Fashion Friday and Making Margin

Happy Friday! Does it get any better than a three day weekend? A gorgeous forecast here in Michigan, and I hope its lovely where you are today!

I am blessed to have a big beautiful family, and while they are stretched all over the map now, there is a tie that binds us. Our roots, our memories, our love for each other! I find it fascinating that each person has their own interests and passions! As children we begin to see just a flicker of where those interests are beginning to surface. The members of my family have all been so supportive of helping me with my blog, each through the lens of their own talents. Its been a lot of fun. Today and hopefully in many more posts, one of my sister’s has graciously allowed me to share a little of her story as she shares some fashion!

I am so honored to introduce you to my sister Stacey.  She is like a bouquet of wildflowers, a beautiful mix of interests and passions and talents, and the loveliest of all is her compassionate heart. She is a friend to the end, and truly loves all people.

From the time she was just a baby, she was connecting with everyone around her! In Stacey’s book, everyone is important, and they matter! Right down to what is happening in their heart! Regardless of every single factor, she values people as precious! She has the fingerprints of her Creator all over her heart!

She is fashioning a tee shirt that says it all… “be unique” – this statement tee comes from a lovely boutique in Grand Haven, MI called Lemongrass Life and Style.

And did you notice the car?

She and her husband Matt have a passion for vintage cars, and this is one of their latest additions to the family, a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr convertible coupe. Her husband Matt took these photos, thank you Matt! And thank you for driving this beautiful car to a park for this shoot!

Stacey’s jeans are “Kut From the Kloth” from Evereve. Evereve is having a sale this weekend!

Stacey and Matt love so many unique and fascinating things! And they make margin in their very busy lives to pursue their interests! They love to travel, abroad and in the States. And they choose places that are quaint and beautiful, and they take time to get to know the people there!

Stacey’s sandals have a great block heel, so cute and are on super sale, selling out fast from Macy’s, but if you don’t see your size, they have several cute block heel sandals on sale.

Her jacket is a plaid bomber by Sanctuary from Nordstrom.

Her jewels, the necklace is a statement necklace “The Sutton“, her bracelet is “The Quinn Cuff“, and her earrings are the “Adelaide Hoops” all from Stella & Dot.

She is also wearing a gorgeous wrap bracelet, “The Florian” with hematite beads sewn on.

Beautiful car, beautiful sister, beautiful heart!

I have a few tops to share with you as well, and I wandered into another new store for me this week!

Thank you to my husband Troy who took these pictures for me.

This top comes from Buckle. Buckle carries clothing for men and women, though I have historically shopped there for my sons. I decided to give it a try. The staff there worked as a team helping all the customers out, and bouncing questions back and forth for suggestions. Really a great experience!

They suggested I try this white beaded top with a kimono, and it looked cute, but I knew I had a few kimonos at home I could try. Well when I got home, I just thought I would try this long black ribbed cardigan with it, and I really like it! The cardigan is older, from White House Black Market last year.

I added black slacks and heels, and a little black clutch/wallet.

This top is also from Buckle, and at a great price point too, $26.95!

This top has the illusion of off the shoulder, but has the black sheer fabric which gives me just a little more confidence that everything is going to stay put!

The clutch is this adorable wallet style from Target, $16.99! It also came in a beautiful shade of burgundy.

My necklace is the Eliza Fringe Necklace by Stella & Dot. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites as it has so much personality and is so easy to wear! I’m also wearing a variety of gold bracelets by Stella & Dot.

Finally, I have a pink blouse from Kohls. This blouse actually is older, but I am “shopping my closet” as I sort through my fall clothes for keepers and those about to become a new treasure for someone else!

I am wearing my favorite Luna pendant and if you look really closely you can see a sweet little necklace, the

Wishing Necklace from Stella & Dot, a delicate necklace with a little sparkle, it comes in gold (like mine), silver and rose gold, and its a perfect price point at $34! That spiky bracelet has been one of my favorites, the Renegade (what a great name!)

As we roll into this wonderful weekend, I encourage you to make margin for you! Its the concept behind the purpose of Labor Day, a time to step away from work and simply spend a day however you would like to spend it! Take some time to do some things that delight you! Spend quality time just enjoying the gift of life and specifically what you love! Maybe even explore something new to add to your life! These are the gold moments, what really matter! Lets make our lives simply dazzle with those lovely unique dreams and things that make us individuals! You were created as a one of a kind! Your dreams are there for a reason, and this world is a better place because you are in it!

Special thanks again to my sister Stacey and her husband Matt who brought such a great addition to this blog, and hopefully for many more to come!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back next week for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”    Unknown



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