Fashion Friday and Coming Home

Cheers! Its the weekend! I’m so glad you’re here!

It seems summer just flies by, with warm sunshine and blue skies, and you want to savor it like the last bite of an ice cream cone! But the good news is, autumn is a beautiful lady in her own right, and makes our hearts beat with anticipation of her glorious color and the snap of cold in the air! Isn’t life wonderful?

Thank you to my son Jake and my husband Troy who helped take the pictures for this week’s blog!

For this first outfit, I want to share a great piece to have in your wardrobe, a solid black top.

This silky soft blouse is extra long adding a little flowy drama to this lovely piece from Macy’s. Since I ordered it a few weeks ago, its out of stock in the black, but is available in white and sort of an olive gold. Great value at only $34.93 originally $88!

I paired it up with black pants, though it actually looked cute with denim too.

I really like the color black, it works in all seasons, and seems to look good on just about everyone.

I don’t know why but it seems to add just a little bit of elegance! It makes everything look a little more sophisticated and cool regardless of what you paid for it!

And it makes a perfect background for jewelry! It doesn’t matter gold or silver, they both look great on black. Here I added two necklaces, the shorter one is the Eliza Fringe Necklace by Stella and Dot. It actually has a long black suede cord with gold chain fringe tassels on the ends, but I tied it choker style behind my neck. The other longer necklace is the Analena from Stella and Dot. This is a super light weight longer pendant necklace with lots of glimmer, fringe and beadwork all sewn into a leather canvas.


My bracelets are also from Stella and Dot.

For my next look, I am wearing a bright pink cold shoulder top from Chicos.

I love pink shirts with denim, it just feels like a winning combo!

Confession, I was a little nervous about wearing the cold shoulder look, I just keep thinking it looks like Edward Scissorhands got a hold of my shirt! It does have sort of a southern sweetness to it. Its growing on me! I have one other cold shoulder top, in black. So, once again venturing into new territory!

I used my soft suede peep toe booties, mine are out of stock, but here is a similar option.

Once again, using my ever versatile Analena necklace from Stella and Dot.

Next is a Vince Camuto Top in a pattern called “Starlight”.

You’ve seen me wear a number of Vince Camuto tops this summer, because they are just really easy to wear and look nice! Now is a great time to pick a couple up on sale.   

The quality is there, and he always seems to have a beautiful variety available in solids or prints. This top is on sale right now.

And finally, I have a bright orange tank and cardigan combination from Chicos.

I love the fringe and crochet look on this sweater!

And I love the longer length! The tank is sold out but you could easily put white under it. The cardigan is almost sold out, but its at a great price point right now, $19.99!

I also wanted to show you the lovely necklace and bracelets I have for this outfit. My dear friend Vivi Sexauer made this beautiful beaded necklace and bracelets!

They are stunning works of art in their own right, notice how she encorporates such lovely special beads, to her they hold a world of meaning, and that matters to me! The heart, the key both hold significance to this lovely artist who has persevered through so many physical battles and has prevailed! If you would like to see more of her work or contact her for an inquiry you can see her facebook page Jewels by Vivi or you can email her an inquiry  at

Finally, yesterday was my Mom’s birthday! She turned 87 by the calendar, and simply more lovely in my heart!

All day I worked at an event, (I go back in a few hours!) Lots of people, I love people! I greeted, answered questions, stacked snack boxes and water bottles, etc. But in my heart there was a feeling of such excitement because I knew that last night I would be driving to my hometown, Sylvania, Ohio, and seeing my parents! I can’t even put in words, but you probably know that feeling… its like vacation and Christmas and burst of emotion and love all in one! Going home! I imagine what my grandma felt like when she cast her eyes on her precious babies for the first time!

This is my mom and her two sisters. My mom Joyce Elaine is the one on the right. In the middle is my beautiful Aunt Linda, and on the left is my dear Aunt Mary who has already gone home to be with the Lord. That beauty on the right is the one who I call Mom… and she has poured more love into me than I knew was possible. Its what gives me my footing in this life.

Here is the cake we had for my Mama!

My sister Stacey and I with our Mom, we missed our sister Susan in Florida, but I was sending her texts and pictures all evening and she was sending them back!

My brother Doug came as well, though his dear wife Karin was babysitting their precious grandkids.

My dad was there too! We so enjoyed sitting at the table together being treated to a nice dinner out so we could focus on simply visiting! The chatter never stopped! Stacey’s husband Matt is taking pictures here and so is my husband Troy, so they are not in this pic. But I so enjoyed us all just sitting down to eat. My other siblings Kevin and David were there in spirit!

What is it in us that gives our hearts that yearning to go home? Whatever it is, its like a miracle antidote to the worries of this world. When the world is cold, or unloving, there is a place you can go where you know you belong. Home! Even if your precious ones are gone now, those memories are yours forever and nothing can take them away.

And You are dearly loved! I hope you know how precious you are even if you haven’t been home in a long time! Maybe its time to think about a trip back there, even if just to walk down memory lane a bit! I hope you know you are always welcome here too. You are absolutely precious and I am so grateful that we connect whether its face to face or through this venue. You can take confidence in that and know you are loved and important and you always will be in my eyes! But even more than me, you are precious to the Lord who created you, and nothing can ever separate you from His love! Nothing! Not on your worst moment ever does His love ever diminish for you! Doesn’t that feel good to know?

Take care and have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“There’s no place like home.”




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  1. How fun to read about your mom, Amy!! I haven’t been back to Sylvania in years since my mom has moved out here to Denver!! Has it changed much??
    Your outfits are beautiful, but I’m so drawn to that pink color on you!! I love the cold shoulder looks right now—because who doesn’t love their shoulders??

    1. Thank you, Jodie! Sylvania is a little busier, but in my book, its home, and that makes it absolutely perfect! More neighborhoods, they just moved further west. But it still has that wonderful sense of community! I’m glad you have your mom living near you! That is a blessing!

    1. Oh we had such a great night! Honestly, I feel like I am still floating from it! Thank you for your kind words and support! Troy and I were looking at that photo and just marveling at how precious that photo of Mom, you (Linda) and Mary Jane is! I can just imagine how thrilled Grandma was to have three such lovely precious daughters!

  2. All beautiful looks on you, Amy! As I was reading I came to the starlight top and said: “oh that’s my favorite” then I read who the designer was,
    Lol! Go figure. They are all just fabulous! Loved reading about your mom and what a beautiful cake!

    1. Fashion is so much fun, isn’t it? I get such a kick out of the huge variety of styles out there and how we all have different tastes and I love that! I also love it when something happens and I snap and all of a sudden I start liking something I never liked before! Its just so unpredictable and vast and wonderful! Thank you for the kind words! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!