Fashion Friday and Keeping the Faith

Hi Friends! The weekend is finally here! 

Here in Michigan our temperatures continue to go up and down like a yoyo. But we are preparing for fall! Troy and I were out driving today and we noticed some leaves falling! We started the week with temps in the 90’s and currently it’s 64°. We typically have lovely autumns in Michigan.

As I shared with you last Friday, I have a Facebook group, the Sizzlers, that I started for women who want to get more exercise in their life. Well, our September Challenge is off to a great start!

There is no pressure ever. You choose what exercise you prefer each day (walking, running, gardening, kayaking, shopping, whatever) and share with the group what you did and how long or far you did it. And if you don’t feel like posting or you missed a couple days, no big deal. We have some women that just post every few weeks. Some post every day. It’s up to you. You are welcome right where you are at! And it’s completely free. No one is selling anything… just a collective group of women who want to get a little bit healthier and fit.

So a couple of extra challenges got thrown in this time around that a few of us are trying (not a requirement… you work at your own pace and what you want to do always). But for fun there are some optional challenges you can try: we have a “Plank” challenge, which is like an extended push up… you simply hold it in the up position for a length of time (your choice) each day. I’m at a 45 second plank, at which time I am begging “mercy! mercy!” Ok, not really… but after 45 seconds I pat myself on the back. Then my son Jake comes along and says, “You know, whatever you think is your limit, you usually can double it.” Thank you, Son!

Another challenge we have going is a squat challenge. Before this group I knew “squat” about “squats”. But now I am doing 45 a day. Woohoo!

And then our dear friend Wendy Hodges (has her own health coaching business- check her out, she is awesome! Wendy’s Way to Health ) she suggested we try a “Sugar Free September” which I started after Labor Day and after our trip up north which of course included a stop at the fudge shop… any self respecting Michigander knows you have to get fudge when you go up north! But I have since Tuesday dropped all the extra sweets. No candy or cake or cookies. I didn’t go extreme. Just those kinds of things. You know what? I think I feel better! I kid you not!

Anyway, we have some really fun women in all ages and stages of fitness, and we would love to have you join, if you are a woman on Facebook, you are cordially invited! Click here: (I hope you join us! Yay!)

Sizzler Fall Sweeps September

So it’s a Fashion Friday, and I have some pictures by my son Jake, and some by my husband Troy. I so appreciate their help with my blog. Jake is starting back to school so I won’t have his help nearly as often, but I am so glad he is pursuing his dreams of video and photography. If you would like to visit his Instagram or for an inquiry, you can find him @jacob.kennedy21.
So these first pictures were taken by Jake, at a park not far from his campus, Washtenaw Community College. In the picture below, I am wearing a sleeveless top from Target, I have been so impressed with their clothing this year! This piece is so comfortable and only $22.99

Crochet Trim Lace up Tank

I’m carrying a cute large hobo bag by Topshop, I love the cognac color! And I love this trend of bags that could double as a tote! Ok, I may have a thing for handbags. It’s my sisters’ fault. They got me started.

Topshop Hobo Bag

I paired it with a no closure cardigan with front patch pockets, that has a curved hem and I love the color, it’s called “brown cattail”. It’s super soft and cozy! These colors here, the bag, the top and the sweater are some of my absolute favorites for fall! If I had to pick a favorite season based purely on fashion, it would be fall!

BP Cardigan

Next I tried a taupe or “sandstone” colored moto jacket by Blank NYC. I love the notched collar, lines and details on this jacket. It’s lined and slides on like “buttah”! It has a zip detail at the hem. It is so high on style for such a great price, $98. It comes in 3 colors, and its sort of the Corvette of moto jackets!

Blank NYC Faux Leather Jacket

I put a longer black tank underneath it, with my trusty Jeffrey Campbell booties (my faves)

Just a fun look for cooler temps! Wouldn’t it be cool if that jacket came in dark red? Maybe it does! I will have to check!

I loved this next blouse, maybe because it’s red (my favorite color!) The flutter sleeves on this just make you feel so pretty! Kind of like a ballerina or something! Flutter sleeves are having a moment this year and I for one am loving it!

Vince Camuto Flutter Sleeve Blouse

I put it with jeans, but it would look great with dress slacks or even a skirt!

And finally I have my new favorite tee, yes I am wearing a camo tee! Friends, you have got to snap this one up! It’s on super sale right now at Lord & Taylor. Get this, regularly $59 on sale for $14.99 and if you use code SEPTEMBER, you get an additional 20% off. Sanctuary is my favorite brand for tee’s, you just can’t go wrong! Super comfortable and wear really well!

Sanctuary Camo-print V-neck Tee 

Ok, so there was a time I would not have figured me for a camo girl. But something happened and now I like it! It’s just fun! I asked my husband Troy if I should wear the necklace or not. He didn’t skip a beat, he said, “Well, that depends… do you want “camo” or “glammo”? I laughed and shouted “Yes”! I want “Glammo”! And Glammo it is!

The bag I carried is this cute little bucket bag from Chelsea28. It has a drawstring closure inside, with a cool top handle and a removable shoulder strap. So cute, comes in 4 colors and only $49.

Chelsea28 Bucket Bag 

I’m wearing my Joe’s jeans I’ve shared before, and my favorite Jeffrey Campbell booties.

There is something about camo… it inspires you to get disciplined or train up like a soldier. You know, to be brave, fierce! Glammo Fierce!

There was an awesome concert at our church last night, the “Dare to Be” concert with Natalie Grant. I was intrigued by the title… I’m always up for a Dare… but this was a challenge a bit deeper.

The theme was all about being encouraged even when things are really tough.  It was such a positive message. They sang this song by Michael W Smith about fighting our battles. And it gave such a powerful faith charge, “It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You.”

And then when it was almost the end of the concert, they read a letter about a woman in the audience (someone had submitted it in advance). This woman had been raised in an abusive home. But as she grew, she chose to take her energy and focus on her faith in God, the Author and Creator of Love, and find her identity there. She also decided that she would one day rescue/adopt a child that had been in a similar circumstance. She did, and then she rescued a 2nd child. And then a 3rd. All 3 from extremely difficult stories. She and her husband offer all the love they have to these wounded kids, even though finances are tough.

They brought her up on stage, she kept saying “I can’t believe I’m up here” (she had no idea her friend wrote the letter). They presented her with a bouquet of flowers, and then told the audience, “This is what a real super hero looks like.” Then they went on to tell her they wanted to help her, and they were going to give her enough money for her house payment for a year, and help with her car payment and grocery money for several months. It was so inspiring! To see this woman who took a bad story- her story and used it for good. “This is how I fight my battles” was the song they closed the concert on.

Don’t you love moments like that? It makes you rethink everything! To channel hurt and fear and anger and doubt into something so powerful, so good, it totally outshines and eclipses the negative event into something so beautiful. That is the power of the purest form of love. I can learn from this story.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Isaiah 40:31


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  1. This bag is great! I always prefered big bags, but I carried too much with me so now I am trying to reduce the size and I am looking for small ones and that one is just perfect!

  2. I love the hobo bag! Here is Texas the weather is crazy too – getting ready for fall – but, I have yet to join the september challenges going on here – I need to, but I can’t seem to get motivated!

  3. Oh Dear Amy,
    ? “It my look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by you.” ?
    I love that. I’ve always felt that.
    Such a beautiful story, too.
    Thank you for your blog.

    ?? Tricia

  4. I am so obsessed with leather jackets for the fall! They’re such a staple in my wardrobe!