Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Friday! And the music sounds better, the food is tastier, and everything just feels somehow like a party is about to break loose!

Just a quick update on me. Honestly, there is nothing quick about it, hah! I fell on the ice last February and broke my ankle (and my leg) like Humpty Dumpty. And they put me back together again. But the post surgery healing process is slower than molasses in January. I have gotten to the point where I can put about half of my weight on my injured ankle when I am using a walker.

So I go to therapy three times a week. These people really know what they are doing. They are trying to strengthen the leg which has gotten much less use since I fell, and they also are trying to increase the range of motion. They started me on an exercise bike that does not put much resistance on it, just enough. I do this for 10 minutes. This is great for my self esteem because there is no pain involved in it. Yessss! Do you see that cage thing in the background? This week they added me going in there, and I rest my foot on the angled plank in the cage and try to lunge forward, which stretches the top of the ankle and the achilles.

Another thing they added this week is getting me on the treadmill. I keep my good foot anchored on the side (not moving) and my injured foot (white sock) just rests down lightly doing heel toe motions getting use to the feeling of the full motions in a proper step.

Afterward they put me on the ice machine… sweet sweet ice machine! It takes the swelling down. I work at home on the things they give me to work on, and then they take me a little bit further each time I come in.

So slowly but surely I am on the mend. My Sizzler exercise group I mentioned above is so encouraging to me. And my family has been priceless. Each one has stepped in to help.

And now I want to shift attention to Mother’s Day. This week, the world paused a moment with the blessed news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcoming their first child into the world! A beautiful baby boy was born, “Archie”! The photographs that followed showed the glowing faces of joy of the new parents, and grandparents. And for a moment, nothing else in the world mattered, for once again, the miracle of another new baby being born captured our hearts. We all hush and catch our breath and wipe a tear from our eye.

And just as miraculous, babies being born all over the world are ushered in with that same hush, that same feeling of incredible elation no matter what is in the bank account, whether its a first or a fifth baby it doesn’t matter! Another miracle has happened! Every single baby is a living breathing priceless masterpiece! A one of a kind!

I remember when my first son Shane was born, we could not believe it was possible to feel that much love! I prayed for him in the hospital, and I prayed for his future wife too, that where she was, that she would be safe and loved dearly. I wandered down to the nursery in the hospital to peek at him at around 2am, and when I looked through the window, I saw he was being rocked by a dear elderly lady, a late night volunteer who just rocks babies. Her hands bore the signs of severe arthritis, but they were the most beautiful hands I had ever seen, for she was tenderly holding my new son and whispering to him words of comfort. I will never forget that angel in the nursery.

I thought I would share what a blessing children have been in my family. In this first picture below is my mom on the right, with her baby sister Linda in the middle, and her younger sister Mary Jane on the left. Can you imagine what my grandmother thought when she looked at those three beautiful girls? I imagine she thought she was the luckiest woman alive! She made all of their clothes. She was bringing them up during the Depression. But she had the greatest gift of all in these three beautiful girls!

Each of these girls would grow to be mamas. Not without the ups and downs the greatest joys and heartaches. But the calling came and they treasured it. In the photo below, my mom is the one standing behind her mother.

This is my Mom, with her first child, my brother Doug. I would be born ten years later. I always loved this picture because of the look on my mom’s face. She always loved her babies so much. So did my Dad. That look of utter amazement! What a gift children are!

My parents had six children, here we all are around them. See me in the back row? When I was a little girl, they taught me a prayer for bedtime that ended with “God bless Mama, Daddy, Susan, Kevin, Stacey, Amy, Dougie, Freddie and David. In Jesus Name, Amen” (Freddie was the cat, everyone else is in this picture, hah!)

Well, of course, with 6 children, my parents were bound to have some grandkids. And sure enough, they had 16 grandkids! 12 of the 16 are boys! And guess what? With each one, we all were amazed! And my parents were just crazy about each one!

Here are just a few! This was the first child for my brother Doug and his wife Karin, grandchild for my parents, great grandchild for my Grandma, great great grandchild for my Great Grandma. It’s a special picture!

And the babies kept coming!

Move in just a little bit tighter!

That is my beautiful mom on the right in the picture below, and my sisters (just missing Karin my brother Doug’s wife in this one). Note to self. Take more family pictures when you are dressed up.

My sisters Susan, Stacey and I on our big Chicago getaway awhile back. Moms having fun. Retail therapy. You can’t pour from an empty cup, right?

Here are my own two blessings. Do you feel a little bit safer?

And a few years later. Time just flies, doesn’t it?

Each face in these pictures, from the youngest to the oldest is a precious life that matters. Each designed as a one of a kind, each with God given dreams. Each an absolute blessing to their parents. You were/are a blessing to your parents too, even if your parents are no longer here. You were a miracle to them as well. And yes, you too were created with gifts and talents and dreams that are yours and yours alone. And this world is a better place because you are in it. That is the miracle of Mother’s Day. You! And Me! And each of us on this earth! Down through the ages, whether they are still here or have gone on to Heaven, each man, woman, boy, girl, baby is a precious priceless gift.

Where ever you are at, or who is in your circle I am wishing you love this Mother’s Day, for you brought the greatest gift of love ever to your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love Always,


When you look into your mother’s eyes,  you know it is the purest love you can find.

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  1. Amy, I am beside myself with the beauty of your loving post. ❤️💓❤️💓

  2. Hi Amy!
    Happy Mother’s Day! I loved reading about your family and seeing the pictures! That’s allot of grandkids😉
    Beautiful . Such cute pics of the Superheros!
    I’m only a dog momma, but made sure to celebrate my mom on this day.
    I’d love for you to share some posts on my Tuesday Turning Heads linkup this week. Love to have you
    Jess xx

    1. Thank you, Jess! You are a mama and everything in the world of your pups! You are their world! Thank you for inviting me to your linkup, I would love to share on there, is it ok if I am not doing as much fashion? (I am kind of limited since I broke my ankle) Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  3. This post touched my heart in such a way that I was in tears at the end. Though we were also a family with 6 kids, our family was never very close. My husband and I tried to raise our two children with the love that we didn’t get as kids. Even today, though there’s many miles between us, we stay in touch with our children, and grandchildren, and let them know how much we love them. Thanks for sharing this very moving post, Amy.

    1. Oh Christina, I so appreciate your kind words and your story as well. We also tried to really encourage our kids to nurture their relationship. How wonderful that your relationship with your kids and grandkids is so strong. I think often of growing our kids like planting a tree. The strongest trees have solid roots that go deep. Your kids know they are loved. That means their roots are deep and you can build a pretty amazing life on that!