Fashion Friday and Making Today Amazing

Happy Friday! Is there anything more delightful than that Friday feelin’ in your heart?Something wonderful happened just a few days ago here in Michigan, Mother Nature began to truly embrace the change of seasons, and we finally broke free of the heat that has hung on so tight this year! And now it feels like Autumn!

And with the onset of fall, so many good things are going on! I can’t wait to share! But before I begin, I just wanted to thank my husband Troy for taking the photos for the blogpost this week! He is so patient, and we usually are taking them after he has had a long day at work, so I appreciate so much his help and his creativity in this area.

We literally had temperatures in the 90’s until 2 days ago, so fall clothing has been hard to wear outside. But the cool temperatures are now here, and its much more pleasant wearing long sleeves. So lets let this Fashion Friday begin!

This first top is from Evereve, one of my most favorite boutiques of all time! Its the Laguna Thermal by Free People, and the color is “Wine”.

Most things I have tried from Free People run a little large, so you may want to size down. The neck is particularly wide, you may want to wear a cami with it.

The sleeves on this are simply amazing! They are soft and feel drippy and dreamy, and they have thumbholes! Yay!

Its slouchy and swingy, and oh so soft! It features unfinished edges, and contrasting fabric on the hem and sleeves.

Its the perfect combination of feminine and casual!

My bag is by Sole Society and is older, but here is one that is very similar.

My necklace is a layering necklace, “The Aven” by Stella & Dot. For this outfit, I removed the choker layer, just using the outer two longer layers, and the real leather lariat. Its a really fun piece to have and very versatile.

Oh, and by the way, Kasey has a new interest. She has discovered I sometimes keep wrapped peppermints in my purse. So she is of course confident that I would share these, and will stick her nose in my purse and help herself. I witnessed this yesterday, she ran off with the peppermint and buried it under a sofa cushion. I began looking around and found 4 or 5 wrapped peppermints in some of her favorite hiding spots. Last night, I unwrapped one for her so she could actually taste it (she hasn’t figured out how to unwrap them yet) the verdict? She likes them!

Next I have a bright pink choker top from Nordstrom, by Cece. I’m a sucker for bright pink, and the choker top is really having a moment right now in fashion, so I gave it a whirl.

My bag is by Chelsea28, and has this edgy silver chain trim on the sides of the purse. Its the perfect size for going out for the evening. Its at a nice price point too, $49.

My necklace is a shimmery layering necklace from Stella & Dot called “The Setta”. I love this necklace because it is so perfect for dressier blouses, and it is made of both gold and silver metals. This is a power player for your jewelry box, I use it almost every time I am wearing a dressier blouse.

The spiky edgy bracelet I am wearing is called “The Renegade” by Stella & Dot (isn’t that a great name? I’m kind of a renegade!) Its a stretchy bracelet, and goes on super easy and is very comfortable, and I get compliments on it almost every time I wear it because it is just so different! I have it in both silver and gold. This is a really cool special piece that I have enjoyed, and if you are looking to add a few different things to your jewelry box, this would be an excellent choice.

I really enjoyed this next combination, it was the first time I tried anything from Patagonia, and I loved it! Its the Los Gatos Jacket by Patagonia!

The jacket is lined with a soft as satin  interior, and warm and toasty with a plush fleece exterior.

The lines of the jacket are fitted which gives it a nice feminine silhouette!

And I love the soft green color! Underneath the jacket, I am wearing a waffle knit henley by Patagonia.

The color I picked was Birch White, and it really is a lovely shirt! You can feel the quality in the way its made.

My boots are my faves this year, by Jeffrey Campbell. 

And finally, Troy and I went to a lovely local park to shoot the pictures for this last top. Its a cozy pullover by Project Social T, purchased from Evereve.

Its a super comfy top, and I love the extra wide lacing.

Although its tough to see in these pictures, the top is styled with raw edges giving it a vintage feel.

Its the kind of top I can see myself jumping into as soon as I get home from work!

And yet its sporty enough to go out for dinner.

I have to tell you, Troy and I really enjoyed our time at this park! It was so peaceful and pleasant! 

It was like therapy!

The leaves were crunching under our feet! 

And the trees were dappled with gold!

It was in the low sixties, sunny, and all of nature seemed to hush in the beauty of the moment. Ahhh!

So I wanted to share a few other things going on right now, I have mentioned before this awesome campaign I am part of this fall called “Bridging the Gap”. The idea is to “bridge the gap” between people of different generations. We truly are stronger when we are together, and people are people, each one is fascinating and we can learn so much from each other, and what a blessing to have another friend! Each of us with fresh perspectives and a lifetime of learning and stories to share! This is so up my alley! Today I am going to Skype with my new partner in this campaign, Jacynth, and I can hardly wait to meet her! Its like Christmas! I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, I’m so excited! So hold tight on that one, more to come!

I also am participating in a group where we are forming a seasonal “Bucket List”, things we want to accomplish each season. They can be practical, personal, or just fun! So I am beginning to work on that list this week and I hope to have it out next week. I guarantee you, a trip to the cider mill will be on that list! I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well. This will be part of an upcoming blog post, and you may want to think of your own seasonal bucket list, so that when next season comes, you can look back and smile on the cool things you accomplished this season!

Finally I was thinking of the times I am on the brink of either moving forward or having a setback… what is the game changer that sets it in motion one way or the other? Sometimes its like a Jiminy Cricket moment with Pinocchio. I may be tempted to either give up on a goal for that day or give in to discouragement. I am always one decision away from changing everything. What if I took all those moments and began living with intention. Making not only good calls for my life and those people around me, but Great Calls? How would that change things for me? We have this one life… and its a gift, and I own the decisions I make every single day. What if I lived to make the very best of each day? How might that change things for me? How could it change things for you? Lets test it out, and try and make this day simply amazing! Not just ok, not ordinary but amazing! Its a beautiful day to be amazed!

To a lifetime of amazing days for both of us!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


“What if I fall?” But oh, my darling, what if you fly?   Erin Hanson


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  1. Another great Fashion Friday, Amy! I especially love the wine top and the dusty rose one looks so comfy and cozy. We have had VERY summer like temps this week. I think we are supposed to turn fall like for the weekend; here’s hoping! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Such beautiful outfits and photos Amy! I love them all, but that hot pink on you is just fabulous! And you totally rock the chocker aspect.

    The leaves havn’t quite started to fall yet in London, but I can’t wait for when they do. Your writing is so evocative of autumn! It’s my favourite season.

    Also great inspiration and thoughts too. Looking forward to reading you bucket list

    Jacynth x

    p,s, Thank you also for the lovely shout out, I’m so excited about our pieces!

    1. Oh Jacynth, you are so kind! I am so grateful that we were paired up for this campaign! I feel like I got the best of the best when they matched us up together! Bucket lists are a beautiful thing! Hope your autumn is simply stunning! Have a great day! Love, Amy