Tasty Tuesday – Guacamole That Will Guac Your World!

Its a Tasty Tuesday! And I have a Guacamole recipe that will Guac Your World today!

Friends this recipe is so easy, I promise you! So stick with me and you will be making fantastic guacamole in no time!

Thanks to my extremely talented friend Maribeth Schmidt for the beautiful photos! If you would like to connect with Maribeth, you can reach her at Maribeth Schmidt Photography.

Friends, this recipe  comes from a dear friend of mine, Anita Weldon, seen in this picture with her husband and dear sweet grandchildren.

She is the kind of person that is so full of life and love and leadership, you feel like God is tapping you on the shoulder and telling you to pay close attention to this one because you can learn a thing or two. She was my boss for many years, and the smile never leaves her face. Well, one day she surprised us all at lunch and said she was going to make us guacamole and she wanted to do it right in front of us so we could see how easy it is to make it! It was absolutely fabulous! And I have asked her if I can share it with you and hurray! She said yes! Thank you, Anita!  So lets start with a list of ingredients.

3-4 good sized avocados, ripe

1 medium onion diced

3-4 tomatoes chopped (Roma or Plum Tomatoes are nice but any will do, discard seeds)

1/2 jalapeno – remove and discard seeds- chop very fine

1 lemon

A few sprigs of cilantro chopped

Seasoning Salt (I use Lawreys- its like magic dust!)

***Guacamole is best if you make it and serve it the same day, and the key is having avocados that are ripe and ready when you need them. Currently, my grocery store seems to always have some ripe and ready to go, but if they are all still pretty hard at your store, you may need to buy them a few days in advance. You can speed up the ripening by placing the avocados in a brown bag for a day or two. You want them to slightly give when you press on them.

Cut your avocados to and around the pit.


Remove and discard the pit

Take each half of avocado one at a time and hold over your bowl.

Gently pinch the top and bottom of the avocado, causing it to slowly free the fruit.

You could accomplish the same thing with a spoon and scooping it out. Either way works.

Now take a masher and mash the pretty green avocado fruit.

Isn’t it beautiful? But we are just getting started… we need a few more guests at this party! Time to add in your chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. Some stores sell in their prepped fresh fruits and veggies, combinations like this precut. Its a little pricier than cutting it yourself, but if you were in a hurry, this would save you some time.

Now cut your lemon in half and squeeze juice from half the lemon into the bowl right on top of the ingredients, and then gently stir. Some people like lime, but I prefer lemon.

Time to add that magical Lawreys seasoning! Did you know Lawreys has an amazing restaurant in Chicago? My friend Anita organized a dinner there when our team went to Chicago for a conference. It was one of my best restaurant memories ever!

Make a nice dusting over the top of your dip. The more avocados you use, add a little more seasoning.

You can start conservative if you want… its easier to add more seasoning later than avocados. I went a little heavier on the seasoning as I kind of know where we like it… we make it quite frequently.

Stir it together, so all the seasoning is combined in your dip, and this is the most important part. Taste testing. Have some chips right there, and maybe a family member or friend to help you judge. Does it need more lemon juice? Does it need more Lawreys? Is it perfect? You’ll know… trust me.

And Voila! You have a simple delicious freshtastic dip to serve up to your lovely friends and family!

Its fun to have some colorful dishes for serving up party dips like this. Ours came from Kroger’s grocery store. They always have some cute dishes on display. I bought a few of these last fall and I think they still sell the same ones!

Its also fun to try different kinds of chips! They make them in all shapes and colors and even some that act as a little dip cup!

All these beautiful and lively flavors coming together!

To make something truly delicious!

Friends, honestly, I use to be intimidated about making guacamole. You know why? Because it was something so new to me and because I had never even bought an avocado, I thought, “Oh this is way out of your skill set!” “Just buy it ready made!” But my dear friend Anita kindly and gently knocked that wall down, and showed me “You can do this! And it will be so much better than store bought” You know what? She was right!  She was the one who encouraged me on lots of things in life!

Her heart is so beautiful, I see her as one of my mentors on navigating the hills and valleys of life. I have several people like that, including many of you who have encouraged me on this blog journey! Boy am I grateful! I watch how you gracefully and beautifully show love to your own family and friends, and I put many of those same practices in place in my life. No lecture needed… your life stories do the talking. And that comes from people in all ages and stages, from the youngest to the oldest. I can learn something from everyone!

So now guacamole is in all our comfort zones. That was easy peasy lemon squeezy! Lets take something else on! What next? We can do it whatever it is! We have nothing to fear, and taking on something new is absolutely invigorating!

Like all the flavors of this delicious guacamole coming together, we all have something to add to this life to make it absolutely delicious! Its like adding a little more lemon or seasoning salt, it just makes life a little more tasty!

Have a great week my friend! I will be back Friday for Fashion Friday!

Love Always,


“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”   William Cowper, 1785


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    1. Thank you Jodie! Those photos are compliments of my talented and lovely friend Maribeth Schmidt, reach her at https://www.maribethschmidtphotography.com
      Sounds like you are a bit of an expert on guacamole! I love it too! I have been learning about how avocados have the “good fat”, and I know it sure tastes good! I still haven’t tried “avocado toast” but maybe one of these days!