Plymouth Fall Festival – Home is Where the Heart Is

Hi friends! I hope you have had a fun weekend!The kids are all back to school!  And as the temperatures begin to cool, we know autumn is almost here! And with it comes all sorts of wonderful traditions and activities! Apples are in season, and the cider mills become a beehive of activity! Football season begins! The leaves begin to turn color! And a host of seasonal celebrations begin! Across the country are festivals and fairs and special events!

Just 10 minutes from where I live is the beautiful town of Plymouth, Michigan. And each year, the “Plymouth Fall Festival” is a 3 day event that draws thousands to come out and celebrate as a community! Last weekend, I went to this event, and had so much fun I wanted to share a little about it with you!

You can see the skies were blue and the temperatures were mild, so lots of people came out to enjoy the festival!

There are scheduled activities throughout the weekend including a pancake breakfast put on by the Kiwanis on Saturday morning, a spaghetti dinner Saturday night put on by the Rotary Club, and a Chicken Dinner put on Sunday afternoon also by the Rotary Club. All of these dinners help support various charitable programs. The festival itself took its roots from a chicken dinner the Rotary Club put on over 50 years ago to help raise money for playground equipment at a local park. That started the ball rolling for an annual event that grew into the huge success it is today! They now have a craft show, a pet show, a vintage car show, entertainment, food tents and carnival style rides, games, and so much more!

This is one of the most fun corners to “people watch” as it is a beehive of activity!

Tents lined up like soldiers, with something for everyone!

In the middle of this charming downtown area is Kellogg Park, complete with beautiful tall trees, sidewalks, cool shady places to sit on nice benches, and a gorgeous water fountain.

All kinds of little booths lines this area!

Some kiddie rides for the younger kids.

On one side of beautiful Kellogg Park is the Penn Theater which opened Dec 4, 1941.

Some of the fun booths people could shop.

I love these kinds of signs with quotes that just speak to your heart!

See that pillow below? We call Michigan “The Mitten State”, do you see it?

Who doesn’t love the jewelry booths?

This was cool… candles in a rock!

I got my exercise!

Just in case you run out of steam, Plymouth is chock full of all the good things!

I have “researched” these fine establishments and can testify… Yassss!

It seemed like everyone was out enjoying the gorgeous weather!

A tent for Minecraft figures! They know their audience!

Temptation Alley!

I stayed strong, friends! You would have been so proud of me!

And the rides with the thrill factor… right beyond the elephant ears and funnel cakes!

The car show had been earlier in the day, but there were still some pretty cool cars to check out.


Of course all the cute shops were open for business enjoying the foot traffic! This shop below is a favorite of mine, Bella Mia! They actually have two different stores… the one below for beautiful casual attire with great prices!

And this Bella Mia… “Dressed Up” for those formal occasions!

Cute, quaint shops like Bohemian Home, for cute household gifts.

Sideways… with adorable pieces for your kitchen,

Old World Olive Co. for a fantastic selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Birch Wood, (more gorgeous fashion!)

Tacari, my favorite beauty salon!

Barrio… fantastic Mexican food! Truly so so good! I get the street tacos!

Shop after shop…

That little pink one is The Doll House and Toy Cottage

What was the old Post Office is now a gorgeous specialty grocery store, The Westborn Food Market

Of course Kilwins Fudge Shop

And inside they do make fudge and you can watch!

And fantastic restaurants everywhere! I’ve been to about half of them… I need to remedy that!

Everyone was out just taking it all in… it was just such a gift to have that lovely warm sunny weekend to come together as a community for one last kiss of summer and looking forward to falling in love with all things fall!

There are so many other really fun shops and restaurants, but I wanted to give you a “Taste” of the Plymouth Fall Festival!

And to encourage you to get out and enjoy all of the things fall has to offer in your community! These are the things that warm our hearts about living where we live. We treasure our hometowns big or small, whether we are in the quiet remote places or if we are in giant cities with sky scrapers and museums and taxis and trains. We all have our favorite diners and coffee shops! We have the market where we always see someone we know! Each season in our hometown has its own charm and nothing beats it! We breathe in the air, and it brings us a sense of peace. And while we love the adventure of a vacation, we can’t help but get excited when that car starts to turn back home. For we have memories there, forever forged In our hearts.

I hope you have a great week!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”   Oliver Wendell Holmes

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  1. Oh Amy,
    What a beautiful town! I love the fall festivities and art shows. And I especially love cider donuts and fresh apples.
    Thanks for sharing Your weekend with us.

    Rosemary xoxord

  2. Plymouth, looks like such a lovely quaint town for a fall festival. I would have loved the crafts booth and Tim would have enjoyed the vintage cars. I’d love to live in that pink toy cottage. It’s so my style. Glad you are enjoying such nice weather. We are too, here in the Republic of Georgia. Thanks Amy. Sharing to FB.

  3. Amy I love how you give such a wonderful insight into where you live. Plymouth looks like it is a beautiful town with every type of restaurant possible. I love the booths and am so glad you enjoyed your day. There is nothing better than a festival to bring people together in a town and I bet visitors had fun too.

  4. I love events like that! Always such a good atmosphere especially when the weather is nice like when you went. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  5. I just love fall festivals! In Austria, we have so many outdoor events in the fall, and in December nothing beats the outdoor Christmas markets which you can find in just about every town and village. Our town’s fall festival is in November, so a little ways off still.