Fashion Friday and Making Time for Fun

Hi friends! It’s Friday and I’m so glad the weekend is finally here! Before I go any further, I want to send our friends impacted by Hurricane Florence this week my heartfelt prayers for safety, recovery and restoration.

I also want to once again share that our latest exercise challenge is up and running and you are cordially invited if you would like some inspiration to get active. Our group does a monthly challenge and you can jump in anytime. It is for women on Facebook, and the goal is to increase our daily activity to include some exercise. No pressure ever, no negativity, no cost, its all about encouraging each other to get healthy (trust me I need it!) So if you would like to join, just click here: Sizzler September Challenge

I would like to thank my son Jake Kennedy this week for the photos on this post. Jake carved out a slice of time to work with me this week in a very busy schedule, and I so appreciate it. Jake is studying photography and video for a career path, and if you would like to follow him on Instagram you can find him @jacob.kennedy21  or his business account @734rocious.

Well the Fall Trends are “falling” in place and I absolutely love them! Animal print is alive and well! They are now calling it a “neutral”, and it is looking like it’s earned a permanent place in our hearts! So that is where we will begin with this cardigan that stole my heart!

This is the BP Leopard Print Jacquard Cardigan, and I can’t believe it sold out! But fear not, there are some great options, including this one by one of my favorite designers, Sanctuary (It’s gorgeous! It’s tempting me!). Or this cute animal print cardigan at Old Navy. Or go to the website of your favorite women’s clothing and on the search bar, type in “animal print cardigan” and you might find something really cool!

I love that the cardigan is a little bit longer, and open front! I wore all black underneath. Black jeans, by Joe’s Jeans, this style is called “Twiggy”, Ok, I know half of you just busted out laughing- I have to laugh myself at that one! And I paired it with a black top, and black bag. I kind of wanted to let that leopard print sweater do all the talking!

I like that the background color is a little darker camel color, with a solid hem at the bottom. It’s a fun sweater and easy to wear. My bag is a faux leather bucket bag with a drawstring by Chelsea28 (only $49!) Super cute and available in other colors.

Sort of a modern day Wilma Flintstone… icon of fashion!

Next I have a camel coat I wanted to share. I have never owned a camel coat before, and I love how they look, but it is a hard color for me to wear. Still I wanted to give it a go. This is the Lily Knit Back Midi Coat by Topshop. It runs large, and I may reorder a size smaller. But I really love the lines on this coat.

It has a notched collar and front flap pockets. And the length is so flattering.

I kept the same black jeans, top and boots from above. It’s so valuable to always have a pair of black jeans or pants and boots in your wardrobe. With this coat, it gives a sophisticated look… imagine me in a sophisticated coat!

I tried a couple different bags with it for fun.

Next I have another cardigan that I love, the Caslon Textured Boyfriend Cardigan.

It has two tone yarn with a contrasting dark trim, no front closure, and front pockets.

I added in this bag by Topshop, the Sallie Tortoiseshell Handle Tote.

It has such an easy casual vibe. And it is super soft!

And finally, I have the Kara Cardigan in red from Evereve.

Friends, this may be the softest sweater I have ever worn! And it’s a lighter weight one, which I love because my body thermostat runs pretty warm, so this sweater will keep the chill off, but I won’t be dying of heat all day. Score!

It is a longer sweater which I love! Sort of almost a duster length. And it’s red! Have I mentioned before that I love the color red? I paired it with a white tee, and my favorite denim jeans and a bojo style shoulder bag I’ve had a few years. And finish it off with my fave Jeffrey Campbell boots. I absolutely love outfits like this! It’s my fashion happy place!

Last week, I think I shared that my son Jake (who took all these photos) was going to need to step back from taking my photos for awhile as he is so busy with school and 2 jobs right now.  But Sunday night he told me he booked us a time this week to take photos at this beautiful hotel and golf course. “OK!” I said!

We had so much fun! We both had worked at our other jobs/school all morning before we met for these photos. And then we both went back to our respective jobs in the evening after we took these. We shoe horned it in to a packed day and week and life.

But that is not all we packed in that day. We were getting ready to leave, and Jake asked at the golf course if he could take his mom on a little tour of the golf course in a cart. And the kind gentleman said yes! So off we go exploring all over, ponds and wooded areas and seeing geese and ducks and a groundhog shot across the path right in front of us!

When Jake takes you on an adventure, the rule book goes right out the window! We laughed until it hurt, and had so much fun almost feeling guilty to sneak away from “work” and the responsibilities of life and having the time of our lives! Jake can make a golf cart ride something on the thrilling side. You can imagine.

Anyway, one of the highlights of my week, and even the season was the time we carved out just for this to happen. Goodness what I would have missed if I said, “No, we are both so busy with important things.” But really, the most important thing was the fun memories we have of that day. Jake had me laughing so hard I could hardly see straight! Can you put a price on that?

What is it all for if we don’t have fun moments, moments of discovery, time to be creative, time to solidify relationships, to laugh, to simply enjoy life!

And honestly one of the most fun parts of my life is the honor and privilege of sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. It’s like gold to me. I’m so grateful to be in this chapter of life together with you!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it.   ~Ferris Bueller

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  1. Love the animal print sweater. Great post and so important to spend time with family. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I absolutely love the camel coat on you! The other fav is that long red cardi….sooo cool! I love that the two of you took time out of your busy schedules to make this happen. It’s those wonderful moments with our sons that stay with us forever.

  3. How fun to race through s hold course laughing with your son. I loved your sweaters, but especially the red one. I love red, too. Miss you, but love seeing you here.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie! I miss you too! Thank you for the kind words. That red sweater is so soft and comfy, I have been wearing it on repeat over and over (including yesterday, Hah!)