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Happy Friday! My favorite day! And the sun is beginning to peek over the trees!Its the last Friday in August! And its 49 degrees out! Time just keeps on ticking so we are gonna enjoy every moment of this glorious day!

How are you? How has your week been? And more importantly, how is your weekend looking?

I have a few irons in the fire. I meet later today with my dear friend Maribeth Schmidt for a cooking and photo shoot day, so it will be a very productive Friday in my neck of the woods! And then rolling on into a wonderful weekend with fun and relaxation on the agenda!

Its Fashion Friday! And we are cruising into fall as well! So I have some great transitional pieces to share this week! I honestly love each one! I’ve lately put a standard on what makes the cut for my closet. I have to absolutely love it. I’m like an umpire… either I yell “Safe!” or “You’re Outta Here!” Its really wonderful when you look and every piece in there is one you would love to wear! That means it has to well, be comfortable, and you really like it! Otherwise I send it packin’! Its a fun exercise to do, to go in your closet and be a super tough critic on what gets to stay. Then, you take the items you don’t love and donate them. And suddenly you have all this space in your closet and only items you love! Its a wonderful feeling!

So lets begin. I love comfy casual clothes. That is what I wear pretty much every day. And as soon as I saw this first piece, my heart just sort of melted for it! Its the “Mellow” pullover from Evereve. Our Michigan corn is growing so tall now, I just thought it was the perfect spot to photograph this maize yellow comfy top!

This shirt has such a casual feel good vibe… from the super soft terry cloth fleece,

To the splits in the hem at the sides,

The raw seams, and vintage wash…

All just give a super chill feel… its Friday, and fall is comin’ and its gonna be like gold! The bag I am carrying here is older, I absolutely love it, but there is a new replacement I love even more! Its a fantastic casual vibe bag from Sole Society at a great price point $69.95 and its called “Susan”.

My bracelet is the Chevron Leather Wrap bracelet from Stella and Dot. Its got that perfect casual vibe to pull it all together!

My boots are by Jeffrey Campbell, I got them during the Nordstrom sale, and I think its my favorite purchase for the fall season. These boots are so comfortable, and they have this country western vibe… and country western is having a moment if you’ve noticed. So I’m digging this end of summer and pre autumn mood, and I’m hooked on the feeling!

Next I have this relaxed stripe shirt from Chico’s.

The fabric is silky soft!


And it has the hi lo cut making it so easy to wear with jeans! Easy Breezy! They also made it in a light pink and white stripe. And while you can’t see it so well from my pictures, there is a pocket on one side with a very small but totally charming tassel that hangs from the pocket.

Keeping with the easy vibe, I added a tassel necklace from Stella and Dot. Its hand strung pyrite and hematite, so it has a very earthy feel to it. One piece wonder… just throw it on over your head, and go! And you get that nice boho chill feel with it! Notice I added a shoulder bag with a tassel as well. And once again, I used my Jeffrey Campbell boots.

This next top is another great piece from Chico’s.

This year seems to be the year of the tee shirt makeover. Designers are doing all sorts of little extras to zip up our tee’s this year. In this tee with 3/4 length sleeves, they have added this interesting crossover pattern in the neckline.

The crossover pattern makes it more interesting and just a little bit edgier. I gave mine that comfy casual feel by wearing it with my jeans and boots. Kasey the Wonder Dog likes keeping it casual too!

Someone wants a little attention!

This last piece is such a fun piece to wear! Its a bell sleeve top from Vince Camuto.

Check out these sleeves! How fun is that!

Kind of makes me feel like “I Dream of Jeannie!”.

I paired it up with black dress slacks, heels and a nice clutch. My heels have a very discreet strap across the top to help stabilize (sometimes I walk right out of my heels!) The shoes I’ve linked are a little lower heel and a little thicker strap, but they are cute and look reasonable. I couldn’t find mine which means they probably are old and out of stock.

For my necklace, I wanted something that simply added a little sparkle. There is a lot going on with this blouse with those fabulous sleeves and the bright color, so I kept it simple with a longer simple chain that glistens, the Setta from Stella and Dot. This necklace has a detachable choker layer, but I didn’t need it for this blouse, so I only wore the longer layers.

My ring is the Stellar Pave Ring, and it just adds a little more sparkle at a great price point, $39.

Notice the top is a little shorter, this is a trend I am beginning to see. This is a really cute look, but it means I am going to have to get serious about exercise if they are going to take away my camouflage! I can only work those bell sleeves so far!

So I found a beauty product I wanted to share with you because I really love it! Its by e.l.f., and its their lip exfoliator.

It applies like a lipstick, but it gently exfoliates dry lips while it conditions. You apply in a circular motion, and in no time your lips feel conditioned, smooth and fantastic! It has Vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, grape, and jojoba oil. Your lips will look and feel healthy and smooth! I picked mine up at Target for $3.99 so its really reasonable too!

Finally I was thinking of how beautiful this time of year is and yet how it slips through our fingers like water. You blink, and another season ends as one begins! And sometimes we long to hang on to this moment because we can’t imagine that it can ever be as lovely again. But just as the trees leaves begin to turn, we are once again in awe and the chill in the air stirs our soul a bit. Each season has its own beauty, the same is true in our lives! We don’t need to look back in regret, those days and times were a blessing. But there are new blessings on the horizon and new and beautiful things each and every day! We just won’t see them if we keep looking back. The corn is tall, and life is abundantly beautiful! We have more adventures ahead, more friends to make, and things to learn! I’m so glad we never stop learning! Lots of sunrises and sunsets ahead, and roads to travel, and I am so glad to travel this road with you!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Love Always,


Each moment of your life is a picture which you had never seen before and which you’ll never see again. So enjoy life and make each moment beautiful.      Author Unknown


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  1. Wow, again, Amy! Another great group of looks! I love your casual and dressy looks. BTW, I have been singing “Mellow Yellow” every since I started reading your post. Fall is my favorite time of year. We have only dropped to the 60s at night so far, but the humidity is breaking. It won’t be long.