Fashion Friday and Walking on Sunshine

Its Here! Its Here! Oh Friday, I thought you’d never get here!  And you, my gorgeous friend, I am so happy to be back with you!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you booked solid? Keeping it simple? Sometimes its fun when its wide open!

My son Jake brought me these lovely flowers, and I literally swooned! So pretty and cheerful on the kitchen table! Like they are singing out, “Life is wonderful! Don’t miss it!” Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses!

Well my fashionista friends, as I shared last week, the fashion sale event of the summer is going on right now, its the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom! And as of today, its open to everyone now through August 6. What makes this such a special sale is that the items on sale are brand new for fall, so you are getting a great deal on pieces for this next season! And they have included many items that virtually never go on sale, some classic investment pieces, so its a great time to shop! I have a few items rolling in that I ordered online. I will post some of them when they all get here.

This sale has a beautiful selection of cardigans, jackets and coats in lots of price ranges. They also have a great selection of shoes and boots on sale. And some lovely handbags, and cosmetics too.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite items.

Amy’s Top 7 Picks for the Nordstrom Sale

BlankNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket  $64.90 (after sale $98) Honestly this is just so cool, and what a great price!

Vince Camuto Fileana Split Shaft Bootie  $99.90 (after sale $149.95) Great stacked heel, so unique and feminine with the cutouts, reviews are saying runs a little small, suggest to size up a half size.

Chelsea 28 Kaylee Embellished Tote $78.90 (after sale $119) Embellished with a lacy look and beautiful hardware and studs. A handy smaller clip and zip bag included in side. Simply beautiful! Multiple color options

Love Letters Spinning Initial Necklace $44.90 (after sale $68) These would make such great gifts! Comes with a cute little drawstring bag and a card with affirming personality qualities.

Cozy Hooded Cardigan by Barefoot Dreams $75.90 (after sale $114) If you’ve never felt any of the Barefoot Dreams sweaters, it feels like it was spun by the angels… softest sweater I have ever felt! This sale offers several sweaters by Barefoot Dreams, this happens to be my favorite. You could just snuggle around the house in it or go out to run those errands on a chilly day… this one may end up in my house!

Buffalo Plaid Scarf $15.90 (after sale $25) In red/white or black/white, this is such a great scarf with long fringe. This simple plaid is just cool, and right on trend and compatible with so many things.

Packable Jacket By Bernardo $119 (after sale $180) This jacket is so soft, quilting has down, and Primaloft fill and its absolutely gorgeous with the shiny hardware. It comes in several luscious colors but I sure love this one!

I didn’t purchase all of these items, but I do have some on order and will give them a try.  So more pictures and maybe a video coming soon when it all comes in. I know its hard to think of wearing sweaters and jackets when its 90+ degrees and super humid, but at least in our neck of the woods, we know we can count on four fabulous seasons, and a need to be properly dressed to meet them!

Let me know if you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and what your favorite purchases are this year!

Now for this week’s fashion pics!

Its been hot… But this Knotted Front Tunic from Chicos is keeping me cool as a cucumber! The knot creates an asymmetrical hem line elongating the legs (Yes, I’ll take it!).

I paired it with white skinny jeans (“Two by Vince Camuto), my Sam Edelman Peep Toe Booties, and a simple little crossover bag.

My shoes are sold out, but here is a link for a pair that are similar.

I added silver jewelry, a layered silver necklace (“The Setta” by Stella and Dot), and a few silver bracelets also by Stella and Dot.

I do think I could have done maybe a bold long pendant necklace, and next time I wear this top, I may give that a try. But the top really is so comfortable, and it makes a nice silhouette which I appreciate all the help I can get in that department!

Next lets switch gears and move on to my favorite color, red with this Back Pleat Blouse by Vince Camuto (40% off)

Using this cute bucket bag from Target again, and my shoes (Clarks, these sold out) a similar pair are linked here.

So maybe you noticed my necklace… its a pretty bold piece. Its called “Dalilah” and its from Stella and Dot.

True story, this is the first time I’ve worn that necklace even though I have had it for months. Why? I was a little insecure about wearing such a large abstract piece. But I gave it a shot on this top and I really like it! Once again, proving that sometimes I need a crow bar to open up my mind!

Next is a lovely embellished overlay top by Wallis purchased from Nordstrom.

This top just flows and has a pretty high low hem line.

The beads in the embellishment are gold, shiny black and sort of a rose bronze color. I paired it up with this bag.

With the flowy chiffon layers of the top and all the beads, well it makes a girl feel downright glamtastic!

So I’ve purchased two items from this brand “Wallis” through Nordstrom, and the price point ($63) is not bad for such a special top!

This top is kind of a timeless addition for special occasions, and I am glad to formally invite it into my closet! Its a keeper, it made the cut!

I’m still debating about the clutch. The price is good $22.90 on the Anniversary Sale, but not sure if I’m smitten, just chewing on it (not literally). I’m at this place in life with my wardrobe where if I don’t love it, it goes back. It was not meant to be, cherie!

So I wanted to share a couple more fun things with you. First of all, as you may or may not know, I am a stylist for Stella and Dot Jewelry. This week they introduced the start of their fall collection with lots of exciting news on the horizon! Our team met and we had a chance to see most of the pieces and review the new developments. Now I am newer to Stella and Dot, I started this past March. The most beautiful jewels in the collection are the women standing in this photo. They are intelligent, beautiful, kind, driven, and just oozing fashion out of their pores! I felt so energized just being with them, they are supportive and I just felt like a rookie tennis player with her first racket watching from the stands at Wimbledon!

This location we are at is a new facility in Downtown Plymouth that is designed as a place for women to utilize the space for work, meetings, and as a social connection. Its called “Pastel” (I’ve linked this to their website, and they have a Facebook page you can learn more about it as well). You can purchase a membership and they offer a host of classes as well as ways you can rent and utilize the space. Its been designed with beauty and elegance and functionality in mind. I was seriously overwhelmed! I will be exploring this more as I think the concept is both brilliant and so supportive! Its a very cool idea! Its so lovely in there, and with the beautiful group of women there, I didn’t want to leave!

Another great discovery I stumbled upon recently is a community of women on Facebook that exist to support each other as they hit midlife and beyond. Its fun, its collaborative, its eclectic, and global and its growing! It started as a group for ages 50 and older called #TheFierce50 (you can explore more about it here  on Facebook). You probably just fainted when you found out I’m over 50… Hah! I believe they are in the steps to dial it back to women 40 and older as the interest has grown. Anyway, I was invited to participate this week in an Instagram campaign where you connect with 4 other women bloggers, and share an Instagram post about it. So if you follow me on Instagram (@yourfavoritechapter) I posted earlier this morning about the 4 ladies I connected with. I hope you will check it out!

Well my friend, I want to leave you with a “nudge” to get out there and do some Walkin’ on Sunshine! I spent the day with my mom and dad yesterday. They are in their upper 80’s, and you know what? Their lives are literally chock full! Its not all sunshine and rainbows. Like all of us they have had the hills and valleys of life. But they have chosen to simply engage life fully – as an almost sacred commitment!

My dad is an idea man, always thinking and tinkering with ideas… but the cool thing is, he takes his ideas and makes them realities! Its like the words “No” or “Impossible” are just footstools he simply walks around and forward toward  his goal! My mom is fearless. It doesn’t matter what the news is, no matter how bad, she is the one to roll up her shirtsleeves and say, “Alright, lets do this together” – she is the kind who runs into the fire to help you while everyone else is running the other way. The two of them are such a blessing and I learn so much from them! They are walking on sunshine!

They maintain a joyful spirit too, and I think it has something to do with that fearless nature with which they face life. I contemplated this on my way home last night. My dad’s pioneer spirit, and my mom’s endless love for people.

And I wanted to encourage you (and me too) to never take your dreams and ideas and just stick them on a shelf. You can make it happen. You really can! Your first step is eliminating the negative thoughts and just start moving forward with it! I’ve seen so many examples just this week where people are moving forward when it seems like an impossible task. How exhilarating is that? And you can do it too, and so can I! Those dreams in your heart are there for a reason, you are worth it!

I would love to hear about your dreams! Keep moving forward with them! I will too! When we do, its like Walking on Sunshine!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“Its better to look back on life and say: “I can’t believe I did that.” than to look back on life and say: “I wish I did that…” ~Unknown





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  1. I love that you say it sometimes takes a crow bar to open your head to new ideas!! I was totally the same way, Amy!
    But I think the more I’ve been doing that, the easier it’s become!! It’s so freeing—and that necklace is gorgeous!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. We will likely be staying in and trying to “beat the heat” this weekend. It is down right miserable and dangerously hot here right now. I’m loving those Vince Camuto (my fave) booties! Have a great weekend!

          1. I read some other bloggers reviews on it, they are all saying go up a 1/2 size too. I hope you get them! They would look great on you! If they come in in the next day or two (the ones I ordered) I will show them on the blog. The heel is a little higher, kind of like a little bit high cowboy boot.

          2. I believe that, I have had to size up on all my VC boots. They also tend to have higher heels than I would usually wear, but all have been comfortable even when doing a lot of walking.

  3. I’m working on that seemingly impossible dream right now! Thanks for the pep talk, Amy. And I agree with Jodie, great necklace!

  4. So happy I got to meet you at Pastel the other night. Looking forward to seeing you at another meeting soon!