Fashion Friday and Follow Your Dreams

Yay! It’s Friday! Nothing else like it in the whole world!I hope you have had a great week! We are rolling into summer and oh boy am I loving it! The flowers are blooming, the skies are blue and this is some of Michigan’s finest splendor!

Once again ladies, I would like to invite you if you want to join in on the exercise Facebook group I started, The Summer Sizzler, 100 Day Challenge.

You are most cordially invited! No experience necessary, this is a group of women in all stages of fitness (I’m a total rookie, so please don’t let that stop you!) We are just trying to make some good changes by being intentional about getting some activity back in our lives! And its all positive all the time! The women are so nice and so fun, and all of us are amazed that we are experiencing real progress! Come join us! If interested, you can find out more here: The Summer Sizzler.

Special thanks to Jacob Kennedy for the photos this week. We had a blast taking photos together, and he is so talented. If you would like to see more of Jake’s work, you can follow him on Instagram  @734rocious .

First up, we had fun in Downtown Plymouth (around here, known as DTP). Plymouth is this charming thriving community that was settled before Michigan even became a state! Settled in 1825, and Michigan became a state in 1837.  In the picture below, I am at one of my favorite stores and they proudly hang the Michigan State Flag out front.

I’m wearing the Magic Dance Kimono by Free People, at a great price point of $58.

My tank is from Soma, I’ve gotten so much use out of these tanks!

Everything you could want here! The Yoga Studio is right next to a place you can get ice cream! How convenient! (Well after all, I did join that exercise group!) The necklace I am wearing is one of two pieces that can be worn together or separately from Stella & Dot, The Natia Necklace.

Next I have another fun statement tee, from Old Navy, this one says “Road Trip”. Its black with white lettering and I love that color combination! I think they are out of this one (I just ordered about 10 days ago, but I’m not seeing it today) There are so many cute statement tees there in all colors.

We stopped for a quick break at The Plymouth Coffee Bean on Penniman in Downtown Plymouth. We got an iced coffee and caught our breath for a moment.

I wanted to share this little beaded bracelet I am wearing. It’s called “Joyful” and its by Stella & Dot. But what makes this cute stretchy bracelet so special is that for the month of June, Stella & Dot are donating the proceeds for sales of this bracelet to the Sunshine Kids, an organization that provides amazing activities and opportunities for kids battling cancer at no cost to them. I really like mine, and am thinking of getting a couple more to wear together. It makes a great graduation gift, as well. You can click the link below for more information. Joyful Bracelet from Stella & Dot.

Next stop, right next door… Westborn Market in Downtown Plymouth to look at flowers.

I’m carrying my backpack bag, The Ava by Stella & Dot.

What do you think of these flowers?

How can you go wrong with red… and pink!

We really had such a lovely day!

Though someone was a little wounded to have been left out of the equation.

Finally, I have an outfit I just love from Chico’s. It’s from their Travelers line. This line features fabrics and styles that are packable, easy and elegant.

I selected the Reversible Crushed Zebra Jacket, in this pretty turquoise blue and wheat gold combination. I also selected the Essential Tank, in Cozumel Blue, and the No Tummy pants in Cozumel Blue. Yes, they really do help in that department!

With the sales going I was able to cut the cost to about half of regular price. The thing I like about Chico’s is that they always have something that looks fabulous and it’s a no brainer. You see it and you know, “Yep, that is going to be the answer outfit for “what do I wear to… a nice dinner, a wedding, a shower, to take on vacation?” and it sits in your closet ready when you are! It is nice to have a few things like that! It’s only been about 2 years maybe since I made my first ever Chico’s purchase, and I can honestly say they are now one of my go to’s right off the bat when I need something that looks really nice. And you can really take advantage of the sales they offer.

My necklace is a great statement necklace I’ve worn so many times, the Dalilah Pendant by Stella & Dot, and its on sale! Woohoo! $47.99!

I wanted to show you how nice the jacket lays from behind.

My bag is a cork clutch with gold trim. Cork is simply lovely in a clutch because it has specks of various colors and is just interesting to look at. Mine is out of stock, but I have linked one that is very similar here at a great price.

I love the ever changing seasons! Just a few months ago this pond was frozen over and snow was everywhere, and then it happened! Spring came and melted the icy crust over the earth, and tiny buds began to shoot up from the ground and new life was and is everywhere! That warm sun just bathes it in gold and life bursts forth everywhere! And as summer comes, the children are ending their year at school, and while some may say a tearful goodbye, they all know that summer break is so close they can touch it! Summertime and barbecues and chasing lightning bugs and riding bikes and swimming! Oh and days and days to look up at that blue sky and dream!

Yes… no matter what your age or stage, you can and should be dreaming of things you would love to do! I’ve said it before, there is no retirement policy on dreaming! And you really can make it come true! Sometimes we can be our own worst critic when it comes to our dreams too! But its so good for us to go out there and take steps toward those things we want to accomplish! And it sets an example for all those in our circle of influence to go for their own dreams as well!

No one is exempt from the gift of dreaming! Maybe you want to start a new business! Or take an amazing trip! Or write a book! Or start a blog! I spoke with a young lady today who wants to start a blog, and I am so happy for her because if that is your dream, nothing will bring you more joy! If you have a dream, let me encourage you to go for it! You just have to start shifting your thinking from dream to goal. And start the stepping stone journey to make it happen! It’s positively life changing! And if you know someone else who has expressed a dream, fan the flames for them! There is nothing better than someone who tells you, “I believe in you and your dream!” And that is how I feel about you too! Whatever your dream is, I think you will be a “Smasher”! So go for it!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!

I’ll be back Tuesday with another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. You always talk about such great points Amy!! We should never give up dreaming….I think sometimes it’s too easy to lose that part of us, and yet dreams can make us more creative!!
    I love that backpack!! I just bought one at Target, and it’s such a great way to be hands free with my purse!!
    I love that jacket also!! I’d love to see it over a column of white at some time!!