Fashion Friday and Little Miracles All Around Us

Hi Friends, It’s been quite a week, and the weekend is a sweet and welcome respite!

I want to take a moment and express my heartfelt prayers for all of our dear friends who have experienced loss and destruction from the ravages of Hurricane Michael this week. There are many stepping out and helping, and if you would like to participate, the Red Cross has a relief fund for victims of Hurricane Michael, as does Samaritan Purse. And several other fantastic and reputable organizations are also involved. The images we’ve seen this week are so devastating, these are such difficult days. But we know they are not alone, and they will rebuild, and thrive again. I’m truly Inspired by the workers who are stopping their own normal lives and coming in to simply help. And the countless stories of people helping each other. Prayers that the cleanup and rebuild is swift, and people can start to move forward.

Our weather has definitely turned here in Michigan and that cold air is like your personal coach telling you “Wake up! Fall is here!”. The leaves are falling and getting crunchy, some stubborn trees are still green but most have eased right on into glorious shades of gold and orange and red!

And it’s the perfect weather to get outside and take a nice long walk! I was thinking about that song today, “And I would Walk 500 Miles” and I’m secretly thinking that may be an accumulative goal for me!

Speaking of exercise and fresh air, I have been sharing every week about the Facebook Group I started last spring when my blue jeans started a petition to get me to exercise and lose some weight or they were going to split. Hah! Anyway, who wants to exercise without a support group? So I started a Facebook Group for women who like the cheerful camaraderie of taking this journey together. And if you are a woman with a Facebook profile, you are cordially invited!

Sizzler Challenge October 2018.

We are currently in our October Exercise Challenge, and you can hop on board at anytime!

We have all levels of fitness in this group (that works for me because until a few months ago, I had zero exercise in my life!) We each just start where we are, at our own pace! And it’s free! No strings! I promise! We aren’t selling anything! We are all just trying to get a little healthier! And when you do it with a great group of women, it’s really fun!

I’m hoping to be feeling healthy and a bit more lean in 2019! Want to join me? If you are interested please click here: Sizzler Challenge October 2018.

I though I would round up a few more of the sales out there this week as it was so warmly received last week.

Banana Republic – 40% off your purchase! Woohoo!!!

Bloomingdales – Through today 10/12/2018 get a $20 reward card for every $100 spent (online only).

Chicos – 25% off full priced sweaters and jackets, use code 85174

Dick’s Sporting Goods – $15 off a footwear purchase of $69.99 or more; free shipping on orders of $49+ ; And they have a “Savings Blitz” of up to 50% off various gear, apparel and boots.

Express – All womens up to 60% off (Cowabunga!)

Gap  – 40% off every single thing! Plus many additional sales up to 70% off! Use code SOGOOD .    

JCrew – 40% off 4+ styles, 30% off 3 styles, 20% off 2 styles, use code SAVEMORE

JJill – Extra 30% off sale styles

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Kohls – Extra 20% off when you spend $100 or 15% off, use code WELCOME plus everyone gets $10 Kohls cash for every $50 spent. 25% off Under Armour, Adidas and Converse attire and shoes. Additional sales throughout the store.

Loft – 30% off tops & sweaters

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Luckybrand – 40% off regular prices, and an extra 60% off sale use code LUCKYBFF

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White House Black Market – 30% off entire purchase, use code 40210.

Many thanks to my son Jake Kennedy who is also my photographer much of the time. Jake squeezed in time yesterday in his very busy schedule, and I thank you, Jake. Jake is pursuing photography and video as a career in college. If you would like to connect with him on Instagram, he can be found @jacob.kennedy21

Alright let’s begin! I am sharing coats for cold weather this week, as I am trying to decide what direction I want to go. I shared a coat last week I really loved, a houndstooth plaid by a new clothing line at Nordstrom called “Something Navy”.

This week I have 3 styles in very different directions.

First, I have a red puffer vest by JCrew. I purchased this the end of last year, but they are offering 4 colors of a very similar vest this year on sale at a great price, $44.50. It is available in navy blue, black, ivory and a dark burgundy color.

I really love these vests, And now they come in so many colors and weights. You can find these at Kohls, Nordstrom, Macy’s (here is one in bright red)  and here is a really pretty one by Coldwater Creek that comes in a gorgeous olive color (temptation!Ahhh!)

My turtleneck is by Chelsea28, and is ultra thin making it perfect for layering.

I actually tied my plaid shirt around my waist, but it fits really comfortably as well.

This is the kind of clothing I could wear every day!

Next, I decided to try a faux fur jacket in an animal print. This jacket is by Kensie,

This coat is so soft, and it was really chilly when we took these photos, and Jake said he was wishing he was wearing the jacket!

It feels really chic, and it is so soft!

I love the length of the jacket as well!

My bag I have shared with you before, and I just love it! It’s by Sondra Roberts, and it’s a roomy satchel with two sets of handles, and a cute clutch hidden inside to keep it all organized.

Finally, I have another coat, a lined red drop shoulder midi coat by Kendall & Kylie. This coat ran pretty large, and this one is actually a little too large for me. This is a large, and I actually folded the sleeves underneath. The coat actually sold out really fast, but there is a beautiful red coat by JCrew on sale right now.

My tote bag is older, but there is a great deal on one very similar by Steve Madden. It comes in 4 colors and patterns including a beautiful animal print, a lovely red plaid. And it is only $52.80.

Now take a close look at the picture below. As Jake was taking my picture, he says excitedly, “Mom, there is a deer on the path behind you.” (It’s down beyond the yellow trees on the right of the path).

And then he says, “Oh my gosh Mom there’s more!” He says, “I’m going to keep snapping pictures, don’t move Mom!” And I was so happy to see how excited he was!

“Mom! It’s like a small herd!” Jake was so excited, I was so excited! (Can you see them all?)

And as quickly as they came on the scene, they left. I turned and they all started leaping, white tails swishing and they ran and leaped across the field! Jake and I looked at each other and we knew we both had just seen a miracle! Talk about an adrenaline surge! I live for moments to see nature up close and personal, and this was like God just reached down and handed us both a rare and precious gift! We will never forget that moment! But the most priceless thing to me was to see that grin on Jake’s face!

It seems that right now our lives are going full speed ahead, and if we are not careful, you can find yourself going days, maybe even weeks without stopping to notice the beauty of the little things that float into your life as gently as the golden leaves that are falling.

They don’t bother you for anything and that is why we can miss them. But they are there and can refresh and refuel you body mind and soul if you take the time to notice. Like a small herd of deer that gently walk across a field in front of your very eyes! Such regal creatures! How beautiful! Or the amazing colors of autumn with golds and greens and oranges and reds, more stunningly beautiful than the finest art anywhere. And this is .your canopy you get to walk under every day for free.

Or the sound of the wind moving through the leaves on the trees, almost bidding you a gentle reminder that the seasons are ever changing, and time is marching on and with it comes another new miracle at every turn, so don’t miss it! Or the sound of the different birds you hear every single day! Or the delicious taste of an apple fresh from the tree. Or seeing the squirrels bury nuts, planning for leaner days ahead! Or the birds gathering excitedly as they ready themselves to fly south in massive flocks for the winter. Or the sound of the ocean if you are near it. Even the feeling in your heart when you get a call from a loved one you haven’t spoken to in awhile, or the stir in your heart when you look at an old photo album.

All of these things are like little miracles at our feet every single day! The sound of a baby’s laughter, is there anything any sweeter? And if it is your child, or your grandchild, it is as though the blessing is so great, you feel your heart will burst with love! There are miracles all around us, and oh how we gain when stop and notice each one!

I hope you have a weekend full of beautiful, undeniable miracles all around you!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.   ~unknown

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  1. Hi Amy!
    Wonderful and versatile coat selections. If I wasn’t in NC I’d be wanting a new coat, but I’ve got a collection of Motos for our climate. The red coat and leopard are my fav, looks great! I work on the blog outside on our deck as I love to hear the birds etc. Trying to live in the moment
    Jess xx

  2. I have never really been an animal print gal, but that coat sure turned my head! I think I need to have it. Too bad, it might be a little too much at the beach today. I also love the plaid shirt+jacket pics, and of course the sneaky deer ? photo-bombing your shoot. Have a great weekend!