Fashion Friday and Going Places

Friday! You’re finally here! Nothing like the good vibes of a Friday!

How has your week been? We’ve had some pretty warm temps here in the Mitten State, upwards of 90° for several days, which is early for temps that warm! Hence, for this week’s fashion, I have no jackets or sweaters! I just couldn’t do it!

So I’ve shared with you about the exercise group I recently started for ladies, a Facebook group to help me as I journey towards better health and losing some weight. The Summer Sizzler, 100 Day Challenge. I have good news! Our group is growing in number and many are sharing they are reaching some fantastic goals! I am seeing some slow but steady progress on the scale myself (Yes!). And we even have a cool incentive some of the ladies are doing (me too). Some of us have started money jars and each time we workout, we put a dollar in the jar! That way, after 100 days, you have some money to maybe treat yourself to something special (like hopefully a need for some smaller jeans!)  “Because 100 days is going to go by one way or the other.” So if you would like to join us and start taking steps to feel better and gain some new healthy habits, jump on in! Believe me, my jeans were begging me to start, that is why I’m in it! Come join us, Ladies! Click here Summer Sizzler if you are interested.

Special thanks to my son, Jake Kennedy who helped me with my fashion pictures this week! Jake loves video and photography, and I so appreciate his help!

So I worked last night, and when I came home, a Trunk Club trunk had arrived on my doorstep! Oh happy day! So below is a box called a “Trunk”, and its part of the Trunk Club which is through Nordstrom. Trunk Club is a service where you work with a stylist on the phone, she will ask you questions about style likes and dislikes, sizing etc. And then the stylist will pick out some things for you and ship them to you.

Inside my box I found the following bundle, and a box of shoes to try.

You try everything on, and see what you like and what you don’t care for. And then any item you want to keep, you pay for online. The items to be returned are put back in the “Trunk”, and you place the return label on the box, and use the enclosed tape tabs to seal the box. Then you go online and schedule a “pickup”, and leave the box out front on the morning you have scheduled a pick up. Voila! Just that easy!

Inside my box was 15 pieces! That’s a lot! It was really fun to look at all the pretty items. Below are some of the items that were in my box.

Above: Crop Ruffle Hem Pants by BP ($52), And coral side twist top by Sanctuary ($49)

Above: Avery Crop Wide Leg Pants by Wayf ($75) and the Helena Denim Jacket by Kut from the Cloth, ($79)

Above: Lucky Brand Cutout Peasant Blouse ($69.50) and Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress by Eliza J ($128)

Above: Lysse Ruffle Crop Leggins ($78) and Michael Kors Layered Hem Paisley Top ($64)

Above, the Nora Tiered Hem Top by Sanctuary ($49) and the Halogen A Line Dress ($59)

Below, Halogen Andre Slide Sandal ($69.95) (I can testify they are super comfortable!)

How fun is that? I haven’t had time to try them all on yet, but I certainly will be enjoying that this weekend! I love that it exposes me to someone else’s fashion style, and I love getting help like that! I currently am signed up to receive trunks 4 times a year, once each season. If you would like to learn more about it, you can click here: Nordstrom Trunk Club .

Now for this week’s fashion. As I said, its been really warm, so its a short sleeve kinda week!

First, I have a black tee I ordered through Old Navy, where they have so many fun statement tees! This particular one , “My Coffee Needs Coffee” has almost sold out, but you can find a huge selection of statement tees at great prices here: Old Navy Statement Tees .

I am a coffee drinker!

For these pictures, we went into Downtown Northville, one of the cutest little towns you ever saw!

We stopped at a shop called “My Little Paris” Cafe & Bookstore.

I got my first ever iced coffee! It was about 85° and humid, and oh that icy coffee hit the spot! This could be habit forming!

They had some serious pastries and treats in there, but I am on a roll trying to lose some weight so I administered some serious self control! Just keep on walkin’, Amy!

Below, I have tried on the Michael Kors Layered Hem Paisley top from the Trunk Club above. The man in this picture was so nice. We visited a bit.

It really is such a cute little town!

And finally, I’m sharing a red tee that says, “Going Places” by Ban.Do

I carried my black and white striped tote bag by Stella & Dot to go with it.

This little plaza with the fountain below has a stage for a live band outside on Friday nights in the summer.

There is something so uplifting about the idea of traveling… any place! Just to go explore!

This trip to Northville was such a fun adventure (albeit shoehorned in to a very busy day!) But Jake and I now have that memory of sneaking away to a lovely town and spending some time together.

There are so many little storefronts, restaurants, coffee shops and pleasant seating areas.

A lovely theater!

We truly enjoyed ourselves.

I was at a mall last week one day, and I was in a bit of a hurry. But as I was zipping along, I saw a couple ahead of me. They were probably twenty to thirty years older than me. The woman had what I guessed was maybe a severe curvature of the spine and neck, and her husband so tenderly held her by the hand, not because he was supporting her but because they just enjoyed holding hands. They walked side by side at her pace. And they just took their time looking in the store windows, thoroughly enjoying themselves. My rushing feet slowed to a halt and I stood and watched for a moment. I felt a little tap on the shoulder from Heaven bidding me to pay close attention, and to learn. Such an example of love, tenderness, and to not let obstacles in life keep you from going places! It made me feel so good to see them out enjoying themselves!

May we never lose the love of going places! It refreshes your soul like an oasis in the desert! I have so many dreams of places I would love to go and see. Near or far, I would love to see as much as I can of this big beautiful blue marble! And to meet people and just have moment after moment of golden hello’s and sharing stories. Wouldn’t that be lovely! Even if I traveled to every cute town in Michigan, it would be such a delight! I have tucked away the memories of this adventure with Jake and I hope for many more.

I hope you get out and go places too! It does take time and money, but you can pack sandwiches and plan carefully, and oh can you put a price on the stirring in your soul when you go explore someplace new? This girl is going places, and I sure hope you can make some time to go places too!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

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  1. I love the red “going places” tee with the white jeans…and the striped tote. Bright & cheerful!

  2. I love that story about the elderly couple, Amy. That will be Rob & I in a couple of years….it’s truly a blessing to find that person that you can grow old with!
    I still haven’t tried the Trunk Club but it’s good to know that the prices were reasonable. Those crop ruffle hem pants are like a pair I have. We could wear them together if you keep them???

    1. Thanks, Jodie. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. Your story sounds a lot like mine and my husband :). As far as the Trunk Club, the pricing is another thing the stylist will talk to you about- your thoughts on pricing as well. What they did in the beginning with me was send me an assortment in my price range and one or two high end items, she said it was a way to introduce you to it. She sent me some Eileen Fisher pieces which were gorgeous and fit like a dream but a little out of my range.

  3. Hi Amy Happy Saturday!
    I love both of your tees, and what a sweet example of love you gave with the couple. my mom will tell me that i am lucky, and i know I am, as some guys wouldn’t deal with chronic illness. Coffee is a must in the am!
    I have never tried this or the other box club, but you received some very pretty pieces! I love the red top, the j Elsia dress and your jean jacket looks awesome! I love a lighter one in the spring too.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess! Thank you for your kind note! Love is such a beautiful thing, reminds me of that passage on love, “it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, love never fails.” I totally agree about coffee, got one in my hand right now! And that navy dress from Elsa J is gorgeous! Its a little tight on me, so I probably could go up a size, but the dress is truly elegant! I’m on a diet and exercise plan so do I buy the right size now, or try to “shrink” into it? Hah! Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!