Fashion Friday and Dare to Dream

Hello Gorgeous!

How are you going to spend your weekend? Its chilly here, our forecast calls for the 20’s today and cold all weekend. But we know Spring is just around the corner! My sister Stacey and I are going to connect later today, and she has “Fashionista” in her DNA so who knows where that will take us!

So today I am sharing a few pieces where I am pushing the fashion envelope just a bit out of my comfort zone, but having a ball doing it! This first item is a long hooded cardigan. I’ve never owned a sweater this long, one meant to be almost a coat. We shot these pics a few days ago, and it was super cold and windy, and this sweater felt so soft and toasty warm! The fabric is wispy and rich in texture, and the colors are really compatible with so many things in my wardrobe. It has sort of a Bohemian feel to it, and I love it!

It has this soft, draping hood, which is also a new thing for me, a hooded sweater. And I really like it!

I found this while shopping with my sister Stacey, and her husband’s cousin Larissa who was visiting from Germany. About a week later, I got a Facebook Message from Larissa (back home in Germany) telling me the sweater had just gone on sale! She saw it online! Well this was a “Nordstrom” purchase, and they set the bar on customer service, so I gave them a call and they made a price adjustment over the phone! How cool is that!

This next outfit, specifically the vest is maybe the biggest fashion risk I’ve taken in awhile. The vest is like a sweater sectioned with rows of faux fur. I must confess, I got the idea to shop for one of these because I saw Christina on the show “Flip or Flop” wearing a fur vest, and it looked really cute.

So one day while my mom was getting her hair done, I wandered around Dillard’s Department Store, and there was this number on a clearance rack. Now, somehow I don’t look quite like Christina in it, maybe a little more like Fred Flintstone. But I like it! Its furry and soft and cozy!

You can see I have on an animal print cuff bracelet, its small but enough to give a little color. Its a nod to the animal print fad out there… from a safe distance. But who knows? This is just the beginning. Maybe next year I will get those animal print ankle boots! (maybe not…)

Finally, this last outfit is one I really like.

If you look closely at the hem of the red flannel shirt, it has a raw edge on the fabric, intentionally fringed. When I first got it, I actually gave it a trim as some of the fringe was a little out of control. My husband said it reminds him of something Jethro Bodine would wear. I did not flinch, I only smiled!

I also wanted to show you I am wearing 3 Alex and Ani bracelets, my birthstone, a silver beaded one, and a bracelet that says “A mother’s love is true north, always guiding the way home.” My mom and sisters and I all got these bracelets at Christmas time this past year, to celebrate the “sisterhood of motherhood”. If you aren’t familiar with Alex and Ani bracelets, they are collectible bracelets made in the USA and much like TOMS shoes, many of the bracelets are actually priced to give charity to various organizations. They are very sweet, and often have symbols that represent positive things such as empowerment, compassion or inspiration. They make excellent gifts!

The other interesting secret about this outfit is that the flannel blouse from Evereve is sleeveless! This has the benefit of making the sleeves of the jacket fit a little nicer, though you lose a little of the warmth in the process.

So these fashions were not too terribly risky, and its just fun to get out there and try some new styles. Blow the dustballs off the old clothes and donate them to either someone you know or the Salvation Army. And then get out there and try a new look! I’m looking forward to trying some new things for Spring and Summer! What styles are you wanting to try?

Just as fashion is organic and ever changing, our lives are too. Life is such a glorious gift, and it just begs us to get out there and LIVE it to the full! Exhilarating and breathtaking, sometimes nerve racking and challenging, but we have this time to make every moment count,  to grow, to learn, to share, to try, to fall down, to get back up again, to love, to laugh, to cry, to fly, to soar on eagle’s wings, to LIVE! I have some more new things on the horizon, and hopefully I will have some good things to report after I give them a whirl! They may “flip or flop” but I know I will never regret trying new things, even mistakes are evidence of living a life of adventure. And a thousand mistakes in a life of adventure totally eclipses a life led with no risk at all. So come on, join me! Lets take some chances and live a life that’s extraordinary!

Love Always,


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I… I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

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  1. I have always loved that Robert Frost poem. My mom gave me a book that illustrated it and she used to read it to me. Have a great weekend!

  2. Totally love the long sweater. Also I am drawn to that lovely bag you’re carrying with the vest. Pics like these make me miss the north! Not much opportunity down here for the cozy stuff.

    1. I get it… come on back north! We need you! Truth, you can totally rock summer chic with the gorgeous beaches down there. I’ve seen the pictures you have posted of “Passe-a-grille” Beach and it looks like paradise!

  3. Amy I love your blog. Your hair is so pretty with the highlights as well. I want you to know that I am hooked on reading what you write.


  4. Hi Amy, you look great! I love the longer sweaters & long pendant necklace. Your hair looks fantastic, love the longer length and hi-lights. Your short boots with the fur sweater are super cute too. They look suede? It’s not easy to step out of our comfort zone. Kudos to you as I am so impressed.

  5. Hi Amy! What a fun blog! I think I’ll follow along! ? Julie
    P. S. You look so beautiful!