Fashion Friday and Stayin’ Positive! Its a Game Changer!

Hi Friends! Its a gorgeous Friday and it promises to be an epic weekend, with blue skies and boundless opportunities for fun!

There is so much going on, Kasey says we need to dig right in! (did you catch that? HAH!)

First of all, there are 3 words on just about every fashion blogger’s lips this week: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you recall, I mentioned this awhile back with a link to their catalog (which is only a tiny portion of the items on sale). Technically the sale opens to the public next Friday, but if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you get to shop the sale items a week early (the sale began for cardholders yesterday).

So what makes this sale so special? Well, they are putting things on sale that are brand spanking new! Hot off the press! These are items coming out before the season begins… Fall and winter clothes coming out in July, and some key pieces with a great price!

So Yes, I went to the sale because any fashionista (even one green behind the ears like me) would make time for this sale! Honestly its really fun, if you like shopping. I had my coffee, and I got there before the store opened and I text my sisters and said, “I’m going in!”. I shot them a few texts and photos as the day progressed.

Aren’t these pretty?

Nordstrom always puts a few things on sale that seem to never go on sale. Its a great way to add a classic or investment piece to your wardrobe. And they have lovely things in a vast price range. Believe it or not, some things were selling out the first day! But there is always a chance they will restock… sometimes more than once! It seemed to me there was a focus on basics this year, lots of cardigans in all styles, and lengths, a really nice one by Halogen… I may have tried those in almost every color like a sampler platter! Lots of cold shoulders and bell sleeves… and lots of things in that olive green… even in the fine leather bags they were offering them in that green! They will be lovely for fall!

One of my journeys to the dressing room… No, I didn’t buy them all… honest!

But I will probably be going back today!

I also ordered a few things online which I will show in some upcoming posts probably as we get closer to fall, but I think my favorite item I ordered is this bag:

And at only $35.90! It looks fun and like it will be great for fall!

I also ordered my first ever pair of UGGS!

Of course Nordstrom has the best return policy if they don’t work out.

I picked up a few other things, a little of this and a little of that.


Some people had scheduled appointments with personal shoppers, who had rooms chock full of things for their customers to try. A lady named Sharon was helping me. She took my name and number and said she will call me when big sales are coming in the future and set up a time where she can help me and really have some fun with it. She was very sweet. Honestly, everyone was so nice and helpful. Not an unkind word. Really a lovely day. And if you love some of the higher end designer shoes, boots, handbags, coats, jeans… they have a lot to choose from! And once the sale ends, these items will be back at their regular price. So its worth checking out. Shipping is free too! Just remember that this week the sale is for people with a Nordstrom card (if you don’t have one, they would be happy to sign you up!). Then, starting July 21 to Aug 6, the sale is open to the public.

So, I encourage you if you love fashion and sales, check out their “Anniversary Sale” online or head over to your nearest Nordstrom department store. At ours, the areas that have the special sale items in them have a sheer curtain around the sales racks and signage indicating they are part of the sale.

**Update** Just since last night! I had done some online shopping for this sale, and it seems the Nordstrom Website crashed a number of times yesterday (it did while I was on there too- maybe I had something to do with it! HAH!) Anyway, they sent an email out late last night that due to the system shutting down a few times, they are giving every card holder 10 times the reward points for their purchases from July 12-July 14 (through midnight tonight). They set the bar so high when it comes to customer service!

Now, on to the fashion items I want to share with you this week! Thank you to my husband Troy and my son Jake who helped with pictures. It was so muggy this week when we tried to take a picture outdoors the camera kept fogging up so these are all indoors.

This first top (below) is by Sanctuary, and it came from Nordstrom. I am wearing a Medium, but its really a little too big which means the top runs on the large side.

Nova Embroidered Top

Its navy blue with embroidery work on it and a little bell sleeve. And it has these cute ties with little tassels on the neckline.

There is something sweet and nostalgic about the embroidery and I didn’t want to take away from it with too much jewelry, so I chose my little Stella and Dot Luna Pendant (my all time favorite piece from Stella and Dot!) and a few silver bracelets.

I kind of feel like Heidi of the Swiss Alps! (You do not want to hear me yodel! Kasey agrees!)

My shoes are a platform espadrille by Kenneth Cole (on sale for $50 at Evereve!), and while it looks like I should take an insurance policy out to wear them, they really are pretty easy to walk in because they are fairly level, albeit a bit high off the ground! My bag is old from Banana Republic, but I love it with that big ring on the front!

Kasey is a little upset these pictures are all indoors this week. To ease her pain, I gave her her first ever piece of bologna. It was a special moment.

This next top is from Macy’s, by Cable & Gauge, a high-low tunic, and its on sale for only $22.49!

The pattern is so vibrant and colorful! And the fabric is very light and cool.

I chose my lovely Luna necklace again, several silver Stella and Dot bracelets, rings, and a smaller black saddle bag with a tassel on it. It was not expensive, but its no longer in stock or I would link it for you. But here is a black cross body bag that is similar:

I used a higher heel black sandal, my Clarks (older), as I think the floral top goes nicely with a sandal, and the higher heel helps balance the long length of the top.

Next is a pretty pink asymmetrical top from a company called Wallis through Nordstrom.

I paired it up with some dark pink suede heels I had.

Shoes are Sam Edelman’s Hazel Pointy Toe Pump in Very Berry Suede

And I got a little crazy and put it with my fold over clutch in animal print, but sometimes its fun to shake it up a bit!

No necklace needed with all the shimmery embellishments on the neckline! I just added a few silver bracelets.

Next I have this pretty aqua tunic from Soft Surroundings, one of my favorite stores to find the softest clothing!

They recently opened a “Soft Surroundings” in Michigan, and my sister and I were so excited to see it come here! Their clothing is truly so soft to the touch! I tried pairing it up with my little white bucket bag from Target. This bag does have a shoulder strap as well if you want to carry it that way.

And my turquoise and silver necklace and matching bracelet were made by my dear friend Vivi Sexauer.

These pieces are absolutely stunning! They each have six separate beautiful strands of turquoise beads that meet a beautiful sparkling center of silver! Each bead strung by the dear sweet hands of one of the loveliest women I’ve ever met. Do you see the silver heart bead on the necklace and the blue cross on the bracelet? She told me she puts some little addition on her jewelry as a sign of her gratefulness of the strength she received from God as she has battled cancer now twice.

She is such a beautiful artistic amazing lady with a heart that beats strong with love for others.

You may recall I mentioned the last time I told you about her journey, I shared how she makes lovely scarves and often embellishes the scarves she wears. They are absolutely stunning! She is such a beautiful lady, and these scarves she makes and embellishes are like another bloom on an incredibly gorgeous flower! 

I wanted to share with you her latest scarf creation for another family wedding they just attended.

She created this scarf to match the beautiful Jennifer Lopez cold shoulder top she got at Kohls (on sale now!)

She found fabric at Joann’s to make the scarf, and then she embellished it by adding lace on top of the fabric.

And she created the amazing fabric flower by cutting “petals” from the same fabric as the scarf and hot glue gunning them to a base. She then carefully took the edges of the petals and held them ever so lightly to the flame of a candle, just enough to cause the edges of the fabric petals to react to the heat by a slight curling in response. This made the pedals look like real flower petals!

She then adhered lace right into the petals! She added a jewelry piece she had from something else to create the center of the flower, and to color coordinate it, she touched it up with a silver sharpie. She then took a few leaves she had from some artificial flowers and she spray painted them the same color as the fabric and adhered them to the back of the beautiful rose.

Then she took a pair of sandals she owned that were perfect in every way for this wedding, except the color. And she taped off the base and used the same spray paint for the top of the sandals.

Stunning and elegant and beautiful, just like my friend Vivi who wore these to the wedding they attended in Chicago last weekend. Vivi is such a talented lady and has such a loving heart. She now is looking at doing more with creating decorative fabric flowers to use as a brooch or other fashion embellishment on scarves and coats and all kinds of things!

If you would like to contact her with further inquiries, you can reach her via her Facebook Page Jewels by Vivi or you can email her at .

This beautiful lady just got another excellent medical report, as she slowly works her way through the journey that she has been on, the things she has faced with no choice except her attitude. And she lifts those shoulders and that beautiful face of hers and says “Ok, lets do what we have to do” and along the way she shows such love and kindness to every other patient and medical person she meets. She is a ray of sunlight in this world.

I am learning a lot from my friend Vivi. She is a warrior, but in this beautiful organically creative way, spreading love and light with every breath and beat of her heart. Do you know someone like that? Boy I just want to soak it in and hope it will help me do the same when I meet obstacles I never saw coming, to take them on with grace and perseverance and in the midst of it all, showing love to others.

If you recall, I had asked Vivi last time what advice she had for someone facing a scary hurdle in their life such as a medical diagnosis, and she said to stay positive. The power in that is much greater than you may think. That is a transferrable to any issue we face whether its medical, relational, financial, personal things we are trying to work on!

There is an awesome lady in my walking group, “The Dirt Road Divas”, and she too has faced some serious medical diagnoses, and she believes so strongly in the power of positive thinking. Negativity can be toxic and drain you of the very energy you need to tackle your obstacle. But a positive attitude opens your mind to the belief that there is a path through this. Both of these ladies have a strong faith in God and also rely on prayer. Staying positive is a mindset that takes some self discipline. But when you have negative thoughts come knocking on your door, you simply stop it in its tracks and send them packing! You’ve heard that phrase “Ain’t got no time for that!” Nope… we are moving forward and filling up on good things! No rotten tomatoes for our plate!

This is true no matter your age or stage… staying positive is a game changer whether your 22 or 92… and it enhances your quality of life!

I was thinking about how positive thinking is like having a trampoline under your tightrope… when you misstep, you bounce right back on the tightrope! And you start moving forward again one foot in front of the other! Lets help each other stay positive, shall we?

Well my dear friend, I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend! I hope you get out there and have some fun! And if you are going to the Nordstrom sale, give me a call… I’ll meet you for coffee and we’ll take the hill together!

I will be back for Tasty Tuesday next week!

Love Always,


“The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.”  ~Robert Altinger











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