Fashion Friday and Trying Something New

Happy Friday! It feels more like August than September here in Michigan!

We have had temps in the 90’s this week, and our forecast shows it sticking around into next week! So I’m keeping the flip flops out for a bit longer!

Don’t you just love the Friday feeling? You know you are going to have some down time, a chance to recharge. And best of all, some fun!

So on with the Fashion part of this Fashion Friday!

Thank you to Troy, my dear husband who took all of the photos for this week’s fashions!

Fall Fashion is here in all her glory! And she boasts deep rich hues and styles with feminine yet bold designs!

I’ve shared with you many times that I became a stylist for Stella & Dot this year, which has been so much fun! But this past month (August) they added something totally new to their line, clothing! Specifically, tops! This is very exciting, and in this picture, I am wearing the first one I have purchased, its the  Avery Bell Sleeve top

It is so comfortable, it feels like you are wearing pajamas! And check out those sleeves! Aren’t they fun? Ok, if I was eating a big bowl of soup, I might need a pair of rubber bands to keep them from double dipping. But how often do I eat a big bowl of soup? These are just fun!

My necklace is also from Stella & Dot, the Analena , and its just a great statement piece that has this sparkly long fringe on it, its my happy necklace! I wear it when I am particularly happy as it looks to me like its always ready for a party! The piece is so light weight, it has beads sewn to a piece of leather and it feels like its reminiscent of the art deco era, flappers, women empowered and getting out there living life to the full and free to express themselves! Yep… all that in a necklace!

So here I am carrying a Kate Spade bag, mine is sold out, but lets chat about designer bags for a minute. I love them. They take my breath away! But so do the prices! So what’s a girl to do? We need the skinny on sales!

I have found going directly to the designer is a great way to find out about awesome savings! So you go to their web address and sign up to be on their email list! I’m on the email list, as well as Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto and a few other designers I really like. That way you see what is totally new (usually not on sale but gorgeous!) and you also get to see what goes on sale! And if its a cute bag, it will sell out fast.

So with this bag, I knew I wanted to add a nice simple black shoulder bag to my closet. A few times a year, Kate Spade has a huge sale as they get ready to add a new line. Sometimes as much as 60-70% off. This little bag was on sale for $79 which anything with 2 digits is an amazing price for Kate Spade! So I ordered it immediately, and it is now on hand every time I need a little black bag! Also, Nordstrom is great about price matching, but you need to let them know where you saw it (I have done this several times via their website chat), I will share with them the link for something on sale elsewhere, and if they have that same item in stock, they will price match it. Shopping smarter is fun! In this instance, I purchased mine directly from They always have a sale section, but watch for those few times a year where they “go big” on the sales! Here is a cute black bag they have on sale now, (they have lots of bags on sale).

I like the length of this top, I am a fan of tops that are a little longer… covering the caboose!

The stripes are just happy! And the sleeve cuffs have a cute little black satin border!


Super easy to dress it up or down, but I love wearing jeans… and the new campaign slogan at Stella & Dot is “Just Add Denim” as they have so many tops and gorgeous pieces of jewelry now! Currently they have 25 different tops on their site! I need to order another one!

And what kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t tell you about the deal going on at Nordstrom this weekend? Its Triple Points weekend, where you can earn triple the amount of points for each dollar you spend, and after so many points, you earn bonus shopping dollars through their Nordstrom Reward Program! Free money! Don’t miss it! The next 3 tops are all from Nordstrom (yes I Love Nordstrom!)

Next is this totally comfortable top by Vince Camuto with ruched sleeves. 

The color is listed as “Deep Claret” and its truly a very rich, deep wine color, so so pretty for fall!

Its comfortably light, enough to keep you warm but not too warm!

My bag is this adorable little crossbody by BP at a great price of $39! I wanted a burgundy bag but not enough to part with big bucks for it. And then I saw this little treasure! With the gold chain and flat head stud accents, and on the inside, its divided to help keep you organized!

The top has these ruched sleeves which give it a simply elegant feel while staying casual enough to wear with jeans.

I love how this color becomes the perfect palette for gold jewelry! Here I am using the double horn pendant necklace I’ve used so many times before. Its the answer to so many tops looking for just a little something to brighten it up but not too bold. Its like Goldilock’s porridge… its just right!

Next I have a blouson sleeve sweater by Leith.

I love these sleeve details! They kind of slouch off the shoulder…

And then just blossom and drape, with this poetic elegance! Almost a Renaissance feel to them!

It comes in some lovely shades but I chose this bright cognac, feeling the fall vibes!

My bag is from Sole Society, on sale right now for $29.98, can you believe it? And I love the options of both the double handles and the shoulder strap! Its roomy, and the color is simply delicious!  Whip stitching, and braided details, its that perfect in between size, not too big or small… like Goldilock’s chair!

Also, I am wearing one of my newest necklace and bracelet acquisitions, both with a tortoise color for fall! I haven’t seen much tortoise around in the past few years except for sunglasses, so I was excited to see it coming back, with such rich hues perfect for fall!

My boots I am having a ball with! These are from Nine West, and they are a deep cognac color with a nice heel, not too thin, not to thick, but just right! Like Goldilock’s bed! Yep, that’s a pointy toe, but its not uncomfortable! Believe me, I am a pansy about uncomfortable shoes… I won’t wear them ten seconds if they are uncomfortable. But these work for me! And a boot with a little height helps elongate the leg, and I can use some help there for sure!

Kasey looks especially nice in her fall color coat as well! But alas there is no link for that… her coat is one of a kind! Lucky girl!

Finally, I wanted to share this beautiful fabric flower pin! This was made by my dear friend Vivi Sexauer who is extremely talented at jewelry design (as well as multiple forms of art and creativity).

Isn’t the color gorgeous? She creates them in various fabrics, and each one is absolutely lovely!

It just makes this denim pop! She told me they also are beautiful on handbags, hats and headscarves!

If you recall, she began making gorgeous headscarves that are simply stunning! Here she is with her husband, her beautiful daughter CarolAnn and her son-in-law Andrew. 

There is no limit to the talent and creativity of this beautiful woman, and that includes her beautiful heart. I am blessed to call her my friend! If you would like to learn more about her creations or for an inquiry, you can reach her at Jewels By Vivi or you can email her at

I’m so happy with it! I love it! I also have on some of my all time favorite bracelets from Stella & Dot. For this time of year, you can’t beat a leather wrap bracelet, and mine has little gold accents in it. I wear it all through the year but she really gets a workout in fall! I’m also sporting another one of my faves, The Renegade, an edgy spiky little stretch bracelet that is easy peasy comfortable but definitely makes a statement! And I’m also wearing an engraved bracelet that I had engraved to say “Dream Big”, as I so believe in going for your dreams all the days of your life! The nice thing with Stella & Dot jewelry is there is no extra charge for the engraving!

Also, the top I am wearing is a great transition piece for this time of year, and its on sale, price matched at $35.40! Its a longer sleeveless tunic by Two by Vince Camuto with a flouncy turtleneck and this beautiful breezy sheer hem at the bottom. By the way, do you see that diva doggy in the mirror?


Finally, I just want to encourage you this weekend to think about trying something totally new! Maybe a new hobby, or maybe a recipe, a trip to a totally new place, a new friendship, a new health commitment or maybe even a shift in your career! It all starts with a single step. And it can be scary because none of us likes to fail. But imagine this… you start adding new things to your life all the time! And the adrenaline is like a vitality serum that makes you feel so exhilarating! Honestly, as children we face new experiences all the time. So its not so daunting to them. Almost every day is brand new. Why not get back to that same commitment to trying new things? The worst that happens, well, you have one more story to talk about at the Thanksgiving table! And inspire and encourage others to try new things too!

I am blown away over and over by the people I meet who are boldly going where they’ve never gone before. Its life giving! I met a woman awhile back, oh how I wish I could find her number, we were at a graduation party and just sat at the same table and began to chat. She was in her sixties, and she met the high school graduate through the riding stables they both go to. Horse back riding… yep! I told her what a cool hobby that was, and I asked her how long she had been into horse back riding. Just a few years, she said! She started in her sixties! Prior to that she had been into knitting as a hobby for years and years. But she wanted to try something that got her out of the house. So she went to the nearest stables and asked for lessons! They put her on a horse who was slower, and week after week she trained on that horse! Yes she fell, but she got back up. Well, they told her they were going to be selling that horse because the horse was getting too old for the stables to use with people of all sizes.

Guess what this lady did! She bought that horse! And she pays to keep him at that stable! So she is brand new to horseback riding AND brand new to horse owning in her sixties! Oh for her free spirit and can do attitude! I learned a lot that day sitting with her! Her faith in that horse, and her faith in herself! And it inspired me in part to start writing this blog, the fulfillment of a long time dream of mine! And its been so much fun!

So I encourage you, any of you who have dreamed a dream, to start taking those steps to make it come true! I encourage you to try new things! Try some new food or a new drive or a new style but its just so much fun! And you are worth it! Life is worth it! Don’t let some tiny roadblock get in your way, just navigate around it! I would love to hear your stories of trying new things too!

Have a great weekend!

I will be back next Tuesday with another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


The expert at anything was once a beginner.” ~Helen Hayes


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  1. Love your fall tops! I know statement sleeves can be a pain, but they’re just so pretty. I don’t know which I like more, the striped bell sleeves or the blouson ones!

    1. Thank you! It really has been a fun year in fashion! When I opened the package that held that gold sweater, I literally swooned! And the stripe top is just so comfy! A whole lot of “Swoonin'” going on here! LOL! Have a great week!

  2. Another beautiful post Amy. The bell sleeves and blouson sweater are also my favourites. I also didn’t know Stella & Dot had started to do clothing which is cool! And i love their slogan ‘just add denim’. A lady once said to me a few months ago unstylish and lazy jeans are, but I can’t disagree more. They are cool, relaxed and such a great staple base for a chic outfit, as you show!

    Also what a great story about the lady with her horse back riding and horse! So inspiring! I’ve always thought fencing would be cool, and i’d love to learn how to properly make clothes. But my all time dream is to learn how to do a aerial no-handed cartwheel! I can do a one handed one, but I would be beyond happy if I could get to no-handed!

    Jacynth x