Fashion Friday Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Hello! And Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am getting so excited about Christmas coming! Yesterday we got snow… lots of snow! And it really has that Christmas spirit now, like when I was a kid!

So first I have some really fun picks this week to keep you toasty warm as we brace for winter! First up is a super cute winter vest from Talbots!

Buffalo Check Faux Fur and Knit Vest in black and white.

I had been watching this for awhile, and waited to pounce when Talbots threw a sale out there! I waited patiently and Bam! They threw a Flash Sale for 50% off on outerwear! You know that phrase “Strike while the iron is hot”? Well I was ready and from $169 to $84.50! The kicker is I really like black and white, and notice how this one graciously covers down below your hips? (Thank you Talbots!!!)

I love putting a splash of red in, especially near my face as it is often somewhat pale, so I added this red scarf.

Kennedy Waffle Knit Scarf by Free People

I included this picture so you can see that the back of the vest is a solid black, while the front is the buffalo plaid.

You can see some of the wildlife behind me… Kasey was having so much fun in the snow! She was running faster than a rocket! A cloud of fresh snow would burst around her as she charge over hill and dale! Watch out, bunny rabbits and squirrels! Can you see her in the pic below? Notice also I took off the red scarf so you could see the vest without it. You could do other color scarves as well. Winter white or black… the possibilities are endless!

Inside for a  warm up. She is a dog of action! That is her pink squeaky pig in her mouth!

You can see my bag here is my little Kate Spade bag, which I bought when they were clearing this purse out last spring, so I think I paid like $80 for it. If you get on the Kate Spade email list, you get wind when they are having their sales. I have an adorable Kate Spade cross body bag here linked from Nordstrom, check out that cute shape to that bag!

Next up, I am sharing a Long Textured Cardigan by Halogen- This exact one is sold out- but Here is one just like it available in multiple colors, and its on sale, too!

My handbag is older but here is one very similar, for $64.95.

I am wearing a blush funnel neck tunic that is so soft it feels like the angels made it! Its a waffle fabric, and its by BP. Honestly its so comfortable, I also bought it in the black and the cream. These will be keeping me toasty warm all winter!

My necklace is actually a little locket charm I purchased from Stella & Dot, and then I purchased a 30″ rose gold chain to put it on. The locket has a beautiful grey agate stone set in a rose gold finish, and as blush is such a big color in clothing right now, I’m finding its my go to piece rather frequently.

My boots are the Burman Split Shaft Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell and they are on sale right now! They were possibly my favorite purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer. I love them, super comfortable! The whole outfit has sort of a boho casual vibe. I don’t usually choose pastels as I tend to get washed out in them, but I liked this long white sweater the moment I put it on.

Next is a bright red puffer vest by JCrew. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I love the color red (lol). Shazam! That is bright! Just the way I like it!  It comes in several gorgeous colors, but my heart belongs to this  red (JCrew calls it “Dark Poppy”). A puffer vest is just such a great thing to have in your closet! My sister Stacey wore a stunning cream colored vest when we went out last week, and with the gold in her hair she was simply gorgeous! Like an Angel! (an angel who has serious gifting in shopping!) Wouldn’t this make a great gift for someone?

Also, notice my boots here if you can. This was a year I needed some good hearty boots for snow. I tried my first pair of Sperry boots, I purchased these from DSW. Interesting note, the laces stay just like they are, no need for you to even touch them, and there is a side zip on the boots for putting them on and off. I got a nice little discount from DSW for my birthday, and they also had a special on winter boots, so I got a great price on great boots! Super comfortable! I have had them about a week and I think I’ve worn them 5 times already.

Then I had wanted to try this adorable animal print bag by Kate Spade! Love! My sister Stacey and I shopped a week or so ago, and I saw this bag and… it literally took my breath away! She knows… she saw that look in my eye! And since my birthday was just a few days ago, and Christmas is around the corner… and I’ve been really good (sorta) and and… What do they put in the water in those department stores? How did this happen?

And finally, I had such fun with this coat!

Its a Chelsea28 Faux Fur Coat from Nordstrom (sold out) Animal print is so hot right now, here is one by Via Spiga, and there are several more from really cropped jackets to longer and everything in between!

This is as soft as a kitty cat! And it has a nice lining. I’ve seen faux fur everywhere this year, even in fun colors like blue and rose.. its such a fun year for style!

I decided to try a black turtleneck and black pants, boots and bag… to let the coat do all the talking!

I might have gained some respect points with Kasey for this coat… maybe.

I don’t think I even put a necklace on! But this would be adorable with jeans, or dressed up too!

This would be a really fun coat for going out on a date or simply having a fun day out and about! You put it on and that fur is so so soft! It really is a fun coat!

Well my friend, this weekend is the final push till Christmas, and I hope you let yourself be completely delighted in all of it! The rush of the cold air on your face when you go outside… that is your body on full sensory throttle tell you that you are alive! So live it! I always like to think of the brisk cold air as our personal coach giving us a pep talk to wake up and not miss a thing!

Enjoy the warm glow of your tree lights and looking out at the still falling snow. Enjoy the extra smiles and love so abundantly flowing as people plan to simply give out of the deep love in their hearts. Enjoy those tasty treats that we do only at this time of year. Save the guilt, you don’t need that. Not this week. This week we celebrate and rejoice and soak in the love for all of humanity. What a gift this life is! What a privilege to call each other brother and sister!

I love to look at all the stages of the journey from the youngest of our fellow citizens on planet earth and all the way through, and just marvel at the miracle of this life! I sit here now looking out at the woods in so many pictures you have seen, and the snow is falling, and I see the evergreen tree so courageously staying green even when all the other trees have shed their leaves. Squirrels running up and down tree branches, fearless of heights! And a blanket of white snow that covers the ground making everything simply beautiful! What a miracle and gift that we are all alive on this planet now at this time! You are not random. You are a miracle! And there is great purpose for you every earthly day you breathe air in your lungs and that heart of your is beating! I am so glad we are doing this journey together!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back Tuesday with another Tasty Tuesday Recipe.

I love you guys!

Love Always,


“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”    ~Albert Einstein




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  1. That Chelsea28 Faux Fur Coat seems made for you. Beautiful. And Kasey’s coat fits her perfectly! ?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family dear, sweet Amy.

    Thank you for your endearing blog that has made this last year brighter.

    ? Tricia

    1. Thank you so much, Tricia! I just shared your compliment with Kasey, and I think she blushed!
      Its been such a fun thing in my life, and I treasure your encouraging words and insights!
      Merry Christmas, my friend! Hoping 2018 is full of fun and adventure and blessings for you!
      Love, Amy