Tasty Tuesday and Savory Chicken Soup

Hi friends! It’s another Tasty Tuesday and today I have a savory chicken soup recipe!Today has been cold and rainy and I thought soup would hit the spot! I love having soup for a meal. It always tastes so good and it feels like good fuel for the body and soul! Our whole house loves soup, and it is really easy to make. And so much better than what you get out of a can. So I thought I would share a really savory version of chicken soup. So without further ado, let’s begin!


  • 1 large package chicken thighs (I used boneless/skinless- 10 pieces)
  • 3 boxes chicken broth
  • 4 handfuls or 1/2 bag wide egg noodles
  • 2 carrots cleaned sliced
  • 3 stalks celery sliced
  • 1 medium onion diced
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tsp dried rosemary
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 handful chopped parsley (used as garnish after serving)

Add your chicken broth and chicken to a large pot and bring to boil, cook chicken for about 45 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking, chop your vegetables. We are using onions, carrots and celery. These three aromatic vegetables work extremely well together and are the foundation for many soup and sauce recipes. This combination is called a mirepoix, pronounced “meer-pwah”. My husband shared that with me a few years ago, and it is amazing how many times those three come together in recipes! At Thanksgiving time, I noticed my grocery story sells pre-chopped containers of these three together.

Check to see if your chicken is done cooking. I pull a piece out of the pot and cut into it. In the piece below, the center was not thoroughly cooked so back in the pot it went for another 15 minutes. If your soup broth has boiled down a little too far, you can add 2 cups of water or another box of broth.

Once the chicken is done, pull it all out of the pot and shred it. *Note* You can use chicken that has the skin and bones. At this point, you would remove the skin and bones after it has been cooked thoroughly and shred the meat.

Add your seasonings to the soup broth.

Add your vegetables to the soup broth and stir.

Let simmer maybe 5 minutes. Then add your meat back to the soup broth. Add in 4 handfuls of egg noodles. Simmer until the noodles are tender. Your house is going to smell so heavenly!

I think it’s ready!

Ladle it into a bowl.

Sprinkle a little fresh chopped parsley on the top. Oh my word! (not kidding, my son just sat down to eat his bowl of soup and that is exactly what he said!)

We served it up with some Hawaiian Dinner Rolls (so good with this soup!) and some fresh fruit and veggies.

My husband had 3 bowls of it. It’s that good! It has so much flavor!

This is one of those foods that tastes so good, your family is going to be overwhelmed with thankfulness! When you are really hungry and tired and you walk in and smell that heavenly aroma, you almost want to cry you appreciate it so much! Tired bodies sit down at the table revived and renewed just at the thought that someone loved them enough to make such a delicious meal. And then everything stops for a moment for thanks. There is something so precious about that moment, because it validates the feelings in their hearts. What we have here really is precious, and I am so grateful!

And then they dig in. And as they eat, they begin to feel relief and rejuvenation. Conversation, laughter, and the knowledge that they are so incredibly blessed to be a part of this family. Glancing around the table, there is no other place they would rather. It is more than just the soup. It is this precious time together, this family, like no other family in the world! And tonight they will sleep well, and be ready to face another day tomorrow!

Have a fantastic week!

I’ll be back Friday for another post!

Love Always,


Family, where life begins and love never ends.  ~ unknown

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  1. I love this. Thank you. I’ve been craving rich brothy soup and yours seems to be the answer.

  2. Amy – this looks fabulous! It’s so versatile, too. Anyone going low carb, Whole 30, paleo, etc. can omit the noodles and still have a warm and hearty meal. This one will be featured at a Greenwell Family Dinner Night soon!


    1. Oh Helen I’m so glad you like it! It is so chocked with flavor! That is a great point about omitting the noodles for low carb, etc. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. I love chicken soup! I spend a full day in late fall making a huge batch which yields 10 – 12 quarts for me to stash away for the long cold winter. This recipe is similar to mine but all cooks have their special touches to make theirs special. I think I could eat at least 3 bowls like your husband!

  4. Sounds delicious! I’m standing in line for a colosseum your in the pouring rain, freezing and yet loving it. Home made chicken soup sounds perfect! Sadly it will have to wait. Love the colorful pics!