, very pretty, flowy sleeves with lace at the shoulders. The black is no longer available but I found this one that is similar with some beautiful color choices.

The blouse is very attractive, it is 97% polyester, and in all honesty it was a little on the warm side for me. But a very pretty top. In the picture below, I put a statement necklace with it, the Emma by Stella & Dot.

I always like to have something I can throw over my shoulders should I need it (like those places where the air conditioner is set on 65, hah!). I found this beautiful kimono at Nordstrom.

Hinge Embellished Kimono on sale 40% off, Woohoo!

It’s a drapey floral beaded print on an olive colored background. The sleeves have a little poof in them.

This kimono is one of those pieces where you just feel special wearing it. It is effortlessly elegant!

I tried switching up the top to a golden yellow blouse, the Flounce Cap Sleeve Top from Loft.I have loved this sunny gold yellow this year! And I see it in many of the fall collections this year.

I’m carrying a bag by Topshop, the Taylor Crossbody Bag. It has these adorable tortoise-shell patterned handles, and a snake-print finish. It’s a really cute statement bag for $55.

So this is Labor Day Weekend, a time we acknowledge the hard working men and women of this great country. Men and women of all ages and stages who work hard day in and day out, to feed their families, to build their dreams, to live and enjoy a great way of life. From the farmers, who get up while I’m still sleeping. To the doctors, firemen, nurses, police officers who show up every day and save lives. The construction workers, the teachers, the scientists, the accountants, the metal workers, the seamstresses, the artists, the inventors, the writers and on and on. What an amazing workforce that puts the time in every day making our lives so much better.  I always think of that song, Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland.

As a nation we have a day to celebrate. We take an extra day off to rest. What do you do with an extra day? Well, here in Michigan, many people go north for one more weekend getaway. Some people have a cookout. Some people take on an at home project. Some people rest. But the great thing is, we are free to choose to do whatever we want with this day. What a great thing!

It is also the kickoff of the college football season which is always full of excitement. Our kids go back to school. People prepare to transition to the cooler temperatures of fall. You can feel it in the air… the mornings are cooler and it gets dark earlier at night. You can hear the high school bands practicing every day. And very soon, autumn will burst on the scene in all of her glory. And this weekend, we all have one extra day. Goodness the possibilities are unlimited!

I hope you do something simply lovely with your day off, something that really brings you joy!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday.

Love Always,


Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work, your judgement will be surer.   ~Leonardo Da Vinci


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  1. Great post! First, I want to join the Sizzlers!

    Second: great job, Jake on the photos – bravo!

    Lastly: I love your style lady. That top from Target has my name on it. And the kimono is so beautiful.

    We are home and resting after a busy busy week. Looking forward to a long weekend!

  2. Hi Amy. I just love your blog. Fall has been in the air for a bit now, here in Minnesota and new clothes have been on my mind. I love the purple and black on you. Vince Camuto fits so well, and yes, his pants are comfy. And there are plenty of nice tops by him (if the brand is by an actual “him.”) to go with them. Tommy Hilfiger’s pants always work for me too…go figure.

    Labor Day. One reason I’m enamored of the Twin Cities is that they honor the laborers and industry that built them, by preserving mills as museums, or turning them into living spaces for striving artists. It’s a favorite holiday for me, personal in that I reflect on my mom and how she worked so hard to provide for us.
    I hope you have a beautiful 3 day weekend, and I look forward to seeing more photos from your talented Jake.
    ? Tricia

    1. Hi Tricia! What a nice post! It sounds so lovely in Twin Cities, I may need to add that to my must see list! I have never tried Tommy Hilfiger pants, but I just may have to give it a go! Thanks for the affirmation of Jake, I am pretty crazy about him! I will make sure he knows! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love that kimono. It’s got the perfect colors for fall. I have told everyone that I am making NO PLANS this weekend. I’m sure there will be some housework going down, but not on a schedule. I welcome if something develops, but I also welcome excessive relaxation. As one of those people who work 45 + hours every week, I rather like my “plan-less” 3 Day Weekend. I may force myself to go to my neighborhood pool….

  4. Great post seeing Fall clothing…even if I don’t get to wear it for a while:) my team won tonight ?…good luck to yours! Love your sizzlers group too. I’m really going to try to do better this next 100 days weightlifting ?️‍♀️ ?

    1. Weightlifting! That is awesome! I need to get my arms in shape… I should try this too! Glad your team won! Mine plays tonight… against Notre Dame 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Lovely read. Love your style and outfit. This pendent and cross-body bag compliment your look very well. And yeah you are lucky to have “3-days” long weekend

    1. Well comfy is always a win! And what you like is the most important thing. I just keep my eye on what the stores are offering and try some things on to see if I like the look 🙂 Thank you for the very kind words! I’m learning 🙂

  6. First, I am so proud of you for not only keeping up with your own exercise routine but motivating others. Now, on to fashion…. the flutter sleeve top on you is sooo cute. Look at you rocking the golden yellow color- not an easy task. I hated it when our photographers have to go back to school…..
    Great blog post

    1. Regan, you make ms smile! That exercise program motivates me, and I need all the help I can get, Hah! Yes, I know that gold is a tough color, and I only started trying to wear it in the last few years, this year it is really prevalent. But I’m just going with it! You know I love your color palette… I’ve told you how many times I look at my closet and say, “What would Regan wear?”