Tasty Tuesday and a Sweet Strawberry Smoothie

Hi Friends! It’s no secret, I love Smoothies! And this one is so sweet, So smooth, you will literally swoon! I did!

My husband Troy made these a few weeks ago, and we have made them multiple times since then! They are easy, and an absolute flavor win! All of the credit for this recipe goes to my husband Troy, who has been simply lavishing me lately as I recuperate with my broken ankle. And this is such a win, we wanted to share it with you! So without further ado, let’s begin!


  • 10 Strawberries, washed and hulled
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1 single serving strawberry yogurt (we used Yoplait)
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 8 ice cubes, crushed

Put strawberries, yogurt, milk, vanilla and sugar in a blender.

Add in the 8 ice cubes, crushed. We put them in a ziplock bag and hit the cubes with a spoon a few times to crush the ice. Add this crushed ice to the blender. Blend for about a minute (or until it is smooth).

Voila! That is it!

This is so sweet and so smooth! It makes a fantastic breakfast drink!

Or a wonderful dessert treat after dinner!

Let me just say it takes an awful lot of self control to photograph these without taking a sip!

Smoothies have such a fun spot in our diet! They are just such a delightful sweet treat! It’s pretty hard not to smile like a little kid when someone puts a delicious creamy strawberry smoothie in a tall glass right in front of you! Sometimes that is exactly what you need! Sometimes you just need to throw the rule book out and say, “Tonight we are going to have some fun!” and then just indulge a bit! Those are the things memories are made of!

It reminds me of summer, when we take life a little slower and a little less seriously. And we make a point of doing things to really enjoy life! There is some wisdom in that, and maybe it should not be limited to one season!

We made these smoothies tonight, and it filled those two big “fancy schmancy” glasses (I love those glasses!). And just as we began snapping pictures, my son Jake came walking in the door from baseball practice. So now we had 3 people and 2 smoothies! I handed him mine and said, “We’ll share it!” And he said, “Oh you don’t have to do that.” And I said, “But I want to! You are my son! Nothing makes me happier than being able to share good things with you!” And it’s really true, isn’t it? That dear boy got the sweetest smile on his face and he took a big swig of that smoothie! And it was like a little bit of paradise right there in the kitchen! Mother and son sharing a smoothie, a son who now towers over me. That is the stuff dreams are made of!

We made a nice little memory tonight. My heart is full!

Have a fantastic week!

I’ll be back for another post this Friday!

Love Always,


Dessert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance.  ~Chef Edward Lee

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  1. Hi Amy! I can’t wait to try this recipe! It’s perfect with strawberry season right around the corner! I usually go and pick berries and freeze them for smoothies every year!

  2. Amy I am just like you…I’d rather share just about anything with my kids than have it all to myself. It is the stuff that wonderful memories are made of.

      1. Good news! We actually have made this without the sugar, and also with Stevia, and with almond milk. I prefer the Stevia over no sugar, the Stevia is really good in there. And we historically have used the almond milk in all of our smoothies and it works great. We just enjoyed this version with the milk for a change and it was really tasty.

    1. We are getting back to it as well, trying to replace some higher calorie treats with some that are a little better choices 🙂 I bet your grandson will love them!

  3. This looks yummy, and I like the idea of replacing the milk with almond milk. I’ll have to try that!

  4. Such a sweet moment with your son. And yes, that’s the things memories are made of.