Fashion Friday and Finding the Sun

Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing simply magnificent!Its another Fashion Friday, and I have so many fun things to share with you!

This week, my dear husband Troy took an afternoon to help with photos for today’s blog, and he is such a source of encouragement, thank you, Troy!

I don’t know if you’ve been out and about at the stores lately but School Supplies are everywhere! That means Fall is fast upon us! The clothing stores are beginning to fill up with fall fashion, which is always an exciting time of year! I think it stems from childhood when Mom would take us out to get our school clothes… always such a big event! I come from a large family, and I often marvel at how Mom was able to swing school shoes, gym shoes, lunch boxes, winter coats, clothes and then the school supplies for all of us! She had to be a master budgeter to make that happen! And somehow we always felt really special! Pretty sure I picked a Scooby Doo lunch box more than once! Anyway, somehow fall shopping still feels exciting and part of the equation!  So I will tell you I am out there or online shopping and will begin posting fall items here shortly, but we still have a good month of warm weather, so I have some items that work for summer and some that transition to fall today!

First off is a really fun and functional red top by Vince Camuto with cap sleeves and a flowy tie at one hip.

Its really a fun top to wear, and with that side tie, it throws in some interest and style!

I paired it with my peep toe booties (now sold out but similar here on sale 30% off!)

I added two necklaces, my favorite shorter necklace I wear so often, the Luna and a beautifully coordinated longer necklace, the “Double Horn Pendant”  from Stella and Dot.

I have so enjoyed how designers this year took a simple tee and glammed it up with some fashion statement, taking ordinary and making it extraordinary with just a little creativity and imagination! Kind of a good lesson for me in lots of things in life!

And here is just a great addition for any wardrobe at a fantastic price.

This simple tee by BP the designer jazzed up with a playful twist sewn in.

The tree trunk is one I occasionally walk by when on the road with my walking buddies, “The Dirt Road Divas”. I love that group of women! They keep me motivated!

My jeans are a frayed edge jean by Articles of Society. They make a great denim super comfortable and I love that lighter blue for this time of year! My boots are by Jeffrey Campbell, my first of his line, and I love them! Super comfortable, and have a great western look!

Farmland and freedom is a beautiful thing! This too is a sight on the path of the Dirt Road Divas, I guess you could say we are outstanding in our field! (not really “our” field, but boy we sure enjoy the vistas!)

Graphic tees are always fun, and I loved this message and the fact that its in such a bright bold font!

This tee is by J. Crew, and a good price point for a fun graphic tee!

I always keep a fresh clean pair of white tennies and they were perfect for this tee!

Mine are the Stan Smith monochrome white Eco, at a decent price point.

Once again wearing my favorite little Luna necklace from Stella and Dot.

Troy and I found a sunflower field! It was absolutely beautiful! My first time ever in a field of sunflowers!

I’m wearing an awesome jacket and tee both I purchased from Evereve. The jacket is a gorgeous embroidered statement jacket by Blank NYC and its on sale!

My tee is a super fun graphic tee in pink! Love! Also from Evereve, they always have a cute couple of graphic tees, and I usually have a very hard time deciding! My sister Stacey helped me pick this one, thank you Stacey! And its on sale too!

Once again, I’m wearing my Jeffrey Campbell boots.

So we were goofing around with shots like this, but there were a few scary bees making my smile a slightly nervous one!

And I had another great night this past week with my Stella and Dot mentor Christine Lammers! This time she coordinated an awesome event at one of my all time favorite stores, Evereve in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Customers were treated to a styling session having fun with the gorgeous and fun styles of Evereve paired up with the beautiful pieces of Stella and Dot Jewelry!

Evereve prides themselves on helping all women feel stylish and trendy in clothes made to fit them beautifully!

Paired up with the gorgeous designs of Stella and Dot, its a match made in heaven!

Such cute styles!

I confess I had to make a purchase (or two!)

The dressing rooms were a beehive of activity!

The staff of Evereve were simply phenomenal! (They always are!)

Finally my dear friends, I want to encourage you today to stand tall and seek those things that make you simply bloom!

It may be your love of fashion or writing or engaging with people! It may be the great outdoors! Or a great movie or book! But whatever it is that feeds your soul, make that a priority in life! Those hungers are in you for a reason, and they make you shine! The beautiful thing is we can keep discovering new things to try and fall in love with! The more you get out there and try new things, the more you are going to discover you adore them!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”   ~Ladybird Johnson



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  1. How fun and some great looks! I especially loved the white lace top and hat from your event! I really want to style that, lol! You are lucky, your hubby takes great photos. Mine thinks he needs every camera known to man, but photography is not a strong suit, lol!

  2. Good job to Troy!! And that sunflower field is the perfect backdrop for your photos—how fun!!
    I’ve just recently started wearing the peep toe booties, and I’m so hooked!! I think they are so modern and fresh!
    The embroidered jacket is wonderful too—I might have to splurge and get one of those!!

    1. Thank you, Jodie! Troy thanks you too! It was kind of surreal because the sunflowers are so huge! I agree about the peep toe booties, when we were at the event the other night, I noticed my friend had hers on and they are just such a flattering look! Have a great weekend!