Fashion Friday and Keeping it in Perspective

Hi there, Friend! I’m so glad it’s Friday, aren’t you?It’s been a beautiful week in Michigan, temps in the 80’s, blue skies and sunny and bright! I sure do love a Michigan summer!

Many thanks to my son Jacob Kennedy for his help with photos this week. We always have such a good time when we go! As I have shared before, Jake is studying photography and video at school, and I love seeing his creativity. If you would like to see more of his work, or for an inquiry, you can follow his Instagram for his business @734rocious.

So last week we began covering the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which at that point was only open to customers with a Nordstrom account. But as of yesterday, the sale is now open to the public. Some things did sell out, but Nordstrom has restocked many things just in the last few days, and continues to do so, including adding brand new items to the sale. So now is the perfect time to take advantage of some really great deals.

So let me show you some of the lovely things I have found! I tend to gravitate to shoes and bags, maybe because they are such a fun investment! You can use them day after day so you know you will get a lot of bang for your buck!

This first picture below is of one of the handbags on sale. This is by Brahmin.

I confess I am tempted by this one. It kind of looks like alligator, but it’s not. It’s a treatment they do to the leather (real leather) and each bag seems to have a different look (which I think is really cool). The colors would go with so much in your wardrobe! All those warm neutral tones! And it’s just such an interesting bag! You can see on the shelves its offered in other shades as well. Oh be still my heart and my order clicking fingers!

The one I fell for was the Nadia Croc embossed satchel, regularly $345 on sale for $230.90. But they also offered a shoulder bag and a cross body.

Tory Burch has some gorgeous bags in this sale. Even on sale they are still a big number, but oh there is nothing like the luxurious feel of a Tory bag! I’ve never owned one, but I tried every single one over my shoulder in the store in front of a mirror, and they just have such a sophisticated look! I haven’t pulled the trigger, but no promises!

The big beautiful beauty on the top shelf to the right is Marsden Pebbled Leather Tote, and its currently available in this neutral color “light oak”, and in black. It is regularly $528 on sale for $352.90. That is a pretty good savings, and Tory almost never goes on sale.

This little beauty below, the Small Marsden Leather Tote, comes in the same colors as above, light oak and black. It retails for $498 and is on sale for $322.90. They did have it in a rich cognac color, but it sold out. One thing I am loving about this line is the high polished chain detail on it.

This beauty below seems to be flying off the shelves. The Marsden Swingpack Leather Crossbody, regularly $428, sale for $322.90. This too is offered in the same colors as above. I shopped in this department and wandered back to “just check on her”, and the rack kept slowly emptying… here it is down to one in the store I was in. And ladies all over the Metro Detroit area have a beautiful new bag to be by their side in the days, weeks, months and years ahead! The shoulder straps/chain on this one can be worn as doubled, or you pull one handle and the other withdraws to convert it to a crossbody. Let me tell you, it looks so pretty over your shoulder! (I may have tried it on about 20 or 30 times now). Tory also offers another crossbody, the Marsden Leather Wallet Crossbody, and if you don’t have a nice little evening bag, or smaller bag, this is it! It is adorable and comes in three colors, black, light oak, and this gorgeous blue! It’s regularly $228, on sale for $151.90. You can’t go wrong with any of these bags and you will use them for years.

These are some of the Frye bags offered this year. I don’t know, I just love Frye bags! They look like they were made in the wild west under a warm Colorado sun! Rich and beautiful! The bag below is the Frye Melissa Large Leather Hobo, regularly $398, on sale for $265.90. You know you won’t go wrong with a bag like this either. It will stand the test of time! I’m partial to that darker rusty red one! Gorgeous!

These on the table below are just fun! They are by Marc Jacobs, and it is the Mini Leather Logo Shopping Tote. They are regularly $275, on sale for $183.90. You can see the embossing and double handles, just a fun bag! It comes in blue, black, silver and a light bone or putty color (almost white).

This little beauty on the top shelf below is one by Rebecca Minkoff this year, one of the few animal print offerings, really a cute crossbody, definitely smaller. It’s the Small Love Genuine Calf Hair Crossbody bag, retailing at $225, on sale for $149.90. It would be an adorable statement piece. On the shelf to the right is a lovely Rebecca Minkoff satchel that also has a shoulder strap, retailing at $295, on sale for $196.90. It comes in black or a wine color. Below that and to the left is a fun Rebecca Minkoff nylon studded backpack, retailing at $195, and on sale for $129.90.

So on to the shoes, my other favorite department! So many flats offered this year! Below are some Halogen mules, with sort of a loafer look, regularly $99.95 on sale for $64.90. On the shelf below are some beautiful loafers by Louise Et Cie, regularly $139.95 on sale for $89.90.

The animal print mule with that gorgeous bow on the top shelf below is also Louise Et Cie, regularly $129.95, on sale for $84.90. Below that you can see some pointy toe flats with a bow, those are by Cole Haan, the Skimmer, in several colors, and if you like the leopard print, it is here, regularly $149.95, on sale for $99.90. And next to those are the beautiful Tory Burch ballet flats with the gold insignia on the toe, this year it is a slightly brushed finish, regularly $248,  on sale for $164.90

And here you can see some of the athletic shoes they are offering in the sale.

They usually offer at least one of the Ugg styles, this year they have a few, this one below is really cute with the bow. The Daelynn Boot, regularly $189.95 on sale for $124.90.

And check out this Cole Haan bootie, regularly $220 on sale for $144.90.

I asked the clerk what brand was selling out the fastest, and she said the Blondo’s are going really fast this year. I ordered the one below, it looked like a sharp look with a sensible heel, the store was sold out of my size. It has two zips on either side, regularly $149.95 on sale for $99.90.

Another really cute bootie below, by Caslon, regularly $119.95 on sale for $79.90! It has a zip up the back of the heel. I’m all for zips! They make it so much easier!

Below some more cute booties! Honestly there were tons! They really outdid themselves this year! Do you see a pair here today that you like?

We could spend an afternoon in the shoe department!

So I wanted to show you some of the things I ordered online thus far. I ordered the Ugg Moc Toe Flat in a few colors and sizes to try. They are super comfortable, but run a little small (I’ve found this to be true before with Uggs). So I am keeping the brown, and reordering the black in the next size. The red, I love, but the practical side of me says to buy the ones that will match the most clothes. These are regularly $99.95 on sale for $64.90.

I also got the BlankNYC moto jacket with removable hood below, regularly $98 on sale for $64.90. The hood is a heavier fleece hood, and it has sturdy snaps to put it place. I have it removed below, but if I needed a hood, I would have one! And it does give a really cute layered look, but for a hot July day, I just chose to remove it. It is a faux leather jacket, not as shortly cropped as some (I prefer them a little longer) and with cute zip details on the sleeves and front. This is a great price with high style, and I will use this a hundred times this year. Win! Thank you, Nordstrom!

I bought the XL, because I don’t like things snug, and it is bordering on a little too big, but there is room to wear a sweater underneath so I like that!

My tee came from Lord & Taylor. It is the Heritage Tee by Calvin Klein, and it comes in black, gray and white. I really like statement tees. They just have a fun vibe. It is regularly $29.50 on sale for $18.80 if you use code “JULY”.

I also wanted to share this cute Super Woman Tee (sold out fast I’m so sorry!) that is part of the Nordstrom Sale. Just fun to have these messages that are light hearted, and of course you know I love the red!  Here is another fun tee, “Tres Chic”.

So I have lots more to share in coming days, and more things on the way. It feels awkward to shop fall things yet when we have lots of summer to go! In Michigan, we can have a good hot day well into September, but we also get dappled with cool days right through the summer. So the lesson is “relax and go with the flow”.

That is such a great thing for me to remember always! Things don’t have to be picture perfect, and they really never are. So if we can relax and realize the sun is going to rise again each day even if I mess things up (which I will).  We all do!

I remember when I was about 12 years old, my mom had us in Florida for a summer trip. We were planning my mom’s birthday (me and my two younger siblings, Stacey and David). We pooled our money (a $20 bill we found in the ocean and some pocket change). We bought the stuff to make a lemon birthday cake for her. I baked it, frosted it a little too soon, so the cake kind of tore as I frosted it, but no biggy. Relax and take it easy, right? We had gifts… plastic coasters shaped like turtles, and 3 figurines made of seashells, they looked like frogs playing instruments. The perfect knick knacks for a coffee table!

And it came time to sing and cut the cake. We sang! She blew out candles! And I grabbed a bottle of Pepsi to pour for a cheers on this festive occasion, and it slipped from my hand on our glass top dining table and the table summarily broke in 3 giant shards, as the cake and everything fell to the light yellow carpet below! My heart stopped! I felt horrible! And my mom, the birthday girl who lived every day as a life lesson just looked at our shocked faces and said, “That’s Ok! We can replace this top! Don’t worry about it!” And she thanked us over and over for the gifts and the party! I will never forget that example. She placed us… our feelings in a much higher regard than that table! And she seized the moment to be sure we knew it!

She kept things in perspective. I learned a lot that day. Attitude is a game changer.

Well I’ve talked your ear off again, so I better scoot so you can get to enjoying your weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love always,


F.E.A.R. has two meanings – “Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Rise”

~Zig Ziglar


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  1. That’s such a fabulous lesson from your mom, Amy! it IS all about perspective and the people in our lives definitely should rate more than the inanimate objects!!
    As for the sale—you just gotta love the shoes!! I’ll take all of them…LOL

  2. Frye, Minkoff. Going tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what’s rocking at International Plaza in Tampa!

  3. Morning Amy!
    So true about attitude, great story about your mom’s table. I enjoyed reading about your trip to nordstrom and what you were eyeing. i was very conservative this year, and bought a moto jacket only. i am hoping it works out ! Love the shoes and i am a big fan of Brahmin. your moto looks great on you!
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found a moto too! Going conservative is a smart idea! I still haven’t purchased a bag, I would say its 50/50 now, as a part of me is thinking I might wait and make a special handbag purchase when I travel this next year, sort of marking a moment. The Brahmin bags all have such a special look like each one tells a story to me. Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely day!

  4. Fun review of the Nordstrom sale. I, too, am a lover of handbags and shoes (maybe it’s because I can always find some that fit!). I bought the Blondo booties too as they are perfect for our UK winters. However, this year I went crazy on the beauty products. My philosophy is that you can never have too much makeup!

    1. Oh how fun! I am tempted by the Dior and the YSL kits this year, but haven’t given in yet – we will see! I’m still waiting on my Blondo boots to arrive! Gahh! I love this sale!