Fashion Friday and Happy Anniversary!

Good Morning! Its a lovely one of a kind Friday here in Michigan. What are you going to do with your weekend?

Its vacation season and my usually busy town feels a bit quiet and restful. I’m always so happy for people getting a chance to rejuvenate. Hoping to get away here pretty quick for a bit of that myself!

So for today’s Fashion Friday, I had some fun with the outfits and pictures this week. Thank you to both my husband Troy and my son Jake who helped with photos. My son Jake is studying video editing as well as acting (he likes both being behind the camera and in front of it!) I asked if he would help with some of the photos.

This first outfit is a basic graphic tee from Vici Collection (linked below photo).

You’re Amazing Tee (I’m wearing a size large) Adidas Stan Smith Tennis Shoes (on sale!)

So Jake took Kasey the bloggy doggy and I over to a favorite place he and she go exploring. Look how happy she is! Notice I am wearing a graphic tee, and it says “You’re quite amazing indeed.” I love tees and jackets and all sorts of things with positive messages! I paired it up with comfy jeans and white tennies. I love keeping a fresh clean pair of white tennies all set to go for any occasion.

Kasey would like it if I just kept the back sliding door open so she come go in and out all day long.

Just a “word” about graphic tees, they look great year round under a leather or denim jacket or even on their own. You can search for graphic tees on your favorite store websites. They add a bit of whimsy to life, and I like that! Pretty much every time I wear one, someone will say something about it when you are out and about, so I love making the messages super positive to “make someone’s day”, just give them pause in life for a quick smile. A graphic tee invites the world into a little message about who you are. They can be comedic or political or advertising or inspiring… just about anything you can think of! I love it when their purpose is to encourage and make someone smile.

So this next top is a “Free People” top (I love that name! I am a freedom lover!)

Free People Swing Tunic (on sale right now at Evereve!) This top is super flowy with a sharkbite hemline (yep what a name! And its a real style! It looks like a shark took a bite out of it! That is as close as I want to get to a shark bite!) Mine is black with a rusty/cranberry/green and gray blue floral running through it and a keyhole neck with a ribbon snap at the neck.

Jake took me to a park for these shots. He told me there is a tunnel where lots of graffiti artists make their mark. I love being invited into new places. Its a mix of beautiful nature with a cultural statement.

Clarks Viveca Myth Gladiator Sandals in black (also comes in sage and gold, these are super comfy and cute!)

Free People tops tend to be a little on the pricey side, so a sale is always much appreciated. Their style seems to me to be decidedly Boho. And I love Boho! Theirs always feel like they went the extra mile… sparing nothing to create truly lovely pieces!

I paired it up with several gold bracelets and rings from Stella and Dot, and my gold watch.

Notice the graffiti to my right… no, not my work. But my last name! I promise I had nothing to do with it!

The vines are growing right up the walls… nature is so peaceful how it just moves on and exists in tandem!

Jake has a poetic soul and is a creative. He asked me to walk through this tunnel going into the light.

No problemo! Glad he talked me into the flat sandals though…

Otherwise, me and my Free People Flowy Tunic might have been taking a swim!

He kept saying “I can’t believe you let me bring you here!”  We clamored over rocks and stepping stones. It really was an adventure! Glad my sandals were the good ole Clarks!

Over lunch he explained that graffiti has been around since ancient times.

So have mothers and sons and great conversations inviting us into each others worlds! It really was a fun experience, and I’m so glad he took me there!

So lets totally shift gears here. This next top is a Vince Camuto Red High Low Tunic. I shared a similar one in blue a few weeks ago. I love this length and the crisp lines. It just feels elegant! Troy and I went out exploring looking for beautiful buildings, and we found one!

Vince Camuto Hot Red High Low Tunic (on sale at Macy’s right now, 50% off)

White Bag with Gold Hoops (I’ve loved this bag from Target!) Shoes are Clarks Pastina Castle (mine are sold out, but I have linked a replacement style that is very similar)

I may have mentioned this before, red is my favorite color!

I’m also crazy about beautiful architecture… its such a delight to see craftsmanship and art celebrated right on our buildings! I think it says something about the human spirit!

I added a longer gold chain, just to add a point of interest.

I have found I love wearing these very neutral color sandals. They just make a discreet elegant statement.

And finally for my last item to share, I got a little bit “spruced up”.  You know how maxi dresses and skirts are really in style this year? Even for doing the most casual things? Well I thought I wanted to try one. So I found one!

V-Neck Jersey Maxi Dress (only $68 from Nordstrom, comes in several colors as well!)

I tried on all my statement and faux gem jewelry and these are the ones I selected! It was so much fun, like being a little girl again playing dress up!

I chose to glitz it up, but you could just as easily wear sandals, and turquoise jewelry or some other casual pieces.

It was time for a freshen up on my hair color, and my stylist, Kat Wright, did my hair for me. She talked me into highlights originally…  She is a miracle worker! If you live in the Plymouth area, you can book an appointment with her! She is a stylist at Tacari Salon in Downtown Plymouth

That little black clutch with the jewels is one I picked up last December for my nephew’s wedding at DSW. They have a gorgeous selection at reasonable prices, and its nice to have one in your closet.

It just so happens that today is our anniversary! Troy and I were married on this day July 7, 1984, 33 years ago! I had met him my senior year of high school. The first day of class that year, in my first class, “Grammar Refresher” with Mrs. Hutchison, great teacher, and in walks a new guy. He walked right past my seat and he literally took my breath away!  He was not dressed like most of the guys… he had more of a country look. “Who is that?” I thought. My heart about leaped out of my body!

I noticed he talked to a friend of mine, John Konop. So I asked him who that guy was, and he said, “Oh… that’s Kennedy – Troy Kennedy (they played football together). Well, after that I made it my mission in life to get to know him! I was in a computer programming class, and at the end of the quarter, my teacher Mrs. Hudson asked if I knew any of the incoming seniors for her next quarter… (an ordained question). She read the list, and ended with “Troy Kennedy”. I literally gasped! She smiled and said, “Oh you know Troy?” She then asked if I would like to be her student aid the next quarter, which I said Yes! And Voila! We were in another class together, and that dear sweet teacher gave Troy all the same programs she had given me, so I could help him with them! At the end of the quarter, he asked if he could take me to lunch to thank me for the help! We dated through college, and were married a few weeks after graduation. Here we are now married 33 years later with 2 sons and a bloggy doggy! He still makes my heart jump to see him!

People really are what make this life beautiful! I think of the relationships over the years, family, neighbors, teachers and classmates, coworkers, friends, acquaintances… it is the gold of our lives! When Jake and I went to that park, there was an older man there with his golden retriever who had just gone for a swim in the very river we took pictures by. We had a nice exchange of conversation, he had a Scottish accent, and a twinkle in his eye, and while our exchanges were on dogs and the nice weather, I can only imagine the stories we could share if we sat down over coffee!

If we can get past all the differences in life… differences in age, in opinions, in our styles and backgrounds and cultures and just get to know each other… it is absolutely delightful and liberating to make friends of all ages and stages and backgrounds! People are such a treasure! You are such a treasure! No matter where you have been, no matter what your story is, we can find common ground in that we all were placed on this planet at the same time in this universe! And you are wired in your own unique and wonderful way! And your story is a fascinating one worth telling, worth getting to know! And your life is worth living to the full! No retirement policy on your dreams and living a fantastic life! So dream those dreams and start taking steps to make them a reality! You are worth it!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Love Always,


“If you dream it, you can do it.”  ~Walt Disney


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  1. Ahhh…Amy!! I loved reading your story about meeting your husband!! How inspiring and happy Anniversary!!
    You show such a fabulous range of clothing!! Isn’t it so fun to go other places to take our photos?? I feel like I’ve gotten to know my area in the best way possible!!

    1. Thank you, Jodie! Yes its always an adventure! I really thought I might end up in the river for that one shoot, but it was such a blast to get out there!Its been a treat to connect with you as well this week!

  2. Thanks Amy. Your son Jake has a good eye for the camera and a lovely subject. I am headed for our lake house for the week. My sister Sue is coming up tomorrow for the day and next Saturday my counseling team is coming out. We will make hamburgers and hot dogs, and of course cannoli, and everyone else will bring a side dish. Should be a fun day. 🙂