The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Let’s Go Shopping!

Hi There! Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is off to a great start!It’s going to be fun here in my neck of the woods. We have our annual Plymouth Art in the Park which is always such a great time! Don’t you just love summer art fairs?

Well this week on the blog we have lots of fun stuff.

To kick it off, I wanted to share again about the Facebook exercise group I am in, The Sizzler Challenge (Trust me, I need it, hah!) It is so upbeat and motivational! It’s for women, and we post when we get some exercise in and cheer each other on.

And it’s totally free.

For me the most valuable thing is the sense of positivity, encouragement and community. It just works! If you have a Facebook, and would like to find some encouragement to get some exercise in your life, come join us! Click here: Sizzler Challenge 

This Week’s Focus: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Ok friends, I have been taking a “fashion break” while my ankle heals since I broke it a few months ago. But the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just too much fun not to talk about!

For those of you who have not shopped it before, Nordstrom has their Anniversary Sale every year usually in July. What makes this so special is that they put a gorgeous brand new selection of “Fall” stuff on sale, as it is just hitting the floor! And it usually includes some brands that almost never go on sale!

The sale opens with Early Access to people with a Nordstrom Credit Card July 12-18, and then it goes public July 19-Aug 4.

So, this girl with the bum ankle went out without a crutch to do some shopping! And I want to share it with you!

We don’t have to buy a thing! We are just “window shopping” to see the new styles!

Grab your coffee, if you like to shop, let’s go have some fun!

So we will begin with the shoes. Friends, my shoe game is in the tank this year. I tried on some shoes and my “rebuilt” ankle is still not interested in anything but my athletic shoes. But I love the shoes so while I didn’t buy any at all, I admired them and wanted to share them with you!

They always have a nice selection of athletic shoes on sale.

I may try those Adidas (above). Aren’t they cute? What kind of athletic shoes do you like?

Below are some ultra comfy slip on sneakers.

Slides are so popular, and I think they are adorable!

They always put a few selections of Hunter Boots on sale. I’ve never owned any but I think they are adorable!

Below, so you can see animal print is still a thing this year!

If tall boots are your jam, they have some gorgeous ones! One day, I will be able to wear these- just not today!

Tory Burch is a more expensive brand that rarely goes on sale. But they do usually offer a pair of the rider boots at this sale (boot in the middle below with the Tory Burch insignia on the side). It is a showstopper usually each year. In a brown or black, also available in the wide calf, this boot is normally $498 on sale for $299. That means almost a $200 savings! I’ve not owned any Tory Burch shoes or boots, but they are beautiful.

More Tory Burch shoes and sandals below.

So many beautiful flats.

And loafers! Aren’t they beautiful?

Some lovely heels,

And booties! My personal favorite and there are a ton of them! Look at them lined up here like soldiers reporting for duty!

Honestly I just scratched the surface, but it’s time to move on! Let’s look at watches!

This first one is a Shinola watch, which is a newer company based in Detroit. Oh I love watches!

Below are some Tory Burch watches. Did I tell you I’m a watch girl? Look at the one on the far right, it has a navy blue face on it… Gaaaaahhhh! Be strong, Amy!

Oh my goodness! That cognac band!

There were others including some by Michele… Love!!! But we must move on!

Jewelry! Confession… I love Kendra Scott pieces, and I’ve never owned one. Aren’t these beautiful? I love longer pendants for winter sweaters. Must have self control! That necklace on the left is the Kendra Scott Kathy Adjustable Pendant Necklace $58.90 (reg $88)

This (below) is the Lilith Adjustable Pendant Necklace- sale price $49.90 (reg $78)

I snapped this so you could see the length.

Pave bracelets

Double bar pendants.

Beautiful scarves…

Let’s look at some of the clothing. Look how rich the colors and prints are. Below are some pieces by Halogen.

How pretty is this Madewell Ryder stripe sweater below? On sale for $64.90 (regularly $98)

Animal print is in pretty much every department.

Below is an open front fleece cardigan by Gibson available in 3 different prints (snakeskin below), on sale for $45.90, reg $69.

I saw all shades of pink and rose and burgundy.

How cute is this Check Double Breasted Blazer below by Topshop? $69.90 (reg $110)

Seeing lots of plaid this year. I really like it!

Below are plaid rain jackets.

Lots of cute moto jackets.

Below, the Faux Suede Eveline Jacket by Kut from the Kloth, $78.90 reg $119. In 4 color choices.

How cute is this one below? The Bernardo Mixed Media Leather Moto Jacket… Love!!!

So many winter coats in all prices.

And finally, let’s go look at handbags! Gaaaahhh!

This bag below is a Nordstrom brand leather bag. I love it! The Laura Croc by Nordstrom, sale price $125.90 reg $189. This bag is also available in black and a teal green.  I love the wide strap on it.

This one below is leather, the Mini Campbell by Treasure & Bond. Sale price $112.90 reg $169. I love the wide strap on this one too!

These below are by Rebecca Minkoff.

This little Vincent Leather Cross Body bag below by ALLSAINTS is so cute! Once again, a nice wide shoulder strap.

And how fun are these little bags by Marc Jacobs?

Some beautiful bags by Kate Spade this year!

And how fun are these below by Ted Baker? Swoon! That little Knot Detail cross body is on sale for $125.90 regularly $189. That there is a special little bag! And the little floral clutch below is only $38.90 reg $59!

More Ted Baker below, the Tonal Bow Small Leather Shopper (how cute!)

And finally lets look at Tory Burch (the brand I mentioned earlier that rarely goes on sale). It is a brand with excellent quality and it is a bit spendy. If you really want a Tory Burch Bag, this is the sale where you can find it!

Below is the Tory Burch Mini Everly Cross Body Bag, $165.90 reg $248. Lots of pretty colors!

Look below at this adorable Everly Saddle Bag by Tory Burch! On sale for $305.90 reg $458.

My oh my are these luscious or what?

Friends, there were so many more beautiful things but I am sure you are exhausted from all this shopping!

Truth… after looking at all these beautiful things, I did not buy anything! I wanted to carefully think it all over, and decide what I wanted. So I came home, put my feet up, made a short list of 4 items and went online to really investigate. I ordered one item, a handbag, which should be coming soon. And am thinking about the others on my list. Believe me, there were so many beautiful items, and I had so much fun sharing these things with you!

It really is so much fun to see what is out there! A little retail therapy even if we don’t spend a dime! I really treasure getting to just “have fun” like this with you!

I would love to hear which of these things you liked even if you don’t need a thing! Just for fun!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Love Always,


“I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter.”   ~Unknown









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  1. It is so fun to see what’s available. I’m glad to see animal prints in big supply. And that mixed media leather jacket was SO cool.

    1. It is a great sale this year! And I do love it in part to get an idea of what is coming in across the board for fall! Jodie, I had so many things where I thought, “hmmm should I get this one? or this one?” Fun times!

  2. i know I can always count on you to help me shop the Nordstrom sales! When I saw the Madewell Ryder stripe sweater I instantly thought of you. I am looking for handbags and saw a couple I love. . I LOVE the pastel pink Tory Burch

  3. Nice! Lots of great pics Amy! Did you buy much? I just stay home and look online.. I have bought a moto jacket the last 2 years from Nordstrom and have a nice collection. Love the Ted Baker knotted clutch, they are sweet! I would love a few plaid blazers this year and am hoping to now buy for Fall instead of summer. Love the new lines of Kendra Scott too! Looked like a fun day!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

    1. Jess, you would look gorgeous in a plaid blazer! I have only bought one thing this year. With my broken ankle it has thrown my shoe game off so I thought I would stick with accessories, I am still waiting for my order to arrive 🙂 I do love to get in there just to see the displays and talk with the associates and get their perspectives.