Fashion Friday and Just Push Pause

It’s a Fantastic Friday, and oh am I ready for the weekend!We’ve had a hot spell here, but today the temps cooled down and it is a picture perfect day!

And now on to this week’s fashion!

Many thanks to my son Jacob Kennedy for his help with my photos this week. We took these photos yesterday and it was 95°, and we still had a great time! He has such a positive attitude, and we work so well together. He is studying photography and video for school, and is a natural! If you would like to see more of his work or for an inquiry, you can follow him on Instagram @Jacob.Kennedy21.

All of our photos this week come from the campus at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Mi. My son Jake attends there, and they have such an amazing program for photo and video! He really loves it there!

So for this first look, I was so excited to try my first piece of clothing by designer Trina Turk! I saw this beautiful Sunburst Kimono (now on sale!).

Trina Turk’s designs always seem like a beautiful expression of the California lifestyle. They are modern and upbeat, chic, bright and bold and are made for fun! The kimono is marketed both as a kimono and a swimsuit coverup. I absolutely love the colors and vibrant fun pattern!

I love anything boho, and this kimono is the perfect cheerful accent piece! I love the tassels that line the perimeter as though every inch is a celebration! I think I need to plan a vacation just to take this along! Somewhere overlooking a clear blue sea!

My necklace is the one that made me fall in love with Stella & Dot, The Luna, perfect for about half of my wardrobe (if not more) and with both gold and silver in the piece, it is perfect for just about any other jewelry I want to put with it! It has a nice weight to it, it is beautiful, smooth and it just feels good in your hand. I love it!

My bag just seemed to sing the same cheerful song as the kimono! So I had to use it! This bag is called the Tilda, and it’s by Stella & Dot. The round “canteen” shape just says “summer fun” to me and those pom poms! Oh my, I love it!

I love this next look, it is so comfortable and casual! It’s the Floral Print Tee by Tommy Hilfiger, from Macy’s, and its on sale for $21.99!

It’s a nice crisp navy blue, and the floral pattern has almost a lacy look to it. My jeans are by Vince Camuto, and they have a fray hem at the ankle. I love these jeans because they are thick enough to “hold me together” if that makes sense!

I love the scoop in the neck which is just enough to keep me cool and comfortable and to accent with a pretty necklace.

My shoes are a strappy Candies sandal from Kohls, a couple years old, but here are some Candies sandals that are very similar on sale for $19.99 and with code EXTRA20 you can get them for $15.99! Woohoo!

My white bag is sold out but here is a super cute Steve Madden Half Moon Bag on sale for $40.80. (Honestly I am so tempted… this may go down right after this post!)

And finally, I have a top that I absolutely love! It is the Nora Tiered Hem Top by Sanctuary.

It has a sheer hem detail that hangs so gracefully and just long enough to give a feminine silhouette, for those of us who can use a little help in that department.

I particularly like the neckline on this top. It’s so pretty and flattering. I promptly went back online and ordered it in black and in white as well.

You can see I have a kimono draped over my arm. This was actually one I purchased last summer online at Vici Collection (really cute things!) and it has flowers that matched the color of my top, so I brought it along. Mine has long since sold out, but kimonos are hot right now. Florals are so big this year. And with lots of colors in a floral, it becomes compatible with so many things.

Here are a few pretty floral kimonos, this floral kimono with a darker background and hangs about to the knee is by Band of Gypsies $45, and this Delilah Print Kimono by Rip Curl has a lighter background and comes to just below the hips $59.95, both are really cute! You can find cute kimonos everywhere right now. Target, Kohls, Nordstrom, Macy’s they are pretty much everywhere!

There is just something summery and breezy and absolutely lovely about a kimono!

My bag is by Topshop $55, I love this sunny bright yellow bag! It is also available in black and white and oh that white one is calling my name!

The chain is looped through so you can wear it cross body, or double it and wear it over the shoulder or carried by hand. I really love this bag!

So this week I have been having some cell phone issues. It’s not holding a charge for very long. I’m guessing I will end up needing a new one soon, but it got me thinking about life and taking some time to recharge. It’s kind of what summer is all about, recharging body, mind and soul.

As kids we always looked forward to the time off from school and all the activities that accompany it. It was a chance to just be a kid and explore and have fun for days on end. It was good medicine then and it is now.

There is a lot of wisdom in scheduling down time into our lives! I read an article recently that showed people who take time for vacation have some very powerful benefits. Your stress can be reduced and that has tremendous physical effects. Have you ever noticed how you just sleep better when you know you have nothing but fun on the agenda? You have more energy, and you are happier too! It allows you a chance to refocus on what matters to you, and to dream new dreams. Vacation time is the perfect way to reconnect and strengthen relationships. And all of these things mean that when you return to your normal schedule, you return stronger, healthier and feeling more grounded, more like the real you. That means you can be better for all of the people and things that depend on you in your life. Margin is like preventive maintenance! It’s just what the doctor ordered!

Troy and I are talking about what trips we want to take this summer. We have some other trips on the books throughout the year. And for small doses, I highly recommend giving yourself margin on the weekends as well. Just push pause. You my friend are worth it, so fill up your senses with things that encourage and inspire you, things that bring you joy! Take a nice leisurely walk or drive, eat some delicious food, listen to music you love, spend time with people who make you happy, stimulate your mind, exercise your body and feed your soul. Keep it good, positive, pleasant and fun. It really is good medicine!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love always,


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”   ~ Anne LaMott

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  1. You always have the best outlook on life, Amy, and I love your positive attitude!!
    And the kimonos this week….they are both so colorful and perfect for the summer months!!
    I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming trips (although I know one of them in October….LOL, and I’m so looking forward to meeting you then. I hope you’ll bring Troy too?? Rob is definitely coming because as my mom says, we are joined at the hip.)

  2. Love this one, Amy! I pushed pause on Tuesday night this week, and still haven’t hit the go button. Love that Trina Turk Kimono, those colors are dreamy!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Your son is doing amazing job as your photographer! You are very lucky to have help as close at hand. I must say that I am having a hard time choosing a favorite among this week’s outfits. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much, I will tell him! He is a camp counselor for a sports camp this next week, so I will miss his help. But it is fun to see his style develop, and I sure appreciate the fact that he enjoys taking pictures!