Tasty Tuesday and Ideas for Your Family Dinner

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a good week! As we roll into Easter weekend, I wanted to share a few recipes I have shared in the past that might be a nice addition to a holiday meal.

I like sharing recipes that are easy and taste great, and hopefully will really bless you and your family. I will share some pictures and links below so you can find the recipe should you want to give it a go.

This first recipe is so easy, and it looks really pretty on the table. My friend Crystal Gallagher first introduced me to it, and it has been a huge hit ever since! It’s kind of a salad, kind of a dessert and it will look positively glorious on your dinner table! And just 4 ingredients! You have to love that! This is so nice because you can make and serve it in the same bowl. It goes together super fast and is a lovely side to offer with your meal. This tasty treat is lovingly referred to as “Pink Fluff“.

Just scoop it into some pretty bowls, and maybe garnish with some Cool Whip and a sliced strawberry, and your guests will gasp, “You did this for me?” And you just simply smile warmly!

Isn’t that pretty?

If you would like this recipe, click here: Pink Fluff

I also wanted to share a lovely vegetable side dish, far and away my number one requested dish at family gatherings: Savory Green Bean Casserole, also known as… the Gutbuster!

It’s so velvety and cheesy, buttery and rich. It is the Cadillac of cheesy bean casseroles!

I guarantee this will be a hit!

If you would like to try this recipe, click here: The Gutbuster: Green Bean Casserole

And finally, I wanted to share a dessert recipe with you that my mother-in-law Joyce Kennedy has made at many holiday meals. It is her “Fiesta Cake“. The first time I had this, I was in high school, dating Troy. I remember thinking, “This is so good! It tastes like it comes from a fancy bakery!” But the really nice thing is that it’s very pretty, too!

Fiesta Cake is a yellow cake that has a pudding like layer, a cherry pie layer, Cool Whip, shredded coconut and chopped walnuts… it is literally like a Fiesta in one dessert! And it’s perfect for springtime and the fitting end to a magnificent family meal!

Goodness gracious! Look at those layers!

If you would like to try this recipe, click here: Fiesta Cake

This weekend, many families will be gathering for an Easter dinner. I remember as a child my mom would get us (the girls) new white shoes and maybe a new dress to wear Easter morning to church. And the boys would have a suit. And off we would go, Mom, Dad and six kids all sparkling head to toe. And we knew afterward, we would have Easter dinner with cousins and aunts and uncles and anyone who didn’t have a place to go.

The picture above was on an Easter Sunday in front of my Grandma Hammond’s house. See if you can guess which one I am. My baby brother had not been born yet.

Many years we would go to my Grandma Hammonds house for Easter Dinner. We’d be packed in her little bungalow, with kids tables set up in the back bedroom, and every square inch of that house had people! Laughing, huge smiles so happy to be reunited with these dear people! The whirr of the mixer as the mashed potatoes got a good last whip. Grandma’s pink jello (Thank Goodness was uttered in the heart of every child). The electric knife could be heard as someone sliced the ham. Grandma always had radishes cut like little flowers! Everything she touched seemed magical, because we knew her heart, and it was the picture of perfect love!

And in a moment, a hush came over the house, a beautiful comforting hush. And Uncle Al would lead us in a blessing. We bowed our heads and our hearts and even if we as kids didn’t fully understand the words of the prayer, we understood that this is how you shared your greatest joys and your deepest burdens.  We treasured that moment of unity in thanks to God for this little piece of Heaven we had as a family. And in that moment, we all could say, “It is well with my soul.”

And that story is still being played out today. Our story has had chapters of great rejoicing as well as great sorrow. But we know that what we have is as precious as ever, and we know that through it all, God is good. And He loves us dearly. And we never walk a step of this life alone, and never apart from His love.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter no matter how big or small! You are so precious and dearly loved! I’ll be thinking of you with warmest wishes for a lovely Easter!

Have a great week!

I’ll be back Friday for another post!

Love Always,


And now, these three remain: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13

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