Fashion Friday, Its Here! Lets Celebrate!

Its Friday! Lets Celebrate! 

What have you got on the agenda this weekend? My son Shane who lives in Chicago is coming home, Yay! And he wants to go out for Mexican food! Ole!

Summer is in full swing and we don’t want to waste a minute of it!

I can tell you my bloggy doggy Kasey is celebrating! This dear sweet adventurous, life loving pooch found an egg intact in the woods… during this photo shoot… a big egg. I’m not sure what kind… bigger than a chicken egg. I will spare you the details except to say it was rotten, and we celebrated life with a good soapy bath! Ahh… much better!

So this week I have some fun pieces, each with their own little trend action happening. This first piece is a black layered high low top with a modern spin on lace. The pattern in the lace is a very geometric and bold cut, both fun and feminine at the same time!

Vince Camuto High Low Cable Top (sold out in black, available in white 40% 0ff 0n sale, but have linked another similar one this with a chevron pattern in the lace available in black here)

For shoes I chose my Clarks black sandals with the blocky heel, (sold out) but I’ve linked a new similar version here.

Lets talk about this necklace! Its brand spankin’ new from the fall collection of Stella and Dot, and its called the “Analena”. Its such a fun piece! And its very light weight which I love! The long fringe and rich gold/bronze color and sparkle remind me of the decadent flapper era of style in the roaring twenties! Fresh off the heels of ratifying the 19th Amendment, women were feeling empowered, and they let it show in their fashion and the way they had fun!

The white jeans I am using for all of these tops are a pair from the line “Two by Vince Camuto“, I have really enjoyed them. They are a thicker white jean, and I love that… I want a jean that could be nicknamed “Old Ironsides”, and that is what I have in these jeans!

I used an assortment of gold bracelets from Stella and Dot, when you stack ’em up, they call it an “arm party”, how fun is that?

I’m also sporting a gold watch from Michael Kors (sold out, similar here). Just a quick word about watches (I wear one everyday). I knew I wanted a pretty gold watch, but I saved and waited for the Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving. Watches are such a fun lovely addition to your accessories, and they do go on sale! I have noticed this year, rose gold is really big, and that is true in watches too. They also are mixing metal colors so you might have gold and silver or rose gold and silver

they are simply stunning! Another thing I’m really loving are the very modern watches with a black face on them (here is one I fancy).

If you are in the market for a watch, there are some gorgeous options this year!

Next I have a cool and breezy blue top by Vince Camuto, these have been perfect for the warm days of summer! The exact blue I have here is now replaced with a few new shades of blue, all are lovely!

My necklace is my beloved piece “Luna” from the Stella and Dot line (I use this one almost daily)

My bag is a cork clutch, and I have so enjoyed its interesting variety of neutral tones! Perfect for summer! Mine is sold out but you can see a similar clutch here. Cork is also in many of our summer sandals and wedges! Reminds me of boardwalks and summer!

This light and airy top is just easy peasy lemon squeezy!

No thinking necessary, a one piece wonder! I could have done a longer necklace but I love the easiness of this look!

Ok, this next top stretched me… I have been seeing these tops with the choker neckline for quite sometime, and I just was a bit bashful of trying them. But I pulled out my designer crowbar from my bag and opened my mind to give it a shot! I could have started with a demure color in cream or pastel, but no… go big or go home! I chose bright red!

Vince Camuto Choker Neck Top 

This top comes in 4 different colors and is only $59!

So besides being a bit shy of trying this bold and sassy look, I wondered how the choker neck would feel? Would it drive me nuts? Would it itch? Well in this particular top, its made from a fabric like a tee shirt, so its super soft. In the back are two tiny silver loop buttons to hold it in place. There is plenty of wiggle room so no real choking happening. Very comfortable!

My next challenge was how to accessorize. I wanted to go simple but I definitely wanted something to break up the red a bit… a point of interest. The necklace I chose is the “Ulani” by Stella and Dot, and its their newest silver pendant piece. It is a very shiny piece that looks like a small smooth stone, glistening and lovely. This is a piece I will get tons of use out of this year!

My bag is from Banana Republic, no longer available but another great neutral bag here. (on sale, and I’ve got my eye on it!)

My shoes are a peep toe bootie by Sam Edelman, and are sold out, but here is a similar shoe. I love this style this year!

A quick note, chokers have been a part of fashion since Ancient Egypt… Yup! And they were big in the Renaissance Era, and also in the Roaring 20’s and made a comeback in the 90’s… It has a legacy! The twist now is that they are attaching them to the top! The fashion industry has really been creative with tops this year!

This time I wore a silver “arm party” (several bracelets) from Stella and Dot!

Finally, I wanted to share about a really fun event I had the pleasure of attending this week!

As you know I am an independent stylist for Stella and Dot. My mentor and leader, Christine Lammers is a beautiful, stylish and motivated woman who never ceases to amaze me with her creative ways to reinvent the fashion industry!

This week she organized a “styling event” at a local small ladies fashion boutique (Madison Boutique in downtown Plymouth.

The event was to bring customers together for a night of fun, shopping beautiful clothing and styling them with Stella and Dot jewelry to create a full look! Oh my goodness it was so much fun! There were refreshments and just a feeling of women coming together for a night of girl time!

Stella and Dot on display side by side with the boutique fashions!

Smiles and a feeling of friendship and sisterhood in the air!

This rose gold necklace is one of my favorite new pieces! Its called “The Bora Fringe” Necklace from Stella and Dot. Doesn’t it look adorable with this little swing dress?

Looks put together to make it easy!

How cute to put this vintage looking “Relic” pendant with this stripe summer dress!

Above, the versatile “Logan” necklace looks effortlessly cool with this top!

Such a fun night! And how cool to have two separate businesses collaborate like this! This is what I call winning!


It really was so much fun! And I love reinventing the way we do business like this! Its grass roots organic and it hit a home run! Once again showing we can all use a crowbar to open our minds about how we do things!

Finally, I want to encourage you to get out there and do some celebrating this weekend! Celebrate Summer! We are right in the heart of it! Take those beautiful summer drives, go get a triple dip ice cream, find a concert to go to, or a fabulous beach! And just enjoy life! If its been a tough week, take those burdens and pack em up for the weekend. You deserve some time to relax, recharge and to celebrate!

And don’t be afraid to try something new! You just might love it! And new experiences are good for the soul!

Love Always,


“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can!”   ~Danny Kaye




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