Fashion Friday and Lean on Me

Hello Friday, Whatcha Knowin? Hello to You, my friend!

It’s been a whirlwind week packed chock full for me. You know how some seasons seem to amp up, and stay at a pretty fast pace? That is the season I’m in currently, but it slows down towards the end of May, and takes a nice leisurely pace through summer. I like both… crazy busy and long empty days that I can fill any way I like! It seems you grow alot in both! First a word about this precious doggy of mine. You have probably noticed she makes it into many of my pictures. Like many of you, I adore my doggy, and its as though she was divinely appointed for our family. She is a leaner. She loves to sit right next to you and lean up against you as if to say, “Oh Mama, you’re my best friend, and I never ever want to leave you!” That’s what I am interpreting, though in truth it may be more like, “She knows how to open that fridge, I better pour it on thick!”

I do think there is something healing and truly good for people to have a pet. I know its not conducive to everyone’s lifestyle, but for me, I want pets to be a part of my life for every day on walk the planet.

So lots going on this week, beyond the fast pace with my job at the church (which is truly so much fun!). I am proud, excited and so happy to announce I signed up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist! Stella & Dot is a San Francisco based social selling company of boutique line jewelry and accessories. As I am growing and learning about fashion, I am looking at lots of other fashion blogs out there, and I found several times I would see a piece of jewelry I really liked. I would click on it, and it would take me to “Stella & Dot”. So, I googled it, and contacted a representative who lives near me, (Shout out to Christine Lammers!) and she met with me, and told me about it, and I said, “I’m in!”

So last night, Christine came over, and a few of my friends came over as she began to train me on all things Stella & Dot. It was really fun to try the jewelry on, and share opinions etc. Then the tough part came. I had to figure out which pieces I would order to start with. I took opinions from everyone there as to what should be part of my initial collection. I also had sent out help calls to my mom and sisters for their opinions as well. I ended up ordering a nice start including a few pieces from their summer line as well as some of their flagship pieces. So those should arrive in the next few days. I asked Christine how the name Stella & Dot came to be.

She told me how the founder, Jessica Herrin, who is a cofounder of, wanted to create an entrepreneurial opportunity for women to be able to take advantage of at any level that suits their lifestyle. She saw that cosmetic companies that did this seemed to be very profitable, and the women involved seemed so happy to be a part of it. She thought jewelry and accessories would be really fun as well. Jewelry has such a broad base appeal (so much easier than buying jeans!) She partnered with a woman named Blythe Harris, and the two formed the company and named it after each of their grandmothers, “Stella” and “Dot”, I love that! It makes me smile to think they honored their grandmas that way!

So, I will add this feather in my cap, I’m just learning, but it really is fun! You will see me occasionally include pieces with outfits on this blog, and if you are ever interested in them, you can order them! I will provide a link! Also, I would very much appreciate your input as to what pieces are a must have for my collection as I go to show them in parties. Remember I’m new at this, so all your advice will truly help. I was trying to get a mix of both silver pieces, gold pieces, classic and trendy. I have a wish list started, and I welcome your feedback! You can check them out at  and let me know what you think I should add to my collection! And if you find a special piece for yourself, you can order it online!

Well, guess what else came yesterday! Another Stitch Fix Box! And do you see the cloth bag with geometric lines? That means they sent a pair of shoes in this box! Can a girl handle any more excitement in one day? A jewelry party and then a box of pretty clothes and shoes at her doorstep? Ahhh be still my heart!
Three beautiful tops, and a pair of white distressed jeans with raw edges…

And a gorgeous pair of Nine West flats for summer! The temptation is killing me!

So of course, I had to try them on.

The red, I love love love red! And happy shoes!

Notice the raw edge on the hem, and the distressing in the jeans.

The necklace is a perfect length for so many blouses… its Stella & Dot. And the bracelet is an animal print cuff from Accessory Concierge. Really comfortable, and a big enough piece that it makes a statement.

The blue, an embroidered, cut out blouse (cut outs seem to be really popular this year!) I’m showing it here with a summer clutch I just recently ordered from Nordstrom. And the necklace is… Stella & Dot!

And the pink, a crochet detail blouse, and the necklace, also Stella & Dot.

My shoes in this pic are a wedge sandal. I love a wedge because you get all the benefits and glamour of height, but you get a good solid support to help you walk in comfort! These are a brand called “American Rag” and they are from Macy’s. Also, notice that nice rip on my knee. A word about distressed jeans, I have to say, I think this trend is so much fun! Its just really nice to take a light hearted laid back approach to fashion! Its like saying you can love something so much that the more its worn, the better you like it! Like a little girl’s favorite rag doll, or your child’s favorite blankie, the battle scars just mean its loved… kind of like people! People are a treasure never ever to be discarded even when the edges get a little rough and warn!

The other thing I love about wearing distressed jeans is the look and comments I get from my dad when he sees me wearing them. He will just stare in shock and offer to take me down to the Tractor Supply Company and buy me jeans without holes in them! I love that! Then I tell him they are in style, and I paid for those holes! He just shakes his head. Then we share a nice hug! I love my dad so much!

Well, I have about talked your ear off this week, and I have an appointment with my dear stylist Kathie over at Fantastic Sams (she is so much fun I really look forward to my visits with her!)

What have you been dreaming about lately?

Whatever it is, you can do it! Start taking steps to get there, today! Or dream some more and make it rich and beautiful! Your dreams were given to you for a reason, there is purpose in them, and the world is just waiting to see what it is! Make it come alive! We can’t wait to see what you have for us! Have a great weekend!

Love Always,


“Lean on me, when you’re not strong. I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on. For it won’t be long till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.” ~ Bill Withers, the song “Lean on Me”  (I chose this quote in honor of my dear sweet doggy Kasey who likes to “Lean on Me”

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  1. I love this Amy! Thank you. Each outfit is perfect for spring and I’m so glad you got those floral shoes. What a treat. It’s so nice to pull through heavy winter and don light, white clothes come spring. For me, nothing beats white and navy blue to celebrate this welcome, but short season.
    I have been so busy, I missed commenting on your last couple posts, thinking I would come back to them. ?
    I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your hair color and it’s highlights. Part of me is wishing I had documented the sometimes (cringe-worthy) stages, this past year, as I let my white and silver hair grow out. I could start now, because it’s taking some time. But I know I will be pleasedwith the end result of a full head of snowy hair.
    I so look forward to your posts which are full of infectious love, happiness, and enthusiasm.
    Tricia ?

    1. Your hair has always been gorgeous, and that beautiful smile is just a window to your incredible heart! I am happy spring is here, too! Thank you for the peppy optimistic notes, you are always so kind and gracious with your words! Have a great weekend!

  2. I so appreciate your personal journey finding contentment with your new adventures. I am still wearing my ‘Cold Eater Creek’ wardrobe bought when in my 50’s. Some of my interior wall hanging pictures, dishes, throws used seasonally AND a few pieces of jewelry I still cherish and wear. Definitely will be collectors items. All of witch I patiently waited to be discounted as high as 70%. A few yrs back, they sold their stores keeping their magazines coming with on line and/or phone ordering. In less then two yrs I’ll be 70 and figure I’ll be enjoying my collection till I die. Still sipping from my saucer because my cup has overflowed??