Fashion Friday – It’s About Having Fun!

Hi friends! I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start!

We’ve had a busy week, and as summer is winding down, we are trying to squeeze in every last drop of fun that we can! Labor Day Weekend is fast approaching and that is when our focus officially shifts towards all things fall! And Fall is amazing in Michigan! So while we will miss the summer, we look forward to the good things in store for us!

So as many of you know, I began a group on Facebook early last spring for the purpose of rallying women who want to try and bring intentional movement and exercise back in their lives on a consistent basis. I was so far gone on that… there was no discipline. And I knew I needed it. So we started with a 30 x 30 challenge, and women posted each day if they got in some exercise, the goal being 30 minutes a day for 30 days. We all did pretty well! We had a few “Mulligan” days but for the most part we had great success! The women all cheer each other on “virtually” as we make space in our lives for exercise.

Well, after that, we started a 100 Day Challenge on May 26th. And we called it the Summer Sizzler. We now are down to our last 10 days of the 100 Day Challenge! We’ve really enjoyed it, and getting to know one another. These are all fascinating women from all over the world and experiencing all kinds of things in their lives. We are sharing and it really is a blessing!

We will be starting another ladies exercise challenge the weekend after Labor Day. I will post that link next week and if you would like to sign up, we sure would love to have you! Or if you want to hop on early and finish the tail end of the current challenge you are more than welcome to join us, Ladies! Click here Summer Sizzler if you are interested. Ten Days Left and then the new one for Fall will start!

Ok, on to the fashion for this week’s Fashion Friday!

Many thanks to my son Jacob Kennedy (Jake) who helped us with the photos for this week’s post. Jake is pursuing photography and video as his career path, and I am so blessed to have his help on these posts! If you would like to see more of Jake’s work or for an inquiry, you can find his business IG @734rocious and his personal IG at @jacob.kennedy21.

My sister Stacey is joining us again this week, I’m so excited! She has such a great sense of fashion and a heart so friendly and kind she doesn’t know a stranger!

So this week, we went to one of our lovely local parks. Stacey is sharing some athleisure clothing with us! Stacey is committed to staying healthy. She inspires me so! She is sharing some black workout pants and a purple top.

Her pants are from Lulu Lemon, and her must have feature in her work out pants? The nice deep leg pockets for her cell phone! She bought hers awhile back, but these are similar.

Lulu Lemon is a little spendy, but she says they are worth every penny because there is no fussing with them once they are on, and they are really flattering. And they wash really well.

Um… I might need some of those!

Her top is by Marmot, and it breathes and is so comfortable!

Stacey walks, runs, bikes, does yoga, and is pretty much fearless when it comes to adventure! She is a fantastic role model for me!

Next I am sharing an olive 3/4 length sleeve top by Sanctuary.

It has a v-neck which is always my friend! It elongates the neck, and makes you look thinner. Uh, I need all the help I can get in that department, Hah!

I’m carrying my favorite purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, my Brahmin bag, which sold out pretty quickly, but this one is very similar, the Melbourne large satchel.  It is not real crocodile. It is a treatment done on leather to give it that look.

I’m also wearing my favorite necklace from Stella & Dot, the Luna!  This is a great piece to have as it has both gold and silver, and such a solid smooth feel to it! I like that it is big enough to actually see from a distance but it is not garish.

And I have on my favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots! I’ve worn these for about a year now, and still my favorites in the closet!  The Jeffrey Campbell Rosalee Bootie.

And next, Jake took us to a beautiful dirt road out in the country.

Here, Stacey has a shirt that I just love!!! The Dream Weaver Shirt, by Billabong! It has a vintage wash and a relaxed boyfriend fit. Doesn’t she look adorable in it?

I’m wearing a super comfortable top by Sanctuary in a soft terra cotta shade

That little cap sleeve, v-neck and flattering fit are right up my alley!

Well Jake is trying to expand his photography elements, so he brought along some colored smoke sticks for us to try. Stacey and I were of course concerned about safety. These things look kind of like the little dynamite sticks we use to see on Bugs Bunny. He assured us they were safe. So he lit the fuses and this was lesson 101 on working with smoke flares!

And it was a blast! It felt so surreal, like having a beautiful colorful cloud of power shooting out of your fingertips!

We learned it’s better to move forward rather than standing still. (Those pictures didn’t make the cut!) It’s cool to see the color in the air and the sun shining through it!

We responsibly disposed of the sticks afterward. I will never forget this experience! Forever fun moment marked in my heart and mind!

I never know quite what to expect when Jake is taking us on a shoot, but I know it will be an adventure! When I started this blog it was to try new things and have fun! Mission accomplished!

And isn’t that what life should be about? A glorious adventure, trying new things, experimenting and having a blast! And about moving forward… not staying still, because that is where the air is the freshest, the view is the most spectacular and the mystery of what is next on the horizon continually thrills us if we keep moving forward!

There is no clause that says the adventure ends when you hit some magic age. No, the adventure lasts forever if you will keep moving forward and allow yourself the gift of trying new things and having fun! Sometimes we can get locked in a rut, and oh there is so much more out there for us to enjoy! Living life in full color, letting your hair down and just having a ball! Let’s never stop pursuing the great adventure!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr


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  1. Your pictures are great! It looks like you both had so much fun, especially with those color bombs.

  2. Love the blog. You both look fabulous. You should do one of those “color runs”. But I wouldn’t wear Lululemon for that one…..js. ♥️

  3. This summer has gone by fast but I am happy about it. I can’t wait for the cooler weather.

  4. 100 days challenge? wow that takes dedication. The colour runs was a beaitiful feature to your photos.lovely athleisure clothing too.

  5. Nice to see your sis Amy! i love being outside in the summer. Green is your loojs great! if course i ,love ur bag. i look forward to Fall to, especially dressing for it.