Fashion Friday and Be Outrageously Positive

Cheers! Happy Friday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And So So Happy to be back with You!

How are you planning on celebrating life this weekend?

My husband purchased a corned beef that he intends to prepare today, as well as the fixings for Irish Soda Bread. Ok, so I may need to take a Mulligan on my diet today!

So I have a few more transition weather outfits to share, as many of us have been on the Fahrenheit rollercoaster this week! First is this pink and burgundy flannel shirt with my trusty denim vest, and one of my favorite bags, a satchel bag by Sole Society. This bag is roomy and just so interesting with the angled exposed zippers and buckles and leather trim! I feel like a combination of Mary Poppins and Annie Oakley when I carry it! (I bet those two would’ve been marvelous friends!) I’ve really enjoyed the longer shirts this year. They seem to help cover up whatever you want covered.

This is another picture of me on an excursion with Kaleigh. Kaleigh combined a gray swing tee shirt dress with a denim jacket, ankle booties, and a soft patterned scarf. She makes it look effortless and elegant!

I love the Boho style blouses that came out this year with bright patterns! And one thing I really love about this one is that it tapers down in the back to carefully cover what’s “left behind” (thank you very much, #Evereve ). These booties (what a word!) have this adorable “v-cut” at the top of the ankle which helps elongate the leg, and I need all the help I can get in that department! These also have these little cut outs around the top (I need to get a better photo of the boots!). My first gray boots ever (I usually stick to my go to black and once in awhile cognac or brown). But you know what? The gray is super versatile, and of course pretty much all boots are on sale now since its end of season, Luck of the Irish! These were a Nordstrom purchase, by Vince Camuto, currently 50% off!

I’m a sucker for sparkly things and this bracelet set from Alex and Ani was my birthday purchase this past winter. The red beaded one picks up the pinkish red in the blouse, and I love how the charm dangles when you walk. Jewelry is just fun, isn’t it?

My chief fashion and snack coordinator, Kasey waiting for this session to end with hopes someone will crank up the fryer for another batch of hot wings! (Also not on my diet).

OK,  cue the theme music from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”… for real. My husband put that theme song on for these photos! I tried to give my best Clint Eastwood icy stare but I kept busting out laughing! Check out this great buffalo plaid cape! This was maybe my most fun and functional purchase in the last two months! (And on sale of course! $22.49 at Nordstrom!) Its reversible with contrasting colors on each side, and its like having the perfect blanket wrapped around your shoulders when you need it! I take this to work frequently, as I work in a huge (and awesome) church, and often temperatures vary as you move from one part to another during the week. With this, I’m good to go, easy on, easy off as needed! And as you see in this picture, this one has pockets!

Long in the back…

Short in the front… (yes the theme music is still playing)

Perfect for wrapping around a dear friend who needs a little TLC!

Finally, I wanted to share this photo. The glasses are from a great company called “Knockaround”, and they have sunglasses you can customize in just about every color lens and frames, super reasonable, and they also make these fabulous limited editions and do collaborations with all sorts of organizations. The founders wanted an east coast meets west coast feel, and a commitment to affordability so they would be your “knockaround” sunglasses, and they can be seen on celebrities but even I can afford them! They are based in San Diego, and at one San Diego Padres game every year, they give out a free special edition pair to the first 25,000 attenders at a home game! How fun is that? They are involved heart and soul in their community, including a yearly campaign to raise funds for school art programs, where they run a great contest allowing kids to draw a design for a next limited edition of sunglasses and one child’s drawing will be chosen. This past year a 5th grade boy’s drawing was selected and a pair titled “After the Rain” was created, with rainbow sides and a tiny cloud logo etched on the left lens, and they sold it with a rain poncho to tide you over till the rainbow appears! Talk about a hopeful message!  I encourage you to check them out, . I purchase a set for each member of my family for Easter baskets or before a trip or Christmas stockings, and I’m on their email list so when a limited edition comes out I see it right away (these sometimes sell out within hours).

And my tee in this picture carries a message that is near and dear to my heart! That is to “Be Outrageously Positive”! This shirt comes from a great company called “Le Motto”, I saw this tee and fell in love! It only takes one light in a dark room to give hope, all eyes will turn to that light and walk towards it. Be that light… even if you are the only one in the room! If you need that light, I’m shining for you! Keep your armor on so any negativity you encounter in your life, or in the news can’t get through and cause you doubt or fear. But also keep a window so when you are shining bright and showing love, it can light the way for someone else who may need a little help today. That beautiful smile of yours is one of a kind and your absolutely most gorgeous and priceless accessory, so please, go ahead and smile for all of us as much as you can. Truth, the light does overcome the dark, and in the end, goodness and love will prevail! Isn’t that good to know, my friend?

Love Always,


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Romans 8:38-39

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  1. Such a positive post with some important positive reminders and messages! Love the saucy over the shoulder pose in the one pic! It looks like you are having such fun!

  2. Loved your outfits especially your boots and bag. I recently bought a red and black plaid vest with a zipper pocket. I love it! This weekend my granddaughter Kaisley is coming to spend the night. We are also making a ham, and all my kids are coming over for ham sandwiches after church. It will be a good time for all of us to connect. Thanks for all your positiveness. You are just a ball of sun shine! 🙂